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SESAME PLACE - Philadelphia
Langhorne, PA
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


Park News - (1/19/21) Sesame Place has announced that for the first time the theme park will be open throughout the winter months, with dates now listed for visits in January, February and March for “Elmo’s Furry Fun Fest” on weekends from Jan. 30 through March 21 and a “Sesame Place’s 40th Birthday Drive-Thru” attraction to be open on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from Jan. 26 through to Feb. 24, 2021. Visit the official website links for all the details.
    (8/12/20) You’re not going to believe this, but a 17-year old employee of Sesame Place was assaulted by two guests (a man and a woman) on Sunday. The couple attacked and punched the teenage employee in the face after the employee reminded them to wear their face masks while in the park. Shortly after the attack the couple fled to the parking lot and left, and was seen with New York plates on their vehicle. Using park security footage, and the fact that everyone in the park has to leave personal information to make a reservation, the park and local police and working with New York authorities to track down the couple to make an arrest. Meanwhile the teen was taken in for medical treatment that required surgery to his jaw and teeth.
    And seriously… I hope they get them too, because there is no excuse to assault a park employee, let alone a teenager, who is just doing their job to keep people safe at a children's theme park.


???? - 40th Birthday / Big Bird’s Tour Bus - Delayed
    (2/14/20) News Plus Notes reports that the 2020 season will be the 40th Birthday celebration for Sesame Place. In addition to live entertainment additions and a parade to help the park celebrate, they will also add a new ride called Big Bird’s Tour Bus, which appears to be a Zamperla Crazy Bus ride. The park will also add a ‘soft play’ area for the little ones called Slimey’s Square which will be located next to Oscar’s Wacky Taxi Coaster as well as a new restaurant called ABC Eats.




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