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Santa Cruz, California (Abbreviation: SCBB)
Santa Cruz Seaside Company



Park News - (8/18/2023) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has confirmed in the posting that they are removing the Cliff Hanger ride after 20 years. According to the post, Cliff Hanger is “headed to a new home” so it looks like the ride may have been sold to a new owner. Meanwhile you have until Sept. 4th (Labor Day) to get your last rides in on Cliff Hanger before it is closed for good.


icon_STOP2024 - Giant Dipper 100th Birthday & 2 New Rides - (10/1/2023) The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has confirmed that two new attractions are coming in 2024, when the park will also celebrate the 100th Anniversary of their epic Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster.
    According to the FB post, the park will add the new Dream Wheel (Chance ferris wheel) that will stand 65 feet tall and feature a fantastic lightning package. The other new attraction is Surge, a Chance Freestyle spinning flat ride. According to a reader the new wheel will replace the Rock & Roll flat ride, while the Surge will replace the Cliff Hanger.

    (7/15/2023) As a reminder that the Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk will be turning 100 next season, I’m told that the park has repainted the ride, top to bottom, ahead of this monumental occasion. While we know what their plan is going forward, we have heard that they do plan to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Giant Dipper in a big way next year. Stay tuned!




Track Record

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz, California

Abbreviation: SCBB

Newest Developments:
2021 - Lighthouse Lift Off

2019 - Crazy Surf (New)

2017 - Shockwave & Typhoon

2014 - Undertow

2012 - Crazy Surf / X-Factory

2011 - Freefall

2010 - New Haunted Castle




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