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Abu Dhabi, UAE



2013 - New Park - (8/6/13) A great video showing off the Bandit Bomber at Yas Waterworld can be found here featuring both on and off-ride footage.
    (5/16/13) Yas Waterworld has announced that due to popularity the Thursday “Ladies Night” event will begin an hour earlier and now run from 5pm to 10pm every Thursday night. As before, Men are not permitted into the park during Ladies Night events, however young boys (8 and under) are allowed in along with their female family members.
    (3/11/13) TheThemeParkGuy has posted a huge photo update and review from the new Yas Waterworld that you really need to see. He gives an honest opinion on what this amazing new waterpark has done right… and where they still have some flaws.
    (3/7/13) According to this news report Yas Waterworld will begin a special promotion on May 16th called “Ladies Night”. From 8pm to Midnight every Thursday in May the waterpark will be open “for females only”. It will shift to 9pm to 1am in June. “
    On these special nights, no men will be allowed into the park, however boys age 8 and under will be allowed along as long as they are related to a female visiting the park. They intend to run Ladies Night from May 16 through to July 4th, and then again from a date to be determined in August through to the end of September.
    (1/31/13) In an amazing bit of news, not only does Yas Waterworld expect to be profitable within it’s first year of operation (with attendance of 700,000), but they are already planning two more phases of expansion for the park. The first expansion will come in 2016 and the second will follow a few years after that.
    Speaking of Yas Waterworld, check out the videos below shot by park guests having a blast on the park’s attractions, the first of which appears to be entirely shot by a GoPro Hero camera on the park’s slides. The second is a POV from the park’s roller coaster as it travels around the park dropping water bombs on the guests below.

    (1/23/13) Yas Waterworld is now open... after quietly opening the gates four days early, bumping up the official opening day ceremony to January 20th. A video showing off a sneak-peek inside the park day for the media can be found here. I can’t wait to see more pictures and videos as more of the public gets to experience this amazing looking waterpark.
    (12/31/12) 25 lucky winters of a Facebook contest got to come into Yas Waterworld has “test” all the park’s new attractions ahead of the January 24th grand opening. Check out the details here.
    (12/18/12) According to this report the new Yas Waterworld park will finally open for guests on January 24th.
    (12/10/12) Awesome new pictures of the Yas Waterworld park have been posted to TheThemeParkGuy this week. The park is expected to open in about a month or so, and is really looking very close to being open.
    (11/21/12) TheThemeParkGuy has posted another construction update from Yas Wateroworld this week as the park nears completion.
    (11/7/12) Yas Waterworld has posted a video on Facebook showing off the Bandit Bomber coaster making test runs throughout the park. Check it out.
    (10/25/12) A new photo update from Yas Waterworld has been posted to TheThemeParkGuy Construction Board.
    (10/15/12) TheThemeParkGuy is back with all new construction pictures of Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. Much of the park’s creative themeing is now being installed and finished up, and water being run through some of the slides already as well. Looks like it will be ready to open before you know it.
    (7/26/12) New pictures of the Yas Island waterpark have been posted to TheThemeParkGuy this week, including a look at the waterpark’s roller coaster cars in storage. The latest images are simply amazing… I can’t wait to see this place open already.  There is also a great new sneak preview animated video showing off more of what we can expect to see inside the park when it opens.

    (6/1/12) Another great construction update from Yas Waterworld has been posted to The Theme Park Guy this week. Things are still going up quickly, though the site was blasted by a desert storm during the update, so things are a bit dusty and less colorful.
    (5/14/12) The Theme Park Guy is back with an all new construction update from Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi, near Ferrari World.
    (5/2/12) A new update from the Yas Island Waterworld featuring lots of new concept artwork now gives us a better look at the themeing on the way. Like the one image showing off the six giant snake heads that will be mounted to the end of a row of waterslides. We also get a peek at one of the suspended coaster cars, which will only hold four riders (2 rows of 2). Looks like the riders will be armed with a mounted hose to shoot water at the guests below. Check it all out over at The Theme Park Guy.
    (4/18/12) According to a press release from WhiteWater West, the Yas Waterworld park in Abu Dhabi will feature their products for 12 of the 14 major attractions in the park. In addition to all the waterslide action the park will also be the first to offer SplashQuest, a live action video game style experience where guests can interact with features in the waterpark (or solve quests) through the use of a AquaGlove or SplashBand.
    This sounds very similar to the AquaQuest system that was tested out for a limited time in 2009 at the famous Schlitterbahn waterpark in Texas as an off-shoot of Creative Kingdoms MagiQuest technology. Creative Kingdoms no longer even mentions AquaQuest in their product lineup, so I do wonder if they sold the concept to WhiteWater West to become SplashQuest. The gloves seen in the pictures on the WhiteWater West SplashQuest page look exactly like the AquaGloves used in the Schlitterbahn test run.
    (4/2/12) The Theme Park Guy has posted brand new pictures of the Yas Island Water Park which includes some AMAZING aerial photos you really don’t want to miss. I think I figured out what it is about this park that has been really tickling my fancy… the fact that it’s all interwoven together into one simply amazing giant complex structure. You really don’t have any kind of water park quite like this anywhere else on Earth that I know of. Most waterparks form up from a starting lineup of standard attractions and add new things one at a time over the years… but this is just something else entirely. I think the closest thing I can compare it to was seeing pictures of the construction of Disney’s Blizzard Beach waterpark, which is saying quite a bit just by itself. I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.
    (2/17/12) The official teaser website for Yas Waterworld Aqua Park has been lauched, featuring a few pieces of concept artwork showing off what the park should look like when finished.
    (2/16/12) The Theme Park Guy is back with a new look at the Yas Waterworld Aqua Park project in Adu Dhabi. This is going to be one serious waterpark when it opens. There is still a ways to go, but you can already see twisted slides everywhere, fake rockwork, themed structures and a suspended coaster track weaving in and out of it all, begging riders to drop water bombs on the guests below.
    (1/17/12) Screamscape sources confirm that the Yas Island inverted coaster appears to be a Vekoma coaster, and unlike any of their known off-the-shelf models we’ve seen before. Given that this is a waterpark after all, I wonder if Vekoma has finally found someone willing to build the first Splash Party coaster. Several years ago Vekoma pitched a concept, not unlike the Setpoint “wet” coaster concept (Flying Super Saturator / Roller Soaker) where the riders would each control their own “water bombs” or water cannons to drop on the people below, while guests watching below could man water cannons turrets and geyser blast buttons to try and soak the coaster riders.
    (1/13/12) TheThemeParkGuy is back with a new construction report from Abu Dhabi and the Yas Island Water Park. He also found a little surprise… that the park has a Suspended or Inverted roller coaster of some kind already fairly well built out. Check it out.
    (10/17/11) The Theme Park Guy is back, this time with a quick look at the construction site for the Yas Island Water Park at the UAE next to Ferrari World.
    (9/13/11) BlooLoop has a nice article all about the custom “Emirati theme” and special custom storyline created for the new Yas Island waterpark, which will tell the story of “The Lost Pearl”. “The story will take guests through more than 40 exciting rides, slides, and attractions, including a unique pearl diving show demonstrating traditional Emirati heritage. ” The new waterpark is currently under construction next to Ferrari World and is expected to open near the end of 2012.


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