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Montreal, Canada
Six Flags Theme Parks







Park News - (9/11/21) The party is about to begin at La Ronde. Over the next couple fridays, 18+ techno-dance party events (Soirees Techno) are slated to take place at the theme park that will include the ability to ride several of the park’s roller coasters along with plenty of dance music and fun throughout the park as a close-out to the summer season. The first one actually just took place last night, with the next ones on Sept. 17 and 24th.



???? - Vipere - (2/27/21) While La Ronde will soon open for the 2021 season, it sounds like the Vipere coaster that was delayed from 2020 will also not be ready to open this year either. In a press release from Six Flags about what is coming to the parks this year, there was no mention of Vipere at all. As far as I know the supports and track pieces are still at the park, and construction work on the foundation for the ride had begun in 2020 before construction halted. Keep an eye on the site in 2021 to see if work begins again.
    (9/12/20) La Ronde has now confirmed via their Social Media channels that they are officially pushing back the opening of their new “Vipere” roller coaster. The working however is a little odd, as it almost seems to say that the ride was planned for 2021 and is now delayed, which kind of sounds like it may be 2022 until it opens, so I’m not sure what is going on. After all, the intention was to open it in 2020, and of course it is understandable to delay it to 2021, but to delay it even further? Anyone know more?

    (7/22/20) A reader sent in some pictures of Vipere’s track sections on site at La Ronde. As you can see, they are still sitting in a storage yard, with no work taking place to try and install them at this point in time. What construction had started earlier this year has stopped and the site is quiet and empty. La Ronde has now confirmed that Vipere will be delayed until the 2021 season.




    (10/14/19) A ton of track and support pieces for the new Vipere coaster are now on site at La Ronde and one of our readers sent in a couple of pictures for everyone to enjoy!


    (8/29/19) As long rumored, the former Green Lantern coaster from Six Flags Magic Mountain will journey to La Ronde in 2020 where it will be rethemed as Vipere. Riders will rise 107 feet into the air before speeding off on coaster cars able to flip them wildly upside down over and over, creating a unique ride experience every time.




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La Ronde
Montreal, Canada
Six Flags Theme Parks

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