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Athol, Idaho




Park News - (9/29/21) Good news for Silverwood fans, the park’s Scarywood haunted theme park event is returning and will take place on select nights between Sept. 30 and Oct. 30, 2021 (but closed on Halloween itself). This year’s event will offer 9 scare zones, 5 haunts, and of course all the fun rides  you love, including the chance to ride Timber Terror backwards!
    Visit the official website for all the details.


???? - Light Up The Night - ON HOLD - (9/10/20) Just an update on the Light Up the Night after dark drone show. As you may have guessed by now, the show’s 2020 premier was cancelled earlier this year by Silverwood, but beyond that the park has not confirmed if it will return in 2021 or if the production is simply on-hold indefinitely at this time. Until we hear otherwise, we’ll simply just mark this as something possibly that could still be in development at this time, but with no set premiere date.
    (9/4/19) Silverwood has announced a new nighttime show is coming to the park in 2020 that will use over 300 flying drones with onboard light systems. The nightly show will be called “Light Up The Night” and begin sometime in June 2020.




Track Record

Athol, Idaho


Newest Developments
2021 - Stunt Pilot

2016 - Riptide Racers

2014 - Family Spinning Coaster, Kite Flyer

2013 - Spin Cycle, Barnstormer

2011 - Ricochet Rapids, Frog Hopper and Butterflyer

2008 - Aftershock

2007 - Boulder Beach Expands



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