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Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)
Formerly: Walibi Wavre & Six Flags Belgium




2024 - Nothing is known at this time...

2025 - Dock World / New Coaster - (11/4/2023) According to a new tweet the Gold River Adventure ride at Walibi Belgium will be closing for good to make room for the park’s new roller coaster project opening in 2025. The slow moving boat ride will close towards the end of the 2024 season. The video also features some concept art for the 2025 coaster project which features the working name of “Speed Boat” which is said to be a Gerstaluer designed family coaster experience.

    (7/4/2023) Loopings have posted a look at concept art for a new proposed launched family coaster that could open at Walibi Belgium in 2025. According to the post, the new coaster will be a creation of Gerstlauer and looks to feature three launch zones. Look for this to be just one part of a new themed area coming to the park called Dock World, themed around a harbor village. They expect the existing attraction, Psyke’ Underground and Flash Back may have their themes altered to fit in with the new Dock World theme.



The Netherlands
Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)
Formerly: Walibi Flevo, Six Flags Holland and Walibi World

2024 - Nothing is known at this time...

2025 - Dual Track RMC Raptor - (9/30/2023) According to a park press release, they are planning on adding a two-tracked RMC Raptor style single-trail coaster project for the 2025 season. The interesting thing is that the two tracks are said to offer different experiences, with one focused on being more of a family friendly style ride experience while the other will be more of an extreme layout with inversions.



Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

icon_STOP2024 - Mahuka - (4/17/2024) Through a variety of IG posts, Walibi has given us a look at the highly themed trains designed for their new Mahuka single rail roller coaster from Intamin. According to the official description guests will “Hop into your truck and try to escape the wrath of the God of Fire, navigating the twists and turns of Europe’s first single rail coaster!”
    Based on the cars and the animation, this ride looks like a real blast that should prove to be very popular with their guests. Check it out below!

    (9/8/2023) According to a tweet from the ECC, Mahuka is the name of the new Intamin Hot Racer coaster going to Walibi Rhone-Alpes in 2024. The single-rail coaster will stand 18 meters tall, 600 meters long, feature two launches, three inversions and 13 moments of airtime while weaving through what appears to be some kind of ancient ruins.

    (7/15/2023) Coaster Studios has posted a video from Walibi Rhone-Alps showing off the construction of the park’s new single-rail “Hot Racer” style coaster from Intamin. Little is known about the final layout, but it looks like they have dedicated a fairly large space for it in the center-back of the park next to the park’s existing and colorful Tiki themed “Exotic Island” area.

    (1/2/22) Little is known at this time, other than that Walibi Rhone-Alpes is apparently working with Intamin to add an unknown new steel roller coaster to the park for the 2024 season. A deal between the two groups was announced at IAAPA Orlando 2021, but no further details were made available. RCDB reports that the new coaster is expected to be added to a new “Exotic Island” themed area coming for the 2022 season. 1





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