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icon_STOPPark News - (11/18/2023) Six Flags Magic Mountain will kick off their Holiday in the Park event starting on November 23 which will take place on select dates through to December 31, 2023. “Beginning at 5:00pm, the magic of the season takes over as the park transforms into a dazzling winter wonderland with more than two million twinkling lights amidst a thrilling collection of world-class coasters and family attractions, visits with Santa, festive treats and more. From coasters to cocoa, it’s a holiday spectacular for all to enjoy!”
    New features this season include a new Holiday Village area featuring tasty treats and food offerings in Metropolis, the Jingle Bell Way Dancing Light Show in DC Universe, a new Peppermint Path Country Holiday area where you can stroll through the lights between Viper and Katy’s Kettle.
    Returning features will be a visit to The North Pole to see Santa and Mrs. Claus, the Gleampunk District, Holiday Square, Arctic Alley, Polar Bear Pass, the HollyRock! Time-tunnel and more. For all the details visit the official park website.

    (11/11/2023) According to a post from Park Journey, construction work has begun at the entrance to Six Flags Magic Mountain this week. According to the post on IG, the park has removed all but two of their old-style ticket booths, so it looks like they will be attempting to modernize the entrance and guest flow here. This has been a much needed update to the park’s entrance plaza, as the design would often get a little crowded as too many guests would get packed into a narrow space, trying to get to through a limited number of open turnstyles.
    While park entrance redesign has been something we’ve seen Cedar Fair tackle at a number of their parks over the past few years, Six Flags has largely stayed away from taking on such tasks to modernize their own gates.

    (11/6/2023) A new piece of concept art posted shows that the new Solar Canopy system is indeed intended to cover most of the regular parking lot at Six Flags Magic Mountain, as well as the employee lot in the back.
    (11/5/2023) According to this report, construction is set to begin on the huge solar carport / energy storage system in a parking lot at Six Flags Magic Mountain. While initially I though this may be built in a guest lot, based on the concept art shown, it appears that the Solar Canopy will instead be built over the employee lot in the back of the park.
    (9/30/2023) The new Quick 6 store at Six Flags Magic Mountain opened to guests on Thursday, featuring Amazon’s checkout free shopping technology. You just scan in with your mobile device upon entering the store, grab what you want and walk-out, and your purchases will be electronically charged to the card on your account.
    This is the second Quick 6 store for Six Flags, in a partnership with Coca-Cola, with the first having opened earlier this year at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.
    (9/17/2023) A quick update on yesterday’s story about Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain. While we had previously only read reports that The Conjuring haunt was still closed, a reader also confirmed that the Saw X haunt was also listed as being closed until late September. I’m assuming that maybe they are holding off until the film hits theaters on September 29th to avoid any spoilers. A number of other Six Flags parks are also getting Saw X mazes and a few other Conjuring themed haunts, and they all seem to be planned to open between late September and mid even Mid October. While this seems to be a strange move any Halloween themed haunt event, delayed openings for mainline attractions seems to be standard operations for Six Flags these days, so it looks like the same concept is being applied to the IP haunts too. 
    (9/16/2023 - UPDATED ABOVE) While Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain opened last week (Sept. 8th) the park has since announced that those wanting to experience The Conjuring haunted house (themed after the hit horror film serie) are going to have to wait a little longer. The exact reason isn’t clear, only that Magic Mountain confirmed this by social media saying that the delay was “Due to unforeseen circumstances”.
    So what kind of “unforeseen circumstances” could keep something as simple as a haunted house from opening? Putting a haunted house in action has a lot of moving parts to juggle (cast, effects, sets, lighting, audio, etc…) but typically haunts can still operate even with a few broken effects or missing cast members. However, in what is a more rare thing for Six Flags to deal with, this is an IP themed haunt, which means Six Flags has to play nice with someone else’s product, with the original film being released by Warner Bros and New Line Cinema. Keeping that in mind, it could be a studio issue keeping the Haunt closed, such as a lack of “final approval” of how the theme park version of their IP is being presented.
    Meanwhile it is also worth remember that Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened a haunted house this season themed to the film, “SAW X”, a production of Twisted Pictures & Lionsgate.

