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Parques Reunidos





icon_STOPPark News - (12/10/2023) It seems a train on Batman Gotham City Escape stalled at the top of the roller coaster’s 147 foot tall twisted top-hat element over the midway the other day. Right about now you may be having visions of firefighters on giant ladders arriving at the park to get them down, but the solution is so much more simple. Staff ride a manlift up to the train at the top and use a large stick to push/manipulate the train into rolling backwards back down the hill and onto the flat launch track below. The video below doesn’t show what follows, but I imagine they either determine if the ride was operating correctly and the staff was caused by a little extra wind, they can relaunch it over the top-hat or if things are not well, they can remove the riders at the ground level easily instead.
    If you think this is odd, it really isn’t that unusual. In fact, when riders would get stuck in similar fashion at the top of Cedar Point’s 420 foot tall Top Thrill Dragster, a mechanic would ride a lift-platform to the top of the tower and just give the train a little extra shove in the right direction to get things going once again.


2024 - Nothing is known at this time...


???? - New Hotel - (12/7/21) Parque Warner Madrid is said to be working on plans for a possible new resort hotel that could open as early as 2024.




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