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Alhama - Murcia, Spain
Parque Reunidos



icon_STOP2015 - New Park - (5/1/14) I’m told that there has been zero progress on anything at the Paramount Park Spain site, and many fear that the project is just another one in a long series of big announcements that will never go anywhere.
    (2/6/14) The latest update to Disney & More shows off new concept artwork and details for the proposed Paramount Park Murcia in Spain who has reported gained the funding they needed to bring the park to life.
    Some attractions have already been cut and some exciting ones are still on the approved list, like the Transformers / Spiderman style adventure dark ride, Mission Impossible 3D, or the fantastic looking Rango’s West land, a Star Trek simulator and the Warp Speed Coaster.
    (9/5/13) According to Disney & More the Paramount Park project in Spain may not be dead after all. According to the report Paramount itself may have joined in as a shareholder to support the park project. Click here to read the latest details as well as watch a new promotional video that contains some new renderings we haven’t seen before.
    (8/16/13) While the Paramount Park in Spain had hoped to start construction on site in September, it now looks as if that date may be a little too optimistic. According to one local councilor, meeting the September deadline will be “difficult”. What issues are left to be worked out? Click here to find out.
    (5/27/13) Disney and More reports that Paramount Park Spain has been given the green light and has posted a bunch of great attraction concept artwork for the new theme park in a two-part update that you don’t want to miss. While the artwork for this new park looks great and seems to have some fun looking themed attractions for sure tied to some of Paramount’s big hit films… I’m still a little skeptical about this project until we see actual real construction begin.
    (5/14/13) ThemeparX reports that the Alhama de Murcia council has now formally approved the plan for the new Paramount Park project during a special session held on May 9th. With permission now granted the group should be able to begin construction on the site as soon as they are ready.
    (1/16/13) A little trouble has come up for the proposed Paramount Park Murcia as local Ecologists are now demanding that 21% of the project’s land be reclassified as protected green land. Click here to read more.
    (10/12/12) The latest updates posted to The Theme Park Guy confirms that no construction at all appears to have taken place in Spain for the Paramount Park project so far.
    (6/1/12) The Theme Park Guy is back with a new report from Spain as a ground breaking event of sorts took place for the Paramount Park project.
    (5/14/12) A unique video and pictures showing off the site of the proposed Paramount Park Spain have been posted to The Theme Park Guy. While the park has yet to begin construction, there have been signs of activity and minor improvements being made around the edge of the property.
    (4/10/12) According to this article the proposed plans for the Paramount Park and resort project in Spain has scaled back the property they will need to purchase by 35%. The good news is that the size of the theme park section has not been scaled back, but instead the Lifestyle Center part of the project has been cut in half. The article claims that the group has still not found any investors willing to sign onto the project.
    (3/13/12) The local news reports that the developer behind the Paramount Park Spain has completed the deal to purchase the site for the park for 10.3 million Euros. They hope to begin the start of ground work later this year, but they still need to sign on all the major investors needed to bring the park to life.
    (1/6/12) The local news reports that the deal to purchase the property for Paramount Park in Spain will be finalized in February, which they hope the deal worth 15.8 million Euros will silence the doubters about the park plans in the current economy.
    (12/22/11) PREMURSA has excised its option to purchase the site for the future Paramount Park in Alhama de Murcia. The deal and $15.8 million Euro payment is expected to close on Feb. 6th.
    (12/2/11) Now that the buzz about the hot looking concept artwork for Paramount Park Spain is died down, our friend over at TheThemeParkGuy dropped in to Alhama de Murcia for a little first hand look to see what is going on. While there is no sign of construction yet, as the group is still in the process of luring in investors to fund the project, Stefan was able to procure himself a nice little official Paramount Park brochute showing off some nice layout artwork of the park itself.
    (10/11/11) A new promotional video showing off even more concept artwork and descriptions of the Paramount Park in Spain (in English!) has leaked onto YouTube. The concept art here clearly seems to confirm that the Mission: Impossible ride is a 4D Dark Ride concept, with ride cars that look very much like those seen on Spiderman at Islands of Adventure. Many of the same pieces of concept art have also been posted to AirTimers as well in case you want a bigger look.

    (10/5/11) I’ve got to admit, that new proposed Paramount Park in Spain is looking to be the real deal and not just another proposal. A new presentation took place this week in Spain reveling new details about the park and artwork. Paramount Park will be managed by Parques Reunidos, and hopes to start construction as early as March 2012, and open by Spring 2015, but the project still needs to find all the needed investors to get it off the ground.
    The park will feature five lands, Paseo Paramount (the entry street, which will also feature a School of Rock live music show), Adventure City (to feature rides themed to Grease, Titanic and Mission: Impossible, the later of which almost looks like a Spiderman style ride system), Rango’s West (4D Theater, River Rapids and a Mine Train coaster), Woodland Fantasy (Interactive Spiderwick themed Dark Ride, a fantasy boat ride, Kiddie Rides and some kind of 3D haunted attraction themed to Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman) and Plaza Futura (home to a War of the Worlds ride, a Star Trek simulator, the Warp Speed launched coaster and something else called Quasar Force for the kids).
    You can find the new artwork posted over to (in Spanish) or click here to see the PDF in English showing off all the artwork.
    (9/6/11) While I haven’t heard too many details about just what we can expect to see in the proposed Paramount Theme Park in Spain, they are apparently serious enough about getting it off the ground and may start construction within the next six months. If so, the park could also open ahead of schedule in 2014 instead of 2015.
    (3/30/11) New details about the Paramount Pictures branded theme park planned for Murcia, Spain came out this week, which point to a 2015 expected opening date for the new park. The park is planned to be divided into different themed areas based on Paramount properties as well as offer several resort hotels.  The five areas are said to be Adventure City (Italian Job coaster, Mission: Impossible, Titanic), Lost Valley (Tomb Raider, Congo River, etc), Fantasy Space (Fantasy and fairy tales), Plaza Future (War of the Worlds and Star Trek) and Lifestyle Center (Resort hotels and more). A few more details on each of the lands and some concept art from the project can be found at CoasterForce this week.
    (10/19/10) According to this article the location was confirmed for the proposed Paramount theme park planned for Murcia, Spain in the area of Alhama de Murcia next to the Alhama Golf Resort. The final agreement for the site has not been signed off on yet however, and they do have a backup site as well.
    (9/13/10) Paramount Pictures has announced that they have signed an agreement that will see the first Paramount theme park to open in Spain. While they will not have an ownership stake, they will just license out their vast library of film and TV properties to the park to use for content. The park is planned for the southeast region of Murcia on the Mediterranean coast. More details are expected to come out by the end of the year.




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