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Sichuan, China
Merlin Entertainments Group



2025 - New Park -  (1/21/2024) Complications had stalled the construction for the new Legoland Resort project, delaying the expected opening from 2023 to 2025 at this time. Construction is said to have resumed, but little has been verified at this point.

    (6/6/21) An update about the plans for the LEGOLAND Sichuan Resort has been posted to BlooLoop this week. As mentioned before the plan is to build the world’s largest LEGOLAND theme park here, as well as two LEGOLAND themed hotels. Merlin has been working in the Chinese attractions marketplace for the past decade and has opened 13 different ‘midway attractions’ in the country to help them become familiar with operations in China as well as the market differences in the different regions of the country. Meanwhile the LEGO brand has also been on a mission to build up the brand within the Chinese market over the past decade, creating one of the strongest markets for the LEGO bricks in the world right now that continues to grow at a rapid pace.
    Currently Merlin says they have agreements in place to build three new LEGOLAND theme parks in the country over the coming years, starting with LEGOLAND Sichuan in late Summer 2023, built just to the south of the city of Chengdu. Expect the theme park and one of the hotels to be ready on Day 1, but work ready to proceed immediately upon future expansion phases that will add a waterpark, another hotel and more over the next couple of years. The second LEGOLAND park in China has also been announced to be built in the Shanghai area (in Jinshan) and the third park location remains undisclosed, but will be somewhere in the southern part of China.
    There will be some design changes with the Chinese parks that will make them different from the others around the world. For starters they will put the park’s Miniland and related LEGO ‘building’ attractions all “under one roof” to provide protection from the weather, but also adding the ability to bring Miniland to life with lights, sounds and projection mapping. This large building will go at the center of the park and then be surrounded by a roller coaster and serve as a visual icon for the park itself, featuring “a really large figure out at the front”. They are also hard at work designing two or three brand new attraction creations that will premiere here as well, but they aren’t ready to reveal any details just yet.
    (9/29/19) Merlin has announced plans to build a new LEGOLAND theme park in Sichuan, China. The new park will be a partnership with Global Zhongjun, with the plans to make this the largest LEGOLAND theme park in the world when it opens in 2023, alongside two Legoland themed hotels.




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