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icon_STOPPark News - (3/21/2024) Yukendoit is back with a new theme park video report… this time from Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Check it out below!

    (12/13/2023) Things may be turning around for Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, after struggling with sub-par attendance over the past several years. According to an update at Blooloop the park closed out it’s fiscal year on June 30, 2023 with “a surplus” HK$118.5 million ($15.2m). The park attributes this to their ongoing efforts to transform and update the park experience, with a newed focus on conservation and education. It also helped that Hong Kong also fully reopened their borders to tourism at the start of 2023 as well.
    Over the 12 month period, the park reports hosting 2.4 million guests, which is a 45% increase over the year prior. Revenue also increased by 54% for the year compared to the previous year’s results.


Through to 2027 - Parkwide Renovation Plans - (1/14/20) Ocean Park has announced another set of huge expansion plans for the theme park to take place between 2023 and 2027. As part of a 10.6 billion yuan investment in the park, it will add seven new “scenic spots” loaded with new attractions.
    Spots 1 and 2 will be: Ocean Plaza and Azure Bay, where the current waterfront park will be divided into these two new themed areas. Ocean Plaza will actually be open to the public for free and include restaurants and retail stores and the park’s new entrance. From here guests will entire Azure Bay, themed all about water and include a new deep water pier as well as new adventure rides and a monorail to move guests around.
    Spot 3 will be Jungle Adventure - One of five new areas that the current “peak park” on the mountain will be divided into. Jungle themed, it will offer an assortment of new exciting rides as well as a new indoor coaster that will use multimedia to allow guests to experience an underwater world.
    Spot 4 will be themed to the Pacific Ocean, with special restaurants along the cliffs overlooking the sea.
    Spot 5 will be Cape Paradise, adding new new coasters experiences. Based on the concept art one will be an Alpine Coaster while the other appears to be pair of Maurer Spike powered racing coaster tracks.
    Spot 6 - Adventure Valley that will feature some kind of gravity powered car ride with different tracks suitable for different age groups.
    Spot 7 - Explorer Coast, the new home for marine mammals, with new environments created to allow for multiple species to live together. The Ocean Theater will be turned into a new multi-purpose venue.
    Lots of concept art was released, which includes views of a ton of new coaster rides for the different zones of the park. This also includes what appears to be a B&M Dive Machine, some kind of inverted coaster in a jungle, a cool looking sit-down coaster that slides back and forth half-pipe style over a rocky waterfall landscape and more.















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