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Attraction Supplier News



    (5/28/2024) Brogent Showing Off Latest Flying Theater Tech and Film at IAAPA Expo Asia This Week
    (5/28/2024) RMC Shows Off New Flying Scooters Going to Santa’s Village in Canada
    (5/27/2024) Huss Park Attractions Offering New Sky Tower Multimedia Attraction Concept
    (4/27/2024) Vekoma is Building a New Campus In Vlodrop
    (3/2/2024) Mystery Raptor Track Spotted at RMC's Idaho Plant
    (2/26/2024) Sally Signs Deal To Create Care Bears Dark Ride



Aquatic Development Group - (9/19/2023) Aquatic Development Grouip (ADG) has announced that their first EpicSurf installation will be coming to Leander Springs mixed-used development project in Austin, Texas. “Central to this new urban neighborhood is a 4-acre crystalline lagoon surrounded by 10 acres of boardwalk and related amenities- serving as the "centerpiece" for more than 1 million square feet of commercial development.”
    “The lagoon will bring the real-feel of beach living to Leander with crystalline water for swimming, wading, paddle boarding, kayaking, in-water fun and lounging around the perimeter. As the demand for beachfront properties has continued to grow, Leander Springs will bring the idyllic beach lifestyle to their residents and vacationers.” “One of these core activities coming to Leander Springs will be inland surfing.”
    As previously mentioned on Screamscape, ADG’s EpicSurf system is what is known as a “deep-water stationary surf wave”. Unlike the more common stationary surf waves that shoot a thin sheet of water at high-velocity over a shaped surface, the EpicSurf system is actually able to produce surfable waves (from 3 to 5 feet in height) in deep enough water that riders can use real world surfboards with fins, rather than shallow wake-boards. This allow them to practice and perform realistic turns and wave carving, as you would be able to while surfing in the ocean.

    (4/1/23) Aquatic Development Group (ADG) announced that their new EpicSurf deep-water stationary surf wave has been ranked as a finalist at the 2023 Middle East and North Afirca Leisure & Attractions Council Award gala for the ‘Most Unique Concept Attraction’. Now… stationary surf-waves are nothing new… so this piqued my interest to take a deeper look into what makes the EpicSurf concept different from the competition.
    The answer is quite a lot. If you’ve watched or experienced your typical stationary surf-wave attraction you’ll notice that they primarily work by blasting a high velocity but thin sheet of water across a carefully designed and engineered uphill surface to create what looks like a wave someone can surf on. The reality is that these thin water waves are usually best experienced laying down on a thin foam boogie-board. Your ability to actually stand-up and ‘surf’ is very limited by this factor, especially for adults. This is not to say that it isn’t possible, but your average stationary surf wave is designed to entertain and accommodate the amateur level crowd, and previously much bigger and beefer systems have been specially designed to accommodate the more experienced surfer crowd in a variety of ways.
    What seems different about the EpicSurf concept is that it features deeper water, giving the ability for riders to use the same real surf boards that they would in the ocean. The wave generator may start off with a similar concept by shooting a large volume of water at high velocity across a surface, but towards the top this thin layer gives way to an area of deep water at the peak giving riders the depth to stand, cutback and carve the waves. ADG also says that the wave is fully adjustable, and they can turn it down for beginners just learning to surf and pick  up their needed starter skillset, and then they can crank things up as they learn to handle the more aggressive water.
    Follow the link to visit the official website where they have a video so you can check it out in action.


BoldMove Nation - (9/23/22) A fun post-IAAPA Expo London video from BoldMove Nation featuring their unique product offerings has been posted by the team, which you can watch below. This includes a good look at their Smash & Reload interactive dark ride system, able to provide a high-end interactive ride experience in a very compact space. The video also shows off their AR Portal attraction technology, allowing guests to interact with creatures and alternate worlds through the use of their mobile device, or through the use of a provided device. Another fun idea is the VR Waterslide, where youc an put on VR headgear and climb aboard a raft for a simulated journey down waterslides or whatever virtual water rampage experience a park can dream up. 


icon_STOPBrogent - (5/28/2024) The IAAPA Expo Asia 2024 is taking place this week from Bangkok, Thailand, and Brogent Technologies is on hand to show off some of their latest technology for the world’s Flying Theater attractions. This includes the launch of the first episode in their new “Soaring Earth” ride-films that will be offered to both Flying Theaters and 4D cinemas across the globe. “Episode 1: Africa” is the first title in the series, and it showcases amazing 10K high resolution footage. On the hardware side of things, Brogent has opened the Thaiwoo Turnkey O-Ride Flying Theater in China as well as the new FlyOver attraction in Chicago so far this year.


Chance Rides - (7/3/2023) According to a press release from Chance Rides, the company has now formed a “financial partnership” with Missouri-based “Permanent Equity”. According to the statement, “we envision this long-term relationship as mutually advantageous for our stakeholders” while allowing Chance Riders to ‘embark on new and innovative projects, expand into new markets, and actively recruit skilled professionals to join our team.”
    Chance Rides will keep their current management team and workforce, while Permanent equity will retain the Chance Rides name, “in the form of Chance Rides, LLC”. Dick Chance will “transition from Owner and CEO to holding a minority interest. Aaron Landrum will lead the company as President & CEO.”


