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icon_STOP2024 - Splash Lagoon / New Lost Kingdom Attraction - (5/20/2024) Paultons Park has opened their new Splash Lagoon attraction. You can see pictures and a brief review posted over at Themeparks-UK.
    (7/15/2023) I haven’t heard much about what Paultons Park has planned for 2024, but according to an updated information the new attraction will be a “mini log flume” ride called Splash Lagoon. Since it will be part of the Lost Kingdom area of the park, you can look forward to some encounters with dinosaurs along the way.

    (12/20/2022) Paulton’s Park is planning a major new ride for 2024. The latest video from CoasterChall goes over some thoughts about just what may be on the way to the Lost Kingdom area of the park. They also mention that the park has removed the former Temple Heights flat ride to make way for the new attraction.


icon_STOP2025 - New Dark Ride - (6/5/2024) Ghostly Manor is coming to Paulton’s Park… more details are to come, but I like the look of the teaser art!

    (2/11/2024) Paultons Park appears to be building a new dark ride with a ghost hunting / paranormal theme. Banners are up along the construction walls in the park offering a warnings such as  “Paranormal Activity Dectected” and “Spectre Apprehension in Operation”. You can follow a link to watch a video discussion about the new teasers up in the park over at Chall Chats, who mentions that the new attraction is replacing the park’s former 4D Theater attraction.
    The timing would be great for a self-made IP with a faux Ghostbusters theme this year since the new Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire film will begin  hitting theaters late next month.




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