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icon_STOPPark News - (5/19/21) According to the latest post on Facebook by Six Flags Great Adventure, effective Saturday May 22, fully vaccinated guests to the theme park (and team members) will no longer be required to wear face masks while outdoor. Face Masks will still be required however while indoors, at indoor rides, arcades, stores, restrooms and restaurants (when you are not eating or drinking).
    Temperature screenings will also end on this date, as well as the previous requirement for advanced reservations to visit the theme park or water park. Reservations will still be required to experience the Wild Safari and other special events. Social distancing however will still be encouraged.
    In other news, Six Flags Great Adventure has confirmed it… Xpedition Dino is coming to the park and they are giving you two different ways to see them. Guests to a theme park can pay to add-on the Dinosaur experience as a walk-through experience and guests driving through the Wild Safari can pay for a drive-through add-on experience to the Safari. Follow the link for all the official information on the new experience which will run from May 28 through to September 7, 2021.

    (5/16/21) While nothing official has come from the park just yet, we’ve hearing that Six Flags Great Adventure could possibly try to open their new Jersey Devil coaster as early as Memorial Day Weekend. Some of the nearby kiddie rides from the Looney Tunes Seaport area are also expected to reopen with, and shortly after the opening of the Jersey Devil coaster as this area of the park will return to life after being closed for construction of the new coaster in late 2019.
    In fact, I’m told that the former Road Runner Railway coaster is expected to be the first one to reopen, but with a new name and new theme that will fit in with the new Jersey Devil theme of the area.
    In other news, I’m hearing that a new temporary Dinosaur themed experience is on the way to the park that could be announced as early as Monday morning. From the sound of things, this will be similar to the Walk-Thru Dinosaur experience that was put up at Six Flags New England. Since the New England display will be ending on May 23rd, don’t be surprised if the exact same Dinosaurs make a road-trip to New Jersey for the summer for this one. According to our source the attraction will be named “X-Pedition Dino”.
    (4/20/21) Good news for Six Flags Great Adventure guests. According to a couple of readers, it sounds like the park’s maintenance team was on the ball. They report that the new lift hill motor was installed on Batman: The Ride which was able to reopen sometime on Sunday. Glad to see this was handled so quickly. / (4/18/21) I’m not sure how much downtime this could mean, but a reader sent me a few pictures from Six Flags Great Adventure taken on Saturday showing the park using a crane to remove what looked to be the motor for Batman: The Ride’s lift hill. Not a good sign this early in the season, but better than it happening in peak summer season. (Photo credit: Dan Blaney)
    (3/15/21) Six Flags Great Adventure reports that when they open the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure on March 20th they will also be able to premier a new species, the rare African Bongo. The Bongo is considered to be critically endangered, with less than 150 estimated to be left in the wild due to hunting and habitat loss. Also on the tour will be several new animal babies, including four giraffe valves and two Siberian tiger cubs.



icon_STOP2021 - Jersey Devil Coaster - (6/13/21) A detailed written review of the new Jersey Devil Coaster, along with more photos of the coaster in action, have been added to Theme Park Tourist this weekend, so check it out!
    (6/12/21) Six Flags Great Adventure has announced that their new Jersey Devil Coaster will open to the public on June 13th. A press preview did just take place on June 10th however, and Six Flags Members and Season Passholders are supposed to be given early access to the ride between the two dates. It looks like one hell of a wild ride too based on the video’s I’ve seen so far of the preview riders taking a spin.
    You can enjoy a video of Clint Novak howling like a banshee while taking RMC’s newest roller coaster for a spin in the clip below. Looks like he really enjoyed it! He reports that the coaster is comfortable, smooth, forceful, and the seats are accommodating for riders of size, which is always a plus.
    It’s worth noting that this would be the second generation of RMC Raptor coasters for Six Flags, after premiering the very first one at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2018 as Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. The prototype was loved, but riders with select body types did have some complaints about the trains and shoulder belts, especially from some of the taller riders out there. RMC was said to have worked to improve this experience over the years that followed and so far it sounds like they have succeeded with the Jersey Devil Coaster.