Dynamic Attractions - (5/26/2023) Previously Screamscape discovered that Dynamic Attractions had begun the process of filing the necessary documents for Canada’s version of bankruptcy protection, but now the company has been purchased by a new owner. According to Forbes, Dynamic Attraction is being sold for $2 million Canadan dollars (about $1.5 million US) to a Hong Kong based financial services company called Promising Expert Limited (PEL).
    PEL is very familiar with Dynamic Attractions, as last year the company had actually lent Dynamic Attractions $16 million in a secured loan on their assets to keep the company funded while they were trying to finish up several major new attractions. A number of different bidders attempted to purchase Dynamic, but PEL who was already a secured creditor also had the highest bid. That said, it appears PEL intends to keep Dynamic Attractions running, however they also did not purchase the manufacturing equipment part of the business, so it would seem that Dynamic’s future may be as designer only and no longer a manufacturer, as well as looking to invest more in joint operation ventures, like the SkyFly attraction in Pigeon Forge.
    (3/20/23) In a shocking bit of news, Dynamic Technologies Group Inc (the parent company behind (Dynamic Attractions, Dynamic Structures, Dynamic Entertainment, etc…), has announced an order for creditor protection. As I understand it, I believe this is Canada’s version of a Chapter 11 style bankruptcy protection process.
    As part of the process, a long affidavit was also recorded by Allan Francis, Corporate Secretary of Dynamic Attractions that reveals a number of very interesting details about projects Dynamic Attractions has been involved with, the costs involved, and in particular we get confirmation of some of the details about what has transpired with pending attractions at the Genting SkyWorlds theme park in Malaysia that contributed to the financial struggles with Dynamic.
    The document confirms Dynamic’s involvement in providing the ride systems for major anchor attractions like Universal’s Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey, Disney’s Soarin’ flying theaters, and even the new Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge rides for Universal Studios Japan, Hollywood and the one coming to Orlando. As part of their regular business practice, Dynamic would sign deals as “lump sum projects”, but starting in 2017 the company claims they started to experience significant losses due to this practice, especially with projects going into the long delayed Genting SkyWorlds park, previously announced as 20th Century Fox World before the purchase of FOX by Disney.
    The article confirms the working names of two major attractions they were contracted to build for the Genting park behidn the losses as “Sons of Anarchy” (SOA Malaysia) and “Aliens vs Predators” (AVP Malaysia), along with the long delayed “Mission Ferrari” ride in Abu Dhabi which actually just opened. It is worth mentioning right now that both ride projects in Malaysia have yet to open, with the Sons of Anarchy ride being renamed (and rethemed) as “Map Ramp Peak” and the Aliens vs Predators project has also had the IP removed by Disney and no new name given to this SFX Coaster project at this time.
    As part of the filing, they describe Dynamic’s current status as being “in the midst of a liquidty crisis, primarily due to lack of sufficient cash flow, over-budget and out of the money ride projects related to the special effects roller coasters, and significant secured and unsecured debt.“ Currently Dynamic has experienced cost overruns in excess of $21 million, and is expected to lose a minimum of $20 million in order to complete these three jobs.
    As previously mentioned, Mission Ferrari is now open, and Dynamic reports that the ride was delivered to the park in January 2023 at a total cost to Dynamic of $28.3 million, but they had only secured a lump-sum contract for the attraction of $18.2 million, of which the client has only paid $17.2 million thus-far.
    The Aliens vs Prediator attraction at Genting SkyWorlds has already cost Dyamic $26.4 million, of which they’ve been paid $24 million so far on a lump-sum contract work $34 million. However, the remaining $10 million owed on the contract will not begin to cover the estimated $16 million they estimate it will take to complete the attraction due to ‘the complexity of the ride system and the design changes that would be required to make it operations.” Currently they say there is a risk that the the client (Genting) could cancel the project and demand that the ride components installed to date to be removed from the site.
    Mad Ramp Peak, the former Son of Anarchy ride at the same park is said to be 95% complete, with an estimated $1.5 million in items still needed to get it finished. However Dynamic has already spent $30.7 million on the attraction, which was signed under a $24 million lump sum contract, of which $23 million has already been paid. \
    The current cash-flow problems are preventing Dynamic was being able to finish the current ongoing work on these projects. Going forward, Dynamic has also stated that they no longer wish to manufacture and construction these Special Effects roller coaster systems, and instead will “provide engineering and design support to partners or counter parties who would take the risk on the construction and implementation of any future special effects roller coaster projects.”
    Because of the company’s current situation, they have also been unable to raise additional capital on their own to address the current liquidity issues. The lingers effects of COVID-19 and current losses associated with these projects have prevented their efforts to raise new capital. Most parties approached were hesitant to provide any further funding until these issues were resolved.
    So based on everything, it sounds like this is how Dynamic has arrived in the current state of trying to undergo a corporate restructuring and bankruptcy projection process. Prior of the pandemic it was stated that they had a staff of 338, and today this has been cut back to just 100. Honestly, this is just the start of a rather lengthy affidavit, which you can try to read through yourself at your leisure.


