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Erie, Pennsylvania









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- (4/12/2024) A reader has sent a link showing that the Spider flat ride (Eyerly) from Waldameer Park is now listed as being for sale on the IRM website. The listing shows that the ride will be available to go in September 2024.
    So with that in mind, if you visit Waldameer this season, be sure to get your last rides in on the Spider, because even if they don’t sell it, they may be planning on removing it anyway.
    (1/31/2024) Back in May of 2023 it was announced that owner of Waldameer Park had purchased 27.5 acres to the south of the park, which included the nearby Village Mobile Home property. At the time they had not announced what their intention was for the property, and that at that time they were not seeking to remove the residents… yet.
    According to the latest update posted at GoErie this week, Waldameer Park has confirmed that they will be closing the mobile home park. Notices were given to the approximately 50 occupied units in the Village Mobile Home park that they have until October 31st, 2024 to vacate the property. The exact plans for the property have not been set, though they did confirm some open land will be used for guest parking this summer, and they are working on plans to add new attractions at the park over the next two seasons.
    (5/8/2023) Is Waldameer Park making plans for a large expansion? According to a local news report the owner of Waldameer Park has now purchased the Village Mobile Home property located just south of the theme park property. The deal was done through another company he owns named Meer Village LLC.
    According to the report, the land deal was for a purchase of 27.5 acres of property in total, which includes the mobile home park. At this time they don’t plan on closing the park or removing the residents yet, though I would expect that it is only a matter of time as it would be difficult for the land-locked theme park to expand without making a land purchase like this.


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Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania

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