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icon_STOPPark News - (6/15/21) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has confirmed on Social Media that the park’s Sundance Theater will be leaving the park sometime this season. Given that the location is right next to where the hints have been dropping about the park’s 2022 mystery project, it seems likely the site will be used for the new attraction.
    You can see a video from the reveal event below as well, where some other information also came to light about other park projects that will be part of an ongoing 30th Anniversary celebration for the park that will begin later this year. One such project will be a major renovation to the park’s Poltergeist coaster that will add a new themed experience to the attraction as well as an indoor air conditioned queue section and all new paint colors. To do this, Poltergeist will run through to the July 4th weekend and then shut down to allow for the extended refurbishment. Check out the video for all the details!










    (6/13/21) Six Flags Fiesta Texas made a surprise announcement at the park on Saturday afternoon to reveal the first teasers for a new major project coming to the park in 2022. Included is the same phone number as before on the posters, which does work, and has also been updated with a brand new teaser message. If the past use of this continues, I’d expect the message on the number to be updated periodically throughout the summer, dropping more hints along the way.
    The large gates with the posters are the same gate we previously had a picture of into the backstage area between the two theaters, located across the pathway from Iron Rattler. The theme used for the graphics for the “Gates of Fear” message is sort of a mix of a haunt style promotion with a steam-punk theme, and we know the park just adopted a steam-punk theme for their new Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines ride located just down the pathway as well, so we may be getting a adopting a sort of Western Dark Steam-punk theme to this area of the park in general.
    Of course, the real question is… exactly what kind of ride or attraction will be added? The honest truth right now is that I have no idea… yet. Unlike other Six Flags parks, Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been able to create a pretty unique attractions list for itself over the years by adding a nice collection of unique custom built attractions and coasters that you don’t find cloned at most other Six Flags parks. There are a few exceptions of course, and in some cases Fiesta Texas was the home to the first such attraction before it was copied and sent to other parks, such being home to the first S&S 4D Free Spin, the first RMC Raptor, the second ever RMC hybrid wooden coaster conversions.
    The game has begun, so stay tuned while we try to figure out just what exciting and fear-packed new attraction the park has in store for us in 2022.
    (6/5/21) Fun stuff is happening at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this week that is dropping clues and hints about the park’s future. Long time readers know that the park has often posted a phone number you can call to hear recorded messages over the years, and a new posters claiming “Donors Wanted” and “DIAL UP THE FEAR” has been spotted in the park with instructions to call 1-833-SEES-YOU for more information. Give it a call to see for yourself, but I’m not sure if this is a hint about this year’s Fright Fest or a hint about a darker theme coming for a future new attraction.
    Meanwhile pictures sent my way also show off some other hints about the future, with the spotting of a marking on the ground somewhere in the park, the digging of a large hole elsewhere, and a peek through a fence giving us a view of a bobcat parked in the background. The photos seem to be in the area around Lone Star Lil’s Amphitheater, with the large hole in the ground dug somewhere in the grassy field between the theater and the Boomerang coaster, and the Bobcat parked backstage between Lone Star Lil’s and the Sundance Theater backstage areas. Looks like this region could be the location for the park’s next major attraction.
    Also continuing what has become a sort of game every year, Jeffrey Siebert has been posting pictures of various park attractions and structures taggest with the question, ‘Will it stay, or will it go?” as a hint about what may be removed after this season. Pictures posted so far include the Rockville High School Theater building, the Fender Bender bumper cars, Pandemonium and the Scream towers. I highly doubt the Scream towers would leave, but the rest could all be candidates for future replacement projects.
    (5/30/21) A train of riders on the Poltergeist coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas got stuck on Saturday just before noon when the train valleyed in mid-ride on the launched coaster. Chances are the launch system mis-fired, sending the train out of the station at slightly lower speed than normal. The local Fire Department came out to the park to help remove all 20 riders from the coaster train without injury over a two hour period. Poltergeist will remain closed until it can be re-inspected.
    (5/19/21) According to the latest post on Facebook by Six Flags Fiesta Texas, effective Saturday May 22, fully vaccinated guests to the theme park (and team members) will no longer be required to wear face masks. Temperature screenings will also end on this date, as well as the previous requirement for advanced reservations to visit. So effectively, it sounds like operations will pretty much be returning to the old ‘normal’ at the park.

2021_RollerCoasterRodeo    (2/10/21) Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be holding a  brand new coaster enthusiast event at the park on June 11-13, 2021 called Roller Coaster Rodeo.

    While the official details will be coming out as the event gets closer, it was confirmed that the event would be open to all enthusiasts to attend and will feature “Full-Park ERT on ALL RIDES” and “Full-Part ERT in White WAter Bay Waterpark”. Other special events include Behind the Scenes Coaster Tours, an Exclusive Fright Night Event, food, a welcome reception, a “Boardwalk Breakfast”, “Big Rodeo Dinner”, contests, competitions and prizes, reserved show seating and more.

2021_HounganHouseOfVoodoo_logo    (1/10/21) The 5th annual Mardi Gras Festival is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas from January 16 through to February 28, 2021. Experience the music, food and fun of the Big Easy with a variety of entertainment throughout the park, including new Pop-Up Cavalcades, a spontaneous pop-up one-vehicle party that will appear four times a day throughout the park as an alternative to the standard parade experience to help limit crowding. New this year will also be The Houngan House of Voodoo in the Spassburg section of the park. Free for everyone, “a voodoo priest will lure inquisitive guests through room-after-room of his cursed French Quarter home filled with magical dolls, potions, charms and gris-gris in this voodoo-themed walk-thru attraction.”


icon_STOP2020/2021 - Daredevil Dive Flying Machines - (3/7/21) While Six Flags Fiesta Texas technically opened their new Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines ride in late 2020 in preview form, the park is now open for 2021 and has confirmed that Dare Devil Dive is now open to all and had an official grand opening ceremony yesterday.

    (11/15/20) It’s been a long time coming, but the new Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Fiesta Texas opened for “tech rehearsals” over the weekend. You can also find video footage of the ride in action, as well as some POV footage in the video clip below.

    (7/29/20) Some fantastic new pictures of DareDevil Dive at Six Flags Fiesta Texas were sent into Screamscape by a reader. The new ride area looks awesome, with bright colors and a cool steampunk feel to it.



    (8/29/19) Six Flags Fiesta Texas will get a unique new flat ride for 2020 called the Daredevil Dive Flying Machines. Guests will board 4-passenger stunt planes that will spin around a central base and swing back and forth, and even flip upside-down. Based on the appearance, this is the new Zamperla Super Air Race flat ride, where the thrills and motion of the standard Air Race ride have been added to a central tower system to raise the action up into the sky.




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