Extreme Engineering - (5/26/2023) Extreme Engineering has revealed a new tower ride attraction concept that they are calling “The Hooli-Hoop”. The concept groups together three individual tower rides, each 27 feet tall, each able to run a unique ride program with different intensities. The towers are then mounted to an optional ‘rotating platform’ that brings in a whole new level of spinning thrills to the tower ride concept.
    (5/7/2023) How would you like to ride a drop tower that spins as it plunges from the sky? Many drop tower designs feature cars that slowly spin as you are lifted up into the sky, only to drop the spin at the top just before the big drop. According to Blooloop Extreme Engineering is set to announce a new ride later this month at the SEA Expo event called “Extreme Twist Tower”.
    Based on the preview concept art they have posted, this will be a small family sides drop tower, but one where the square central tower structure is actually twisted like a roller coaster track performing a barrel-roll, allowing the carriage to rotate around the tower a bit as it rises and drops.
    While the short height will keep it from making a full rotation, it does make me wonder what would happen if the concept was extended to an full scale height ride, 200 or maybe 300 feet tall, allowing for more than enough space to perform a full rotation or two. As long as the riders are strapped in nice and tight, the addition of the spin to make riders feel like they are being pulled out of their seats while falling from the sky could be utterly terrifying.
    Then again, considering past events that took place in Orlando last year… maybe this isn’t the right time to offer that kind of thrill to the market and why Extreme Engineering is sticking with the family sized tower.


Falcon’s Beyond -(1/10/2024) According to an update at Amusement Today, Falcon’s Beyond has struck a deal with The Hershey Company to create new Hershey branded themed experience attractions. “Through this expansive contract, Falcon’s will conceive and develop Hershey-branded Location Based Entertainment (LBE) experiences featuring the industry-leading confectionary and snack company’s iconic IP, such as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Jolly Rancher,and Twizzlers, in both the United States and international markets.”
    This will see Falcon’s Beyond create new “retailtainment” style destinations that will offer guests an immersive way to interact with their favorite chocolate and candy snacks. Each site will feature some kind of Hershey branded attraction and a retail shop offering one-of-a-kind items you won’t find in regular retail outlets. Further details will be announced in the future.
2023_0907_FalconsBeyond-Vquarium(9/7/2023) Falcon’s Beyond has announced a debut project as part of a joint venture with Raging Power Limited, an arm of Hong Kong’s K11 Group. “Through their joint venture, these two trailblazers in entertainment and retail, respectively, are expected to collaborate to develop and launch new entertainment franchises and location-based entertainment (LBE) attractions across China.”  This announcement comes just ahead of Falcon’s plan to become a publicly listed company of NASDAQ.
    According to the CEO of Falcon’s Beyond, “As a global giant who shares our mission to develop state-of-the-art, game-changing consumer entertainment experiences, K11 Group is an ideal partner for Falcon’s as we continue our international growth, particularly across Asia, by expanding popular franchises across the world”.
    “Firmly established in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, we now have our sights set on China, the world’s second largest consumer market, as we continue to grow our company and bring innovative consumer experiences to people around the world.”
    The first new attraction to come from the partnership will be the underwater adventure themed “Vquarium”, which will provide a science fiction style experience, while being firmly rooted in the natural world. “Firmly established in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, we now have our sights set on China, the world’s second largest consumer market, as we continue to grow our company and bring innovative consumer experiences to people around the world.”
    The first Vquarium attraction is expected to open in 2025 at K11 Group’s planned “11 SKIES” retail and entertainment destination in Hong Kong. The massive center is expected to be the “largest retailainment landmark in Hong Kong” at 3.8 million square-meters of floor space and 800 locations, including 120 dining concepts, 8 attractions, and include 3 office towers offering a variety of services. 11 SKIES will be located between the Hong Kong International Airport and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. Following the launch of the first Vquarium attraction, the plan is to expand the attraction to nearly a dozen different locations across China in the years that follow. Meanwhile Falcon’s Beyond will also expand the Vquarium IP into other forms of entertainment including new media, video games and consumer products.
    This concept would seem to follow along with how Falcon has put the IP for their Katmandu attractions to work in other realms as well, including retail, toys, video games and is said to have an animated series in production.

    (4/23/2023) We’ve talked about the new Katmandu mini theme park experience that just opened in Punta Cana, but the Katmandu experience has now entered the digital world for everyone to try. I was surprised to learn that Falcon’s Beyond has launched the Katmandu: EtherMerge free-to-play game on Apple and Android app platforms that ties in the mythos and lore of the new park attractions into the video game experience.
    In addition to this game, the theme park also features an online shop full of themed merchandise, it appears that they’ve also come up with their own exclusive Katmandu trading card game. So far the only item listed for sale is a Starter Kit,  “Age of Artifacts: Boro Vs. Eldred” which contains two themed “Champion Decks” for 1-on-1 game play. If they follow the typical format these collectible card games do, I assume they will eventually add Booster packs with expansion cards, or starter decks for other themed characters to follow in the future.
    Either way, it’s great to see this new theme park brand branching out into the other forms of entertainment to engage guests and potential future guests with their IP.


