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Niagara Falls, Canada






Park News - (6/3/2023) Marineland (Canada) is making the headlines again over new charges about the park’s handling of American Black Bears in their care. According to an article posted to Blooloop, an order related to the care of the bears was issued to the park, who has thus far failed to comply. While the exact nature of the “three counts of failing to comply” have not been revealed, this is yet another in a long list of issues the park has had over the years related to the care of the various animal species within the park, which has put Marineland constantly under the watchful eyes of various animal rights activists groups.
    Back in January 2023 it was confirmed that the owners of Marineland were now looking to sell the park, but thus far nothing more has been reported on any possible sales.
    (1/27/2023)  We first heard the rumor that the family that owned Marineland may have been thinking about selling it during the early days of the pandemic, but nothing ever came of it. Back in June 2018 John Holer had just passed away it is sounds like ownership of the park was passed on to his wife, Marie Holer, which led to a lot of speculation about the future of Marineland over the following years, though the park has basically stayed the course through it all.
    Now, the local news is reporting that Marineland is finally ready to look into the the idea of finding a new owner to take over the theme park. While Marie Holer, who is 84-years-old, is now looking to sell the property, this does not mean that Marineland is preparing to close down. Far from it actually, as the park has started that they will open this May and and plan to open each year going forward, so there is no plan to shut the park down.
    Instead, Marie Holer is looking to find a new individual or a group who are willing to buy Marineland and develop and invest in the park long-term, to grow it to be an even bigger attraction.

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Niagara Falls, Canada




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