    (9/2/2023) Six Flags Magic Mountain was just cleared of all liability in a lawsuit against the park stemming from a family’s claim that a ride on the park’s Green Lantern roller coaster (now removed) caused a “traumatic brain injury”. The jury voted 10-2 in favor of Six Flags that the “Green Lantern coaster did not cause injuries to plaintiff Talia Wise, who claimed the ride caused damage to her brain in 2015 when she was 13-years-old.”
    Wise was seeking approximately $34.7 million in damages against the theme park, but in addition to evidence from the park showing that Six Flags Magic Mountain “exercised the highest degree of care of used reasonable skill in reference to their safety practices”, it was also shown that Wise’s “medical records contradicted her claimed injuries, and that she went on to lead a productive life after the incident, including gaining admission to several colleges.”
    While the Green Lantern coaster was removed from the park in 2019, and was not known in the coaster enthusiast community for offering the most pleasant ride experience, it was shown that no riders on Green Lantern were ever subjected to g-forces that could have caused a brain injury.
    (8/25/2023) An Interesting New Future Attraction Rumor


    (8/21/2023) In addition to the other projects taking place at SFMM, it seems Apocalypse is also down for some retracking. A reader sent in a picture taken from behind the park showing off the lumber sitting at the top of the lift. Based on a quick check of the Six Flags app, it looks like a lot of the big coasters are down at the moment. In addition to Apocalypse, it looks like Goliath, Ninja and X are also down along with Crazanity and a few other smaller rides. Hopefully they’ll get some of these back in action in time for Fright Fest in Septmber.

    (8/18/2023) A lot of construction, refurbishment and installation work is taking place at Six Flags Magic Mountain right now. This includes various props and haunts being installed for Fright Fest. For a quick video tour of the park’s various projects check out the video from Thrill Capital below.

    (8/3/2023) Six Flags Magic Mountain was on hand at the Midsummer Scream 2023 convention the other day and hosted a panel where they made some announcements about the park’s upcoming Fright Fest event . So starters, would you believe that this is the 30th Fright Fest for Six Flags Magic Mountain? That alone is a reason to celebrate, but there is more!
    Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain will feature two brand new haunted houses this year as well as expand one of the park’s most popular scare zones, City Under Siege. So in total Fright Fest will feature a total of eight haunts:
    The Conjuring - Themed to the popular film of the same name.
    SAW X - Themed to the upcoming film
    Condemned House Party
    Willoughby’s Resurrected
    Truth of Dare
    Vault 666 Unlocked
    Sewer of Souls
    Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising
There will also be a total of 7 Scare Zones:
    City Under Siege
    Devil’s Triangle
    Exile Hill
    Nightmares - A Twisted Fantasy
    TERRORtory Twisted
    The Deadzone
Visit the official website for all the details about this year’s 30th Anniversary of Fright Fest!
    (6/24/2023) Six Flags Magic Mountain will kick off a “Flavors of the World” food festival event at the park from June 23 through to Aug. 13, 2023. It makes sense, as food based festival events have become very popular at other Southern California parks like SeaWorld, Knott’s Berry Farm and even Disney. The only problem is that long lines to get food and a lack of staff to run all the park’s existing food service locations has always been a common complaint for the Six Flags park, so hopefully they are taking the proper steps to address this over the summer.
    THe Flavors of the World food event will only take place from Noon until 8pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with various food stands set up to offer culinary delights from seven different countries. Locations like Greece, Italy, France, China, Korea, India and the flavors of the Caribbean will be represented. Guests interesting in trying a variety of dishes can purchase a Sip & Savor Passport, where you have pre-paid for either 8 or 12 dishes.
    (6/5/2023) Good news from Six Flags Magic Mountain today, as it was just reported that for the first time in years, the park has finally reopened the Roaring Rapids attraction.

