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icon_STOPPark News
- (4/2/2024) With the addition of The Joker: Carnival of Chaos many have been wonderingjust what Six Flags St. Louis planned to do about the existing “The Joker Inc” swing-ship attraction. At last the park has confirmed that the ride will be staying and has been rethemed as a pirate ship, along with a new name… the Buccaneer!

    (1/27/2024) Six Flags St. Louis has posted some pictures from off-season refurbishment work taking place in the park currently. This includes new decking and railings for the Log Flume, a new front porch refurbishment on the Fred Lloyd’s building and work starting on the park’s “The Joker Inc.” swing ship attraction.
    With the park’s new attraction to be called The Joker: Carnival of Chaos, it looks like they’ve started to remove The Joker theming from the swing ship right now. Since the post referred to the work taking place as “the transition of The Joker, Inc.” it sounds like the old ride may stay, and just get a new name/theme. Anyone know more?

    (9/22/2023) According to the local news, a woman has filed a lawsuit against Six Flags St. Louis after claiming that she was “caught by the neck and nose” by an overgrown vine while riding on the park’s Log Flume. According to the lawsuit, she claims that the vine was shaped line a noose and grabbed her by the neck as the log passed causing neck and back injuries, including a ruptured spinal disc.
    I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but a quick search of YouTube for POV footage of the park’s log flume does not show a ride surrounded by heavy vegetation. Sure, there is a little off to the side from time to time, but I didn’t spot a specific sight where vines could have dropped down over the flume to tangle up the riders as they passed by.


icon_STOP2024 - The Joker: Carnival of Chaos - (4/26/2024) A construction update for The Joker: Carnival of Chaos coming to Six Flags St. Louis has been posted to MidWestInfoGuide this week. It may be late April, and the site appears to mostly be just a bunch of dirt, they have posted that it looks like work to dig out, rebar and pour three of the four major footers needed for the ride has been done so far, so they are finally making some progress.
    (3/9/2024) I’m told that the new Joker: Carnival of Chaos attraction will be taking the place of the park’s former Dragons Wing attraction in the Brittania section of the park. The layout of the installation and queue will be sort of similar to how Joker: Carnival of Chaos was set up at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, complete with a small indoor ‘funhouse’ section to the queue experience. See an example of the Fiesta Texas version below.

    (8/30/2023) If you follow Screamscape on social media, then you saw that Six Flags St. Louis leaked their own 2024 project yesterday morning before confirming it by the end of the day, with the addition of “The Joker: Carnival of Chaos”. This will be a 172 feet tall spinning pendulum style ride from Zamperla, able to reach speeds of up to 75 mph. Adding to the fun, The Joker: Carnival of Chaos will feature a funhouse themed queue experience while you wait to ride.
    The big question from local park fans is what will become of the existing Joker themed swing-ship attraction, “The Joker Inc.”, which is also still listing as an active attraction on the park’s website. As these style rides are fairly reliable and still popular family flat rides, Six Flags could simply just leave it alone, or just give it a new paint job and name.




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