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Erie, Pennsylvania








Park News - (5/5/20) According to the local news a group of skateboarders tresspassed into Waldameer Park and caused thousands of dollars of damage by skateboarding down some of the waterslides on April 19th. The local police have charged four men and one woman so far.


2021 - Whirlwind & Rally Racer - (3/29/20) Bad news for Waldameer Park this weekend. The local news reports that the park has had to put their construction projects on hold (new waterslides and a family coaster). The park has also had to layoff all of their full time staff for the time being while they wait to see what the latest government guidelines are to determine when they might be able to reopen and restaff the park, or continue the construction projects. Of course this puts the timeline for the opening of any of these new attractions also in flux.
    (2/24/20) A quick construction report from Waldameer Park shows off the new waterslide pieces now on site (in the snow) for the park’s new RallyRACER slide attraction.
    (1/31/20) The local news has posted an on-site update from Waldameer park, showing off the progress on the park’s two new attractions for 2020. The Rally Racer waterslide is about half done, while the Whirlwind is nearly complete. For now they are just waiting for some warmer weather to arrive to finish up the slide.
    (8/15/19) Waldameer Park is adding Whirlwind and Rally Racer for the 2020 season. Whirlwild is a new spinning family coaster that appears to look like an SBF/VISA figure-8 track model. Meanwhile Rally Racer will be added to the Water World waterpark, a six-lane mat-racing slide, with a unique and space-saving layout that you can see in the video preview below.

    (12/7/18) The local news reports that Waldameer Park has already been approved to build a new waterslide attraction at the park for the 2020 season. The new slide will be a six-lane “Rally Racer” waterslide. The new slide will replace two older speed slides at the park that are said to be some of the oldest and most unpopular slides in the waterpark.



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Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania

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2018 - Samba Balloon & Cannonbowl

2017 - Battle of Lake Erie

2016 - Kiddie Waterpark Expansion

2015 - New Wave Pool

2013 - Music Express

2012 - Happy Swing

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