Great Coasters International - (1/1/2024) Pictures of GCI’s new “The Anger of the Yeti” coaster in China’s Fantasy Valley park can be seen below. The wooden coaster with steel supports is expected to open later this year.

    (10/24/2023) I’ve got a quick clarification about GCI’s Anger of the Yeti coaster going up in China. It was labeled as GCI’s first “hybrid” coaster China, and based on how GCI had been adding more and more Titan Track sections to their coasters, I was thinking that this may have meant that Anger of the Yeti could have used an entire Titan Track rail system, but this is incorrect. Apparently the use of the term Hybrid in this case, was simply to clarify that the wooden roller coaster would be GCI’s first in China to use a steel support structure rather than wood.
    Wooden roller coasters with a steel support structure is not an uncommon find in North American amusement parks, especially for any more modern wooden coaster build near a seaside location. Some modern park owners also prefer the steel structure over wood for maintenance purposes, especially in certain climates. We’ve seen quite a few of these built over the past few years from all of the typical wooden coaster designers (Zambezi Zinger, Texas Stingray, Kentucky Flyer, Oscar’s Wacky Taxi, InvadR, Mine Blower, etc…)
    So that said, I guess we’re still waiting to see when GCI will build a coaster entirely with their Titan Track system.
    (10/20/2023) GCI has announced that they are building their first wood/steel hybrid roller coaster in China. According to an update at Blooloop, the coaster is tentatively called “The Anger of Yeti” and will be located in OCT Xiangyang’s Kunlun Fantasy Land area. The ride is already under construction and you can follow the link to see a few pictures of it.
    The only details known about the layout is that it will stand a modern 86 feet tall, have a top speed of 49mph, and a length of 2,590 feet, with no inversions expected. Since they are calling this a hybrid coaster, I can only assume that this will be the first GCI roller coaster to be built entirely with GCI’s steel Titan Track system. Hopefully we’ll get more confirmation on that soon.


HOLOGATE - (3/29/23) Hologate reports that their new Ghostbusters VR Academy titles have now been released and are available at 450+ Hologate locations worldwide. You can get a little taste in the preview video below.

Ghostbusters VR Academy Trailer from HOLOGATE on Vimeo.



icon_STOPHuss Park Attractions - (5/27/2024) Huss Park Attractions is offering a new concept attraction based on their Sky Tower observation platform concept. This new addition is being called Sky Tower Multimedia, and it combines Huss successful Sky Tower attraction line with an extra twist. Below the loading platform, an additional chamber is created allowing the rider cabin to be lowered into this new space and be surrounded by a 360 multimedia screen, and an iris style door will close over the top of the cabin to enclose the riders into this new dark projection space where any number of possible concepts can be projected on the screen. Following the movie style experience, the iris opens and the cabin can rise up to 80 meters into the sky for a view of the surrounding landscape before returning to the ground to exit once again.
    (9/25/2023) Huss Park Attractions has posted five new animated videos showcasing some of their latest attractions concepts ahead of the European IAAPA tradeshow taking place this week. The videos below include several flat rides and a neat video look at a concept called Space Traveller, which surrounds a Huss Shot’n Drop tower ride inside a multimedia environment that consists of a tube shaped tower that surrounds riders 360 in video projections that leads up to a sphere-shaped top room.
    Also shown are animated videos of newer ride concepts like Spinning Cruiser, Magic 2G, Troika 2G and Booster Revolution.



Intamin - (12/23/2023) Intamin has opened a new custom attraction at Cite de l’espace in France called LuneXplorer. According to the description posted at Blooloop this “one-of-a-kind immersive ride” is designed to simulate a take-off and journey to the Moon by using a centrifuge style design to create the feelings of acceleration up to 3G during the lift-off.
    (11/25/2023) Intamin was awarded with a Brass Ring Award at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando last week in the category for Major Ride / Attraction with a cost over $3 million for their new Dome Ride Theater system. The prototype new concept attraction was introduced earlier this year as a highlight attraction at the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi as “Hypersphere 360”. Intamin was also awarded an “Impact Award” for Best New Product Concept at the show as well, awarded to attractions concepts that the judges feel will have a huge impact on the industry going forward.
    (11/17/2023) Intamin has shown off detailps for a few new ride concepts this week.This includes the Hubless Wheel (bringing a new design concept to the idea of the observation wheel trend) as well as the Dome Ride Theater, built as the new Hyphersphere 360 at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. The later of the two is a unique new concept that just appears as if it could be a lot of fun, provided the right media was created for it.

    (11/14/2023) Sally Dark Rides and Intamin have released a new preview video showing off several concepts that can be used to create your ultimate themed dark-coaster experience. We’re talking turn-tables, freefall drops, bungee lifts, tilting tracks, rotating teeter-totters, a variety of side drop tracks, Controlled Spinning coaster cars and more. Check it out below!

    (11/9/22) Intamin is showing off a bit more about the technology they’ve developed for their Dynamic Motion Stage ride concept. They describe it as an immersive ride experience unlike anything  you’ve experienced before, with the first installation set to open in Efteling as the park’s new Danse Macabre haunted attraction in 2024. With a variety of options available for the ride vehicles style, near infinite possibilities when it comes to the motion programming, and the ability to use physical, media or a mixture of both to tell the story of the attraction, this looks like a hell of a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see one in action!



