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icon_STOP2023 - BATMAN: Gotham City Escape - (9/1/2023) Intamin has posted their own video showcase of the new Batman Gotham City Escape coaster at Parque Warner Madrid. The video features beautiful footage of this incredible new ride, with both on and off ride footage.

    (5/20/2023) Coaster Studios has posted a great video from the opening of the new Batman Gotham City Escape roller coaster at Parque Warner Madrid. This includes a look at a special opening show for the media event, some awesome footage of an extensive themed queue and ride pre-show experiences and more. Of course, we’ve already see the POV of the coaster experience itself which looks fantastic, so it is great to see that the park backed it all up with the rest of the attraction to make a complete themed experience.

    (5/14/2023) If you haven’t seen the POV from the new Batman: Gotham City Escape coaster opening soon at Parque Warner Madrid, then check it out below. But be sure to watch it all the way to the end to see the surprise finale they have in store. This Intamin multi-launch coaster has a full bag of tricks in store for the riders, but the ending is one I’ve never seen before.
    The train enters a dark tunnel at the very end with Joker style “HA! HA! HA!” messages spray painted in the walls and based on the rest of the ride, this looks like the ideal placement for another booster launch. However, just as the train exits the tunnel and the track turns straight up skyward, riders suddenly realize that the track is a DEAD END! Magnetic brakes are quickly applied and the train rolls backwards, back into the Joker themed tunnel where the “HA! HA! HA!” message takes on a new meaning. From here it looks like a switch track will be activated so the train can proceed to the unload station.

    (5/4/2023) An incredible post on Facebook gives us a look at the new Batman: Gotham City Escape roller coaster in action, as well as an official opening date of May 13.

    (1/2/2023) Some great new construction pictures of the BATMAN: Gotham City Escape roller coaster coming in 2023 to Parque Warner Madrid can be seen below. The park has also released a few awesome teaser images showing off the incredible looking trains!

    (10/30/22) Parque Warner Madrid have now posted the name of their new for 2023 roller coaster project as the “Gotham City Escape”.

    (9/23/22) The Coaster Kings are back with another update from Parque Warner Madrid to check on the latest progress on the mystery new steel roller coaster, which is assumed to have some kind of Batman theme. Much of the track has been installed for this amazing new roller coaster which loops and soars around the land, pathways and buildings in the Gotham City area of the park. It sure does look like it’s going to be a very intense ride that isn’t to be missed next year.
    (9/8/22) A second update from Parque Warner Madrid has been posted to The Coaster Kings this week, returning to give a thorough look at the new 2023 coaster under construction, along with a look at what old buildings have been left and what new structures are going up for the new coaster. 
    (9/6/22) The Coaster Kings dropped into Parque Warner Madrid this week and took the time to take some extensive photos of the construction on the park’s newest roller coaster. They describe the ride as appearing to have a multi-launch shuttle segment not unlike Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with a beyond vertical spike, but overall the dimensions and features of the coaster appear more in line Universal’s Velocicoaster, just a bit shorter. Make the jump over to see the photos and read the list of elements they think the coaster will have and in what order. 
    (8/23/22) Construction on the new mystery coaster at Parque Warner Madrid has risen all over the place and looks amazing. You can see a video and some photos below showing off the construction thus far. All we’ve heard so far is that the coaster is expected to have some kind of Batman related theme, though the park already has Batman: Arkham Asylum (B&M Inverted) so I’m not sure exactly how this will play out.

    (7/9/22) More pictures of the coaster construction going on at Parque Warner Madrid can be found this week at TheCoasterKings website. Things are going to start moving fast here, and as you can see in the photos they’re assembling a lot of track pieces on the ground in preparation to mount them to the supports.
    (7/7/22) Track has now been installed on the mystery Intamin coaster at Parque Warner Madrid. You can find some great pictures posted over at Reddit.
    (7/3/22) Things are starting to move ahead with construction on that rumored new coaster at Parque Warner Madrid. For months we’ve seen reports about footers under construction, but now we finally have pictures of steel support beams in place on Twitter.

    (3/13/22) Some new construction images for the 2023 coaster going into Parque Warner Madrid can be found here, along with some aerial images edited to show the placement of where the footers appear to be located.
    (2/27/22) More images showing off the construction around Parque Warner Madrid for the park’s mystery 2023 attraction can be seen in the tweet below.

    (2/26/22) New construction pictures from Parque Warner Madrid show off the continuing work on the park’s new mystery project can be seen here. More and more this does seem like some kind of new roller coaster is on the way, but clearly for the 2023 season. Foundations to pour various footers (and some finished footers) for a possible new coaster can be seen in place all over the area in the photos. Check it out.
    (1/18/22) Some new construction photos from Parque Warner Madrid can be seen below, posted to Twitter by FreakPlanet. Even better though, FreakPlanet has posted a new construction breakdown video on YouTube, and while it is in Spanish, they were kind enough to add English subtitles into the feed, you just need to click on the CC button to turn them off.
    The video goes over the history of what has taken place in the park so far with demolition and construction footage.

    (1/1/22) Looks like some deep digging has now started at Parque Warner Madrid for their new 2023 coaster project. Based on my best guest, looks like this is in a backstage area behind the Scooby-Doo dark ride, that is on the opposite side of the pathway from the closed Batman simulator ride where the majority of the work has been taking place until now. So the size of this new attraction may be larger than anticipated, unless this is simply ground work to upgrade backstage utilities or something. Meanwhile other nearby sites are undergoing some extensive demolition as well as you can see in the next tweet.

    (12/23/21) A new Tweet shows off the location of the various supposed spotted on site at Parque Warner Madrid for the park’s rumored new coaster. Check it out below.

    (12/7/21) Construction is moving ahead on the new rumored coaster attraction at Parque Warner Madrid, where it looks like the framework for support footers are starting to be installed. Don’t look for this to be ready until 2023 however, for 2022 there are other plans.

    (12/1/21) According to a post on Twitter, demolition has started at Paque Warner Madrid on the park’s old “simulator building”. There is a rumor claiming that the park may build some new coaster from Intamin, intended to open in 2023, that will take over the former Batman: Knight Flight simulator building space and nearby area. Can anyone else confirm?


icon_STOP2024 - New Hotel - (12/7/21) Parque Warner Madrid is said to be working on plans for a possible new resort hotel that could open as early as 2024.




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