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icon_STOP2026-2028 - New Theme Park - (3/20/2024) While I know we are still waiting for the original park to open, and it was just delayed another year to 2025, would you believe that a second Mattel Adventure Park has now been announced for Kansas City? According to the local news Mattel and Epic Resort Destinations announced plans to break ground on a second park project “later this year” in the Bonner Springs area.
    The kicker is that they claim it will opened in 2026… but not break ground until late 2024. I can virtually guarantee that a 2026 opening date is not going to happen. For those two remember the original park in Arizona… it was announced in June 2021 and also claimed that it would be open by the end of 2022, just in time to lure in all those Super Bowl crowds coming to the area in Feb. 2023. Super Bowl LVII took place 13 months ago, and the park  just announced that the last expected opening date for Summer 2024 was now being pushed back yet another year to open sometime in 2025. So like I said, don’t hold your breath that the Kansas City version will be ready by 2026.
    Based on the announcement and concept art, the Kansas City version does sound as if it will be a near clone of the Arizona park, featuring attractions themed to Hot Wheels, Barbie, He-Man, Thomas, UNO and other Mattel IPs.





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