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Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (9/18/14) Screamscape sources tell us that Six Flags New England will retire their classic Von Roll Sky Way attraction at the end of the season. Unlike your typical Von Roll skyride you may have seen elsewhere over the years, the one running at Six Flags New England features unique globe shaped cars that were originally built and run at Coney Island back in 1963 before being moved to the New England park in 1973. It’s sad to see a classic ride with a history like this retired.


icon_STOP2015 - Wicked Cyclone - (11/18/14) Aerial footage of the Wicked Cyclone construction site has been posted to AllAmericanThrills this week, or you can watch the video below.

    (11/3/14) SFNEOnline is back with what will likely be the last inside park look at the Wicked Cyclone construction progress until next year, as the park is now closed for the season.
    (10/28/14) The latest look at the Wicked Cyclone construction progress has been posted over at SFNEOnline this week. Lots of interesting new hardware is being added to the support structure, including what appears to be the brackets for the 120 overbanked turn.
    (10/20/14) Another week and another jump ahead on the Wicked Cyclone construction site at Six Flags New England. With a lot of the old ride sections now disassembled to make way for the new layout sections, it really is starting to look like an entirely different ride and no longer like the old Cyclone.  I find this kind of interesting, as soon you will be able to say the same thing about Colossus at Magic Mountain as well, which kind of marks a difference between the first two RMC conversions (Texas Giant and Iron Rattler) where the final product still held a very close resemblance to the original coaster, while these later conversions are really going to have a new look all of their own. Is this a good thing?  I’m not always sure… as it was kind of fun to look at the Texas Giant and still have it mostly resemble it’s old self. Colossus will keep the old iconic lift hill and drop, but after that it’s a whole new beast. Should be interesting to see how those who grew up with the Cyclone adapt to the new Wicked Cyclone incarnation.

    (10/13/14) The latest look at the progress on Wicked Cyclone has been posted to SFNEOnline.
    (10/8/14) Another great Wicked Cyclone construction update has been posted by All American Thrills which includes an aerial drone flyover the construction site.

    (10/6/14) The latest construction update from Wicked Cyclone has been posted to SFNEOnline this week, as the old Cyclone structure is being changed forever.
    (9/30/14) A new Wicked Cyclone construction update has been posted to SFNEOnline this week are more of the old track sections have been removed.

    (9/12/14) According to the official Six Flags New England Instragram, RMC topped off the Wicked Cyclone lift hill this week.
    (9/8/14) The latest Wicked Cyclone construction update has been posted to SFNEOnline as they near the top of the lift hill with the new I-Box track segments.
    (8/28/14) Cyclone will be reborn as Wicked Cyclone, a hybrid coaster offering intense speed, drops and inversions. It will be 3,320 feet long, 109 feet tall, hit 55 mph down the 78 first drop, feature the first 200 Stall and two Zero G Rolls. Don't forget the 14 Negative-G Hills!
    Check out the video below to see it in action.

    (8/27/14) Ok... a few of you make a good point today. While many of us were busy complaining and being amused by the choice of naming the new ride Wicked Cyclone, it seems there is somewhat of a reason for it. From what I’m told, and after doing a little bit of searching online, it seems the wacky people in the Boston / New England area are apparently fond of throwing about the word “Wicked” in front of just about anything to provide emphasis. I’m not from New England... in fact I’ve never visited New England, and never knew anyone from there, but based on my Southern California upbringing, which included the occasional use of the word “Wicked” ourselves, I think I got this. I’m led to believe that New Englanders use the word in much the same way that we felt the ‘Zoners (that’s Arizona folks for the rest of you) and NorCal peeps would drop in the word “Hella” excessively into conversations until we begged them to stop. So that said... it seems the name Wicked Cyclone is a nod to the local slang.
    Local slangs are fun anyway... as long as people understand what’s going on. Though as a California boy transplanted into the Carolina’s I still find myself giggling every time older folks around here talk about how they went “Shagging” and actually mean dancing, and not the Austin Powers kind of Shagging I was thinking about. *Snicker!* See, I can’t help it.



Track Record

Six Flags New England
Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 6/29/12
Adults: $51.99
Child (under 54”): $41.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20 / $25 Preferred

Abbreviation: SFNE
Formerly: Riverside Park


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