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Oslo, Norway
Parques Reunidos





Park News - (7/20/22) Tusenfyrd has big dreams of growth for the Norwegian theme park. According to a press release, a three-year plan worth NOK 250 million will take place to modernize the Tusenfryd theme park in order to attract more international visitors. The plan is to overhaul many areas of the park in order to modernize the experience as well as adding major new attractions along the way. Currently the park says that they usually get about half a million guests each year, but they are hoping this plan will allow that number to grow.
    The NOK 250 million is in addition to the 50 million already spent on park improvements for the 2022 season which included the new HuriHuri coaster, an interactive maze called “The Dungeon” and the addition of two new themed zones: Route 66 and Expedition Lost Kingdoms. A new waterslide is also said to be opening.


icon_STOP2023 - Storm-Dragon The Legend - Confirmed - (10/20/22) A new construction progress video has been posted online showing off the new Storm coaster going up at Tusenfryd for the 2023 season. Going up close on a tour of the site, the video shows off the twisted beast from Gerstlauer up close and personal. From the look of things, this unique creation should should provide some awesome thrills when it opens.

    (9/3/22) Coaster101 and ACE reports that Tusenfryd announced plans to build a multi-launch inverted coaster from Gerstlauer in time for the park’s 2023 season. According to the post they will call it “Storm-Dragon The Legend” that will start things off with a triple-launch sequence before sending the train off into a compact layout with several inversions.

    (7/21/22) We mentioned how TusenFryd was planning some major expansions over the next three years, and if the following video is correct, the park may be planning on opening a multi-launch inverted looping coasters next season, possibly from Gerstlauer. The animation was created by a fan of the park to show off what such a ride may look like based on what they believe they know about the layout, so check it out.




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