Martin & Vleminckx - (11/4/2023) Martin & Vleminckx is showing off their new Skyspire attraction concept this year, a concept I believe they obtained when they purchased the patent portfolio of Bill Kitchen’s US Thrillrides concepts back in November 2022. The attraction design is pretty cool looking, as I remember seeing what looked like an early version proposed once for the downtown San Diego skyline. It features a cool blending of the concept of an observation tower with a giant wheel, but wrapping a spiral track around the outside of a tower structure. Climate controlled observation wheel style gondola units then slowly roll up the spiral track to the top of the tower, where guests can then exit into the platform at the top for a prolonged stay before they are ready to climb aboard another gondola for a slow relaxing spiral trip back down the tower.
    (5/25/2023) Martin & Vleminckx has shown off their new Unicoaster 2.0 ride concept, which allows the attraction design of the original Unicoaster concept to move forward with fully custom built track designs. According to the report Martin & Vleminckx will be on hand at the Saudi Entertainment and Amusements Expo (SEA) taking place May 28-30, where they will be showing off the new Unicoaster 2.0 along with other new concepts like the SkyBlazer and SkySpire, a spiraling observation tower concept.


Maurer Rides - (11/7/2023) Maurer Rides has revealed another Spike coaster variant… the Spike Water Fight. This version of the Spike would look right at home in a waterpark, interwoven into a waterslide tower. The concept can include various water effects, including water blasters for nearby guests to try and shoot at the Spike coaster as it passes by. From the look of the animation, the Spike itself may be loaded with some powered water blasters on the front end as well.

    (9/17/2023) Maurer Rides will be showing off Speed Chaser at IAAPA Expo Europe, a new powered roller coaster concept based on their Spike coaster system.  Unlike previous Spike concepts, this one is able to perform inversions and run as either single cars or as a multi-car train. Follow the link to see the new concept art and promo videos!
    (6/8/2023) Maurer Rides has posted a video showing off members of the Maurer team taking their first test rides on the new “Spike Fun” car, loaded onto the existing Spike coaster track at Skyline Park’s “Sky Dragster” ride. The new “Spike Fun” cars have an interesting new trick added to them that changes the game. Instead of riding single-file, motorcycle style, the Spike Fun offers two side-by-side seats, each able to tilt back up to 45 at various points in the ride. The fun starts right off the bat with the launch out of the station where the seats immediately recline backwards, throwing the rider’s feet into the air. They also tested out what it is like to stop in mid-ride and suddenly launch backwards. Check out the video of the test riders below.
    Below that I’ve posted the original announcement video for the Spike Fun design, which also offers the ability to have on-board audio, lighting effects, inversions, and to create a whole multi-row train of Spike Fun cars instead of individual cars.



Premier Rides - (11/19/22) Wieland Schwarzkopf and Premier Rides have partnered up to bring back the classic Schwarzkopf Wildcat coaster to the amusement rides marketplace. Wieland is the son of legendary roller coaster creator, Anton Schwarzkopf, and was seeking a fun way to celebrate and remember his father on what would have been Anton’s 100th Birthday in 2024.
    The new versions of the Wildcat to be offered will be very similar to the original models, including a near replica of the most popular model that will fit into a compact footprint of 200 x 75 feet. Models will be offered using individual 4-passenger cars or in a version where two cars are linked as an 8-passenger train option. While it should look similar to the original, it will feature updated safety and computer systems, as well as offer modern style lighting package options, and be made available as a portable coaster option.


Polin Waterslides -(11/14/2023) Polin has revealed concept art for a crazy new attraction creation they are calling the Zip ‘n Slide. Imagine the combination of a waterslide with a zip coaster experience? Based on the concept art, apparent this crazy looking new attraction will be able to switch back and forth between slide and flight modes at different points in the layout.
    Other new concepts from Polin include Triango (a slide with more than one possible ride path), the Cyclonesix (a new take on the big raft slide concept) and the Dragon Racer, which kind of looks like an updated concept of Polin’s old King Coba slides.


Ride Engineers Switzerland - (11/27/2023) Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES) was awarded a Brass Ring award at IAAPA for Best New Product for a Family Ride/Attraction for their new “The Crazy Professor” vertical dark ride that opened at Conny-Land earlier this year. The Crazy Professor was also awarded first place in the list of “Europe’s Best New Attractions” for the 2023 season by Kirmes & Park Review.
    (9/24/2023) Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES) has released a concept animation of a new flat ride concept they are now offering called the Sunseeker. It is a unique looking concept featuring a number of suspended gondolas moving in a unique pattern that also appear to possibly be able to spin, teacup style during the ride experience. Check it out below.



icon_STOPRocky Mountain Construction - (5/28/2024) RMC has posted pictures on social media of a new fish themed Flying Scooters ride they are sending out to Santa’s Village in Ontario, Canada for the 2024 season.








