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MOVIE PARK - Germany
Parque Reunidos



Park News - (7/3/2023) Movie Park Germany has confirmed that the park will open for the first time this holiday season to host “Movie Park’s Hollywood Christmas”. Look for the park to be open for 24 extra days this season between December 1st, 2023 and January 7th, 2024 where the park will be decked out in new holiday decor, with new entertainment offerings, a Christmas Tree Celebration, Kids Cookie Factory, ice skating and more surprises to come.


2024 - Nothing is known at this point in time... nothing new in 2022 or 2023 either



Newest Attractions:
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2019 - PAW Patrol

2018 - Excalibur - Secrets of the Dark Forest

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2013 - TMNT Driving School,
and Ice Age update


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