    (6/6/21) Pending final inspection and approval, Screamscape has been informed that Six Flags Great Adventure is planning to host media preview rides of their new Jersey Devil coaster on Thursday, June 10th. Assuming everything goes well, this would usually mean that the ride may be ready to preview to the general public a day or two later, so keep your eyes open if you are visiting the park next weekend.
    Check out the video posted to our IG page for some fun new footage of the Jersey Devil taking a test spin as shot by the park’s Sky Six aerial drone.

    (5/25/21) A promo video for the new Jersey Devil coaster has been spotted on Instagram, which ends stating that the ride will open in May 2021. Since that month is nearly over, it sounds like they will be trying very hard to open the coaster in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

    (5/22/21) The Jersey Devil is now testing. Check it out in the latest video from the park below, showing off the first test run of the park’s newest coaster that took place on May 20th.

    (5/5/21) A new video report from Six Flags Great Adventures gives us an update on the new Jersey Devil construction progress.

    (4/16/21) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted a new construction video showing off the progress on The Jersey Devil coaster.

    (4/9/21) A whole collection of pictures of a Jersey Devil coaster car spotted at Six Flags Great Adventure were posted to Twitter on Thursday. Check them out below, though they all show off the backside of the car and wheels… so this one will appeal mostly to the coaster gear-heads out there.

    (1/28/21) Congrats to the crew installing the Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure. According to the park’s Twitter the Jersey Devil was topped off earlier this week.

    (1/22/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted another update from the Jersey Devil construction site this week while they prepare for the Topping Off in the near future. Check it out below.

    (1/20/21) A number of new pictures showing off construction progress on the Jersey Devil coaster can be seen in the tweet below.

    (1/16/21) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted another new construction update for the Jersey Devil. More track has been installed, including the airtime hills and final brake run.

    (1/9/21) Good news from Six Flags Great Adventure this week as the park has posted a new construction update for their Jersey Devil coaster on Twitter. According to the report they’ve installed a bunch of new tract sections include the drop after the block brakes, an overbanked turn and the “the start of airtime hills galore!”.

    (12/29/20) Good news from Six Flags Great Adventure this week as the park’s Twitter account confirms that construction work has resumed on the Jersey Devil Coaster. As of yesterday they put up another piece of track and a spiral maintenance staircase onto the structure.

    (7/3/20) As expected, Six Flags Great Adventure has officially now delayed the opening of The Jersey Devil coaster until 2021. As they noted in a previous statement to Screamscape, construction had stopped during the pandemic and for this reason, Six Flags will now plan to debut Jersey Devil for the 2021 season.
    (4/18/20) Another great drone video has been posted showing off the construction progress on the Jersey Devil coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.

    (4/2/20) A Screamscape source sent in a new image showing off the Jersey Devil construction site, complete with supports and vertical track sections in place.

    (3/7/20) Many of the supports for Jersey Devil have now been put in place according to construction photos posted by the park to Twitter this past week.

    (2/24/20) Another fun look at the Jersey Devil construction site  was posted to Twitter the other day. Check it out below.

    (2/19/20) Six Flags Great Adventure reports that the first truckload of track for Jersey Devil has arrived at the park.

    (2/13/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted some new progress photos from the Jersey Devil construction site, as well as a look at the Jersey Devil themed front decor that will go on the coaster train.

    (2/7/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted a video construction update showing off the progress on their new Jersey Devil coaster.

    (1/14/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has confirmed that the first truckload of steel for Jersey Devil has arrived at the park. You can see some photos in the Tweet below.

    (12/8/19) Six Flags Great Adventure posted some new construction photos from the Jersey Devil coaster site to Twitter the other day. Check them out below.

    (9/6/19) A new full POV video of the Jersey Devil was released by Six Flags Great Adventure. Check it out below.

    (8/29/19) The rumors were all true and the Jersey Devil will be brought to life in the form of a brand new single-rail roller coaster from RMC. This new coaster will be the world’s tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster standing 13-stories tall. Riders will hit speeds up to 58mph and travel over 3000 feet of track and through two inversions.
    This is no clone of the chain’s first RMC single rail coaster which opened in 2018 in Texas, this is a completely different layout that is much larger and longer and spread-out compared to the prototype’s compact layout. The layout will feature an 87º first drop, a raven dive, a 180º Stall element, a zero-g-roll, and a ton of airtime hills along the way.
    The trains are also much longer, allowing for greatly increased rider capacity. If the concept art is true these new trains will hold 12 riders at a time instead of just 8.




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