    (3/2/2024) A reader was passing by the RMC plant in Idaho and noticed a ton of orange Raptor single-rail coaster track is now sitting out in their yard. Thankfully they were able to stop and snap a few photos of the track from a publicly accessible area. Over the years, as RMC’s business grew bigger, they began to attach steel tabs to the various track pieces to serve as label identifiers for each track piece, which also includes a code to indicate what park the track is for.
    Not every project has had the park ID codes, as some just had basic codes to identify the track piece for installation purposes, but for those that do the first set of letters (2, 3 or 4) on the tab would indicates the park where the coaster is going. In some cases however the track tab codes were also been abbreviations for the coaster itself, especially when the were “RMC’ing” a previously existing wooden coaster. For example, the label code on the iBox track for Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point didn’t say CP-###, instead it started with MS for Mean Streak. The new track for the upcoming next-gen Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City says FH-### with other known abbreviation codes including “SFFT” for Wonder Woman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, “FSAA” for Arie Force One at Fun Spot America Atlanta, “HP” for Hersheypark’s Wildcat’s Revenge, and so on.
    The batch of photos sent in gives us a clear look at the label on these new pieces which include a mysterious “GW” listing, which doesn’t line up with anything officially announced just yet. Currently the only confirmed international project for 2025 from RMC I believe was a dual tracked Raptor project said to be going to Walibi Holland. However, one rumor going around is that this new Raptor design may be intended for Gyeongju World in South Korea.
    Follow this link for more details…
    (9/30/2023) According to Rocky Mountain Constructions official website, they’ve now listed three new projects as “Coming Soon”. The list includes two custom layout Raptor coasters going to International destinations along with one new Raptor coaster coming to a United States park.
    With three Raptor coaster projects already under their belt, Six Flags might be a likely purchaser for the US project, as Cedar Fair has yet to buy a second one after installing one of the first two prototypes at California’s Great America. It is interesting to note that Stunt Pilot at Silverwood in Idaho was said to originally be planned as an addition for Kentucky Kingdom who dropped out when COVID struck. So it is possible that Kentucky Kingdom may be trying to get on the schedule once again. Otherwise, I do seem to recall another Raptor coaster was once announced to be installed in an old rock quarry somewhere, but that project seems to have dropped off the radar since then.
    As for the international projects one has already been listed as coming to Walibi Holland in 2025 that is supposed to have a double-track installation for some racing/dueling action. The timing is interesting as Walibi Rhome-Alps is currently building Intamin’s version of the single-rail coaster concept (they call it a Hot Racer) that will open in 2024 as Mahuka.
    (8/18/2023) Rocky Mountain Construction has announced a brand new ride design they are looking to sell… the WILD MOOSE. Designed as RMC’s take on the classic Wild Mouse style coaster, the WILD MOOSE features an all steel structure and the two railed iBox style track system. Sized to fit within any standard wild-mouse coaster footprint, the Wild Moose is actually more inspired by the crazy twisted track RMC has become known for installing between the station and the bottom of the lift hill. Another one difference is that the Wild Moose will use a short 12-passenger coaster train rather than individual 4-passenger cars. This also means the Wild Moose is able to feature two-train operations. Oh… and if you watch the video below, you’ll notice that this will also feature an entirely new and very open train design from RMC.
    So it looks like the only question remaining is… who is going to be the first park to get their hands on a Wild Moose?!



S&S Worldwide - (12/29/2023) Over the past several years, S&S Worldside has been teasing ideas to introduce their own single-rail roller coaster system. As I recall, this started off several years ago when they teased it as a re-birth of sorts to the old Arrow Dynamics Steeplechase style ride system at IAAPA 2017.
    If you’ve never been on one, don’t feel too bad, as only two were produced way back in the late 70’s. There was the three-tracked racing Steeplechase at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (1977) were riders race abort cars themed as horses, and just before that was the four-lane version built at Knott’s Berry Farm that first opened as Motor Cycle Chase in 1976, with motorcycle themed cars of course, but this was later changed to more high capacity sit-down cars when it become the famous Wacky Soap Box Racers in 1980.
    As much fun as it would be to bring that back as it was, S&S has spent the past six years redesigning the concept as RailRyder, a new family single-rail coaster concept that would use a full train design rather than single or short train designs. Based on the look of things, the evolution of the design appears somewhat inspired by RMC’s Raptor coaster concept, but unlike all-out thrills of the Raptor, S&S is designing their RailRyder version as a fun family coaster concept. You can catch some new concept art and different layout ideas shown by S&S in a video below from Theme Park Insanity.

    (12/18/2023) A fun new animation from S&S Worldwide has  been posted showing off a new custom layout design for their AXIS Coaster system that would use a traditional lift hill rather than a launch system and feature a more expanded outdoor layout. Check it out below!

    (11/19/22) S&S is back to promoting their unique Axis Coaster concept at IAAPA this past week. With a working prototype at their HQ and a small selection of custom layouts to choose from, it would seem like only a matter of time before someone pulls the trigger and buys one of these exciting new roller coaster rides. Check out the latest preview video feature a mix of animation and real-world footage of the S&S Axis Coaster.
    Looking through their YouTube channel, S&S is also promoting their Maxx Force style Air Launch roller coaster as well, though I believe Maxx Force at Six Flags Great America is still the only one built in North America thus far, though their Steel Curtain custom coaster at Kennywood also looks to offer quite an amazing thrill.



