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News & Rumors

Shakopee, Minnesota (Abbreviation: VF)
Cedar Fair L.P.





Park News - (5/14/2023) I’m not quite sure what is going on, but a post on Twitter mentioned that some clearing was now taking place at Valleyfair between the Renegade wooden coaster and Thunder Canyon rapids. Anyone know more?



2024 - Nothing new has been announced at this time.


2025 - New Project - (11/7/2023) According to a post on Twitter, the old Landshore Landing building at Valleyfair has been demolished. The building used to serve as the entrance and exit gift shop for the park’s version of Dinosaur’s Alive. The post also mentions a local rumor claiming that Valleyfair may be preparing for a B&M Inverted coaster for 2025, but this remains to be seen. But clearly, they are preparing this site for something which is good news, as the park has been waiting some time for a new attraction. I believe the last new ride added was Delirious, way back in 2018.




Track Record

Shakopee, Minnesota
Cedar Fair LP

Abbreviation: VF

Newest Developments
2018 - Delirious

2017 - Northstar

2016 - Flying Eagles

2015 - Soak City Expansion

2014 - Route 76, Northern Lights

2013 - Dinosaurs Alive

2011 - Planet Snoopy

2009 - Breaker’s Bay



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