    (5/26/2023) In the announcement that the new Quick 6 grab-and-go store was opening at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, it was mentioned that a second Quick 6 store will also be coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain. According to a new update at Blooloop the Quick 6 in the California theme park will be located near the main gate and like the east coast version, will be powered by Amazon’s “frictionless payment technology” that lets shoppers literally grab and go after scanning a code upon entering the Coca-Cola sponsored store on your mobile device.
    (4/29/2023) Six Flags Magic Mountain may not be building a new roller coaster this year, but the California theme park has announced a rather epic new project is going to begin construction. According to the press release Six Flags has confirmed in a partnership with Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables, a plan to install a massive 12.37-megawatt solar energy carport and energy storage system at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. “Six Flags Magic Mountain will be home to the largest single-site commercial solar energy project in California and largest for any for-profit organization in the world.”
    If you have ever been to Six Flags Magic Mountain you know just how brutally HOT it can get as the sun beats down on the California park, so building a solar farm on top of a carport structure in the main parking lot does make a lot of sense. The system will feature a battery storage system able to produce “1.958 megawatts of power, with 7,886.3 kilowatt hours of capacity that can be deployed daily”, producing 20.8 million kilowatt hours of energy annually. This is the equivalent to the power consumption of 2,874 homes and 1.79 million smartphones charged. The end result is that “The park will be able to offset 100% of its energy usage with solar power”.
    This is not the first attempt at Six Flags to set up a solar farm at their theme parks. The first project saw a group of smaller carport systems installed across various lots at the Six Flags Great Adventure property in New Jersey and then a larger carport system installed over the guest lot at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in central California.


2023 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


icon_STOP2025 - Rumored New Coaster - (10/4/2023) While we don’t know much yet about what Six Flags Magic Mountain has planned, sources tell us to keep an eye on the theater spot, as we previously indicated. The park’s next coaster is expected to go in this location, and is expected to open in 2025 if all goes as planned. While there have been lots of rumors about finally brining a Giga style coaster to the park, the latest rumor actually claims Vekoma may be involved. While Vekoma has never built a Giga (or a true Hyper) to my knowledge, they have started to work with Six Flags lately, adding the family Rookie Racer coaster to Six Flags St. Louis just this past week, and the new Super Boomerang was announced for 2024 at Six Flags Great Adventure. So more Vekoma products may be planned for Six Flags in the years to come.
    (8/25/2023) Is Six Flags Magic Mountain making early plans to add something new? I don’t have a timeline, or even a hint yet about what may be in the works for Magic Mountain’s next big attraction, but instead the focus is more on what may be leaving the park. According to a source the park may be preparing to remove the Golden Bear Theater.
    The removal of this theater would open up the entire hillside from Full Throttle down to Swashbuckler and Buccaneer for future attraction development. Now the question is, what would you like to see put here instead?








???? - DC Universe Phase 2 - Rumor - (2/4/2023) While this may be some time off, current rumors suggest that a Phase 2 expansion of the DC Universe area could be in planning for Six Flags Magic Mountain. We know the oldest section was just revamped as part of the addition of Wonder Woman, which also saw the removal of the Flash Speed Force ride, and theming of the former Wonder Woman ride into Teen Titans.
    While there is still a little bit of open space to deal with in the old DC Universal area, the placement of Wonder Woman also left a very interesting pocket of space between the new coaster and Riddler’s Revenge that could be used for a possible second phase of the park’s DC Universe plans.
    Our reader also noticed that the old midways games area across from Crazanity that was just repainted a few years ago, is now fenced off and the game booths gutted, so revamping this area to be more DC Universe themed may be the idea course of action going forth. We’ve seen several others Six Flags parks slowly begin to expand their own DC Universe themed areas in the past few years, adding small groupings of new DC themed flat rides, as well as rethemeing some nearby existing rides to have DC theming, such as SFOG, SFGAm, or even SFDK. Keep your eyes on this section of the park for future developments.




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