Sansei - (6/21/2023) Japanese ride maker, Sansei (the same company that purchased S&S Worldwide) was seen showing off a new new dark ride vehicle at the IAAPA Expo Asia convention this week for an unannounced project they are working on. This has led to a lot of internet speculation that we may be looking at a prototype vehicle for whatever Universal Studios Japan has planned as a replacement for the Adventures of Spider-Man.
    Long time readers will know I’ve been tracking the whispers and rumors about this project for several years now, which we believe will see the former Spider-Man attraction building turned into a new Pokemon or Detective Pikachu themed dark ride experience.


2024_0226_Headline_CareBearsicon_STOPSally Dark Rides - (2/26/2024) Sally Dark Rides has confirmed that they have entered into a “marketing partnership” with Cloudco Entertainment to design a “Care Bears” themed family dark ride experience that will be made available to any interested parties. “In this family-friendly dark ride attraction, guests board moving “Cloud Cars” and are immediately immersed in a bright and colorful environment filled with special effects including sounds, scents, themed lighting, hand-crafted set pieces and cuddly Care Bears animatronic characters.”
    “We are incredibly excited at the opportunity to bring the world of Care Bears to life by way of an immersive dark ride attraction.  For over four decades, the Care Bears have been a part of our lives through animated series, movies, top-selling toys, and more.  With storylines centered around caring, sharing, and treating others with respect – Care Bears is just one of those brands you want to wrap your arms around and hug.  With such worldwide popularity from kids and adults alike, we see incredible potential with this nostalgic, huggable, colorful, and inclusive brand.  We whole-heartedly believe this family dark ride would be successful in any theme park or entertainment center around the world,” shared Lauren Weaver, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Sally Dark Rides. “At Sally, we’re always looking for ways to transport guests to new places and new environments, introduce them to their favorite characters, and give them an experience that they would never get at home.  We’ve watched the Care Bears for years but never have we thought we could come face-to-face with Funshine Bear or hop from cloud-to-cloud in the magical world of Care-A-Lot.  Well, now we can give guests that experience – and what a fun experience it would be.”
    (11/14/2023) Sally Dark Rides and Intamin have released a new preview video showing off several concepts that can be used to create your ultimate themed dark-coaster experience. We’re talking turn-tables, freefall drops, bungee lifts, tilting tracks, rotating teeter-totters, a variety of side drop tracks, Controlled Spinning coaster cars and more. Check it out below!

    (10/18/2023) Congratulations to Sally Dark Rides for winning several European Star Awards for some of their latest projects in Europe, including awards for Uncharted and Sesame Street: Street Mission at PortAventura. Sally’s Founder and President, John Wood, was also named as 2023 Industry Icon of the Year. Well Done, especially in light of this having been a very busy year for Sally, having opened the new Uncharted attraction, Treasure Hunt: The Ride in California and right now they’re working to finish SpongeBob’s Crazy Carnival Ride in Las Vegas.


Schwarzkopf - (6/22/22) ACE has finally announced what all those Schwarzkopf teaser images have been about the past month. A new documentary is in the works called, “The Legacy of Schwarzkopf”. This is in the same vein as the much-loved “The Legacy of Arrow” documentary that came out a few years ago. Check out the announcement video below and look for The Legecy of Schwarzkopf to come out in late 2024.


Simworx - (9/17/2023) Simworx has confirmed that they will be showing off a new attraction concept at IAAPA Expo Europe called the “Zombie Metro Mayhem”. The attraction will make sure of the Simworx “Metro Mover” attraction system, which creates a 4D simulator style adventure for guests who are loaded in what appears to be a train or subway style vehicle that features motion bases under the seats and an assortment on on-board 4D style effects systems (wind, water, scent, etc…) 


Skyline Attractions - (12/21/2023) With the new coming out that the two Kid Flash: Cosmic Coasters are now down and the trains removed to perform some needed upgrades, it led me to wonder how the third Skyline coaster using the same track system was doing.
    Third coaster you ask? I’m actually speaking about Brava, the temporary installation of a similar coaster track system from Skyline that uses a single-passenger car to travel around an indoor track built inside the MASS MoCA museum. According to a reader who sent in a status update, it seems Brava itself was closed for a number of weeks and only reopened earlier this month. According to our source, when asking about the downtime at the museum, they were told that the car was sent out for about six weeks for “repairs”.


icon_STOPTechnical Park - (2/14/2024) Tehnical Park has announced the creation of a new portable ride model that they call the Jet Fighter 20. Even better, this isn’t just a concept, they confirm that the first one is on the way with a confirmed order from a client. The Jet Fighter 20 is based on the concept of their Loop Fighter ride, but with higher capacity.


