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Billund, Denmark
Merlin Entertainments Group




icon_STOPPark News - (5/31/2024) A picture was posted on Reddit showing off the section of Miniland that caught fire at Legoland Billund. From the look of things the park had time to at least clear the charred site of the melted LEGO brick structures that were there. Other than the plot itself and the tree standing in the middle, the surrounding area still looks healthy and untouched by the blaze which will make their efforts to rebuild here go more quickly.
Part of the miniland in Legoland Denmark had a fire yesterday. Rest in pieces
byu/Charming-Help-2119 inlego

    (5/30/2024) Sad news for Legoland Billund, as the local news reports that a fire broke out in the park, destroying a section of that park’s Miniland displays around 4am local time. They believe the fire may have been sparked by some kind of short circuit on one of the model cars that runs on track within the display, and essentially melted a number of the displays in an area that was said to contain replicas of the Kennedy Space center, the canals of Amsterdam and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper.
    So photos of the damage have been posted, but fortunately the fire was said to have been put out quickly, and not spread to the rest of the theme park. Once the affected area has been inspected, along with an evaluation of other possible items within the display that could be at risk of future problems, Legoland will likely get to work on rebuilding. What we don’t know is if they will rebuild just what was lost, or take this opportunity to build something entirely new within Miniland.
    (12/18/2022) Would you believe that the Legoland Billund theme park in Denmark is actually open for the first time ever during the Christmas holiday season? While some rides are not available due to cold weather on certain days, the park has been decorated with tons of Christmas lights, a 10 meter tall DUPLO themed Christmas Tree plus 400 other Christmas Trees throughout the park, a special ice rink, special holiday treats and a chance to meet Santa Claus and get “a very special Christmas present”.
    A great time to enjoy the holiday season and the magic of LEGO’s all at once at the Legoland park that started it all in Billiund back in 1968, built near the original LEGO factory that produced the toy bricks.


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