- (2/11/2024) Triotech and BoldMove have launched a new “Smash & Reload Maxi” dark ride offering, an expanded offering to the existing Smash & Reload dark ride concept. I believe the first Smash & Reload concept opened at the Le Pal theme park in France in 2023 as Champi’Folies, featuring the animated Too Mush mushroom themed character IP.
    The idea behind the Smash & Reload concept was to create a compact dark ride experience that would appeal to small parks and FEC sized attractions. The experience relies mostly interactive screen gameplay moments while passing through themed spaces between the various scenes. The small dark ride concept was also a scalable concept that would allow customers to repurpose existing spaces at their facilities. For example, Le Pal transformed the park’s former 3D Simulator Theater attraction building into a usable space for Champi’Folies.
    The new Smash & Reload Maxi version has taken this now proven concept and blown it up to appear more to medium and large theme parks, and currently offers the original TooMush theme, as well as an all new Voodoo Festival theme. Enter the dark side of the Mardi Gras where Voodoo dolls have come to life and threaten the festivities, with only you standing in their way to toss “Good Luck” bags to dispel the dark magic.
    On the technical side of things, Triotech says that they can switch the gameplay back and forth between whatever IPs a park wants to offer, allowing an easy way to offer the family friendly TooMuch experience in the daytime, but switch over to Voodoo Festival after dark, or as part of themed Mardi Gras or Halloween themed events.

    Last month we mentioned how Triotech had installed a fun new attraction at the Malta National Aquarium called The Deep Explorer. Think of it as a small stand-up simulator ride, that gives the experience of diving deep into the ocean through a 2DOF motion platform and a series of video screens that serve as “windows” along the side walls and roof, so you can view into the abyss.
    It turns out this isn’t the first such installation of this kind of attraction from Triotech, as they previously installed an extremely similar concept as the Abyssal Descender at the Grand Aquarium in Saint Malo / Cave Explorer attraction  back in 2016. A great video showing off the on-ride experience as well as some behind the scenes look at the hardware used for the Abyssal Descender was posted to Youtube by Triotech.
    For our older Walt Disney World fans, I’m sure this experience may trigger some fond memories of the old “Hydrolator” part of The Living Seas pavilion at EPCOT from days long past. For our modern Orlando park fans, you will probably think is this more like the faux-elevator experience used as part of the pre-show experience on Universal’s Escape from Gringotts attraction.

    (1/21/2024) Triotech has announced the debut of a new attraction at the Malta National Aquarium. The describe it as an immersive attraction called “The Deep Explorer” that simulates a dive down below the ocean into an abyss, until an “unforeseen encounter with a giant squid” throws the peaceful dive into chaos.
    (11/13/2023) If you are visiting IAAPA this upcoming week, keep and eye on the Triotech booth on November 15th at 2:30pm. Triotech says they will take to the stage with an important ‘mystery client” to announce “a significant project for a new large attraction.”
    (9/17/2023) According to a post at Blooloop, Triotech will be working with a number of companies on new projects coming soon. This includes a project with SEVEN (Saudi Entertainment Ventures) to create dark rides based on the Transformers IP for Saudi Arabia.
    (6/20/2023) A fascinating new dark ride has opened on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls called the Carnival of Chaos Hyper Ride. Apparently this new attraction from the creative team at TrioTech has been in the works for quite some time now, but has finally opened. So what is it?
    Imagine a creepy, dark, horror themed version of Disney’s Toy Story Mania, where you are loaded into a four passenger spinning car, armed with a blaster, and sent into the Carnival of Chaos where you’ll encounter a growing army of ultra-creeps as you move through the dark carnival. Tickets are said to be $10 right now, and based on the video which you can see below, that ain’t half bad, as the ride looks quite fun. Check it out!



icon_STOPVekoma - (4/27/2024) Congratulations go out to Vekoma who is building a new company Campus in Vlodrop in order to handle the company’s needs and future growth! According to the posting, Vekoma suffered a fire in the early 1990’s that led to them jumping into a temporary office situation that has lasted far too long.

    (7/21/2023) Vekoma has confirmed that the new Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland theme park opened on July 18th, which features the world’s very first Vekoma “Super Boomerang” coaster called Cloud Shuttle.  “Multiple launch sections, vertical spike at 52,5m height, maximum speed of 95 km/h, forward backward ride, vertical drops, inversions, airtime - all action packed in this compact design brings our proven Boomerang concept new levels of excitement and thrills the most seasoned riders!”
    Check out the video below to see Cloud Shuttle in action.




- (11/18/2023) WhiteWater was awarded a Brass Ring Award at IAAPA this past week, given First Place for the best New Product for a Water Park attraction under $2 million category for their new play structure: Elevated AquaForms 12. The concept is a highly configurable aquatic play structure that can be custom designed to fulfill the needs and space of the client.
    At heart the AquaForms 12 features a raised play structure with a monopole design that gives it an almost treetop canopy walk feel to it, featuring connected 12 platforms for guests to climb, roam, explore and slide down from, with nearly 100 different water features and can also feature a few body slides as well.


Zamperla - (9/27/2023) Zamperla has revealed details about two new flat ride attractions they are launching this week. The “Magic Bikes XL” is a giant sized version of Zamperla’s existing Magic Bikes attraction with four times the capacity, going up from 12 riders at a time to 48 on the new XL model.
    The second new attraction is the “Go Go Bounze 8.4”, another upgraded and upsized version of a classic Zamperla attraction, in this case the Zamperla Jump Around. The new Go Go Bounze 8.4 offers a new system of “air cylinders” that will create new and interesting bouncing sensations, with each individual vehicle capable of offering a slightly different ride experience. Each vehicle is able to seat two adult and two child riders together, each held in with their own lap-bar.




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