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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment




icon_STOPPark News
- (8/30/21) According to information given out during a tour of The Beast at Kings Island over the weekend, The Beast is currently closed while awaiting a new part to arrive. The plan right now, assuming the part arrives this week, is to try and repair The Beast in time to reopen it for Labor Day Weekend.
    (8/29/21) Not long ago we had reported on how Kings Island had been having some issues with The Beast that saw the iconic coaster sudden closed. According to a reader who visited the park this weekend, The Beast is closed again, and has been closed for the past two weekends, with a train stopped half-way up the lift hill and another on the maintenance track.
    All together, this has been a troubling month for The Beast, as it started out being closed in late July to perform some needed track repairs that kept it closed for the start of August. Shortly after reopening from that, I’m told that The Beast blew a motor on the second lift hill, and shortly after making those repairs, it apparently had some issues with the brake system that caused it to close again for another day. As for what is wrong with it now, we simply are not sure, but hopefully the park’s maintenance team will get it back up and running as soon as possible.
    (8/4/21) Screamscape received some good news about The Beast at Kings Island this evening. According to our source The Beast reopened in the early evening tonight after being closed for the past several days. Again, according to this source, The Beast was closed to perform some needed re-tracking in a couple of areas, said to be just “after the second trim brakes” at the bottom of that hill and to re-track another section just before you enter the second tunnel.
    (8/2/21) While we still don’t know exactly what happened, I’m told that The Beast at Kings Island remained down over the weekend. No word on how long it is expected to sit closed.
    (7/30/21) I’m not quite sure what is going on, but we got an odd email claiming that The Beast at Kings Island closed early on Thursday night due to some kind of issue. Anyone know if it opened again on Friday or what happened?
    (5/29/21) Labor Shortages in the area have now impacted Kings Island. The theme park has confirmed that they will be closing the park two hours earlier than planned through to at least June 10th. The new closing time across the board for this time period seems to be 8pm for most of June, but extending to 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights (June 11-12 and June 18-19). Starting June 25th the current park calendar shows a return to 10pm closing nightly through August 8th (with a special midnight closing on July 4th).
    While the early closings may be a bit disappointing, at least the park has been able to maintain 7-days a week operations unlike sister parks: Cedar Point and Michigan’s Adventure.
    In other news the local police are currently set to place charges on at least 5 teens and one adult over the violent fights that broke out at the theme park property last weekend. Follow the link to go into more details about that if you are interested.
    (5/25/21) According to the local news Kings Island was forced to close a little early on Saturday night as several fights had begun to break out across the park involving a large number of teenagers in the park at the time. According to one guest report, they witnessed several fights break out in the park throughout the entire day and some which had spread into the parking lot. According to a comment by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, it seems there were “a lot of kids bussed into the park” that day” who went mostly unsupervised.
    (5/11/21) Theme Park Archive gives us a look inside Kings Island following the passholder preview weekend events.
    (4/28/21) Kings Island and Cedar Point will be ready to open to guests very soon, and the rules to visit in 2021 have been updated to reflect new COVID-related safety standards. While many safety concepts will remain in effect, one major change is that face masks will no longer be required to be worn by guests while OUTSIDE in the park, unless it is not possible to maintain social distancing.
    Guests will be asked to wear masks while indoors however, unless you are eating or drinking. The use of temperature scanning of guests before entry will also be discontinued.
    One difference between the two parks is that Kings Island will not require reservations to visit the theme park, reservations are only required if you visit the Soak City Water Park.
    Cedar Point however will require reservations to visit both the theme park as well as the Cedar Point Shores waterpark.
    There is good news about the rides however, as most rides will return to full capacity loading this season, however you’ll have to break out the face masks again if you want to ride any indoor attractions.
2021_BookCover_KIARideThroughTime    (3/7/21) A new book looking back at the history and creation of the Kings Island theme park will soon be published from Rivershore Creative. You can pre-order your own copy of Kings Island: A Ride Through Time on their website which will be released otherwise on April 15, 2021.
    “Kings Island: A Ride Through Time” tells the story as shared by park officials who were there over the years. Hear directly from the various general managers, engineers, and others—including the man responsible for dreaming up such a wild, grand idea for the park and getting it built—Gary Wachs.
    (1/30/21) Kings Island has announced that the park will open only to their passholders for a 2021 season preview of May 8 and 9th. No dates for the public have been announced yet, but as the rest of the Cedar Fair parks are planning to open, where possible, in mid to Late May, I would expect regular day guests would be allowed into the park a week or two later. Stay tuned.
    (11/20/20) Kings Island has confirmed on their blog that the park is replacing more than 500 feet of track on The Racer over the off-season. According to the description of the work involved, it looks like the re-tracking will take place from the bottom of the first drops all the way through to “the 65-foot tall forth hill on both sides of the ride”.


icon_STOP2021 - Kings Island Camp Cedar - (7/18/21) The local news has confirmed that the new Camp Cedar campground and cabin resort connected to Kings Island is now open.
    (4/17/21) The local news has posted a new construction video looking at the progress on the new Kings Island Camp Cedar resort/campground being built next to the Kings Island theme park.
    (12/28/20) A quick look at the Camp Cedar Resort construction taking place outside Kings Island has been posted by CoasterNation this week. Check it out below.

    (12/10/20) Kings Island has announced a new RV campground is coming in Spring 2021 to be called “Kings Island Camp Cedar”. The new 50-acre campground resort will feature multiple pools, including an adult only pool, a lodge building with an indoor and outdoor restaurant space, a gym area, several walking trails, firepits, picnic areas, ponds and more. The plan is to start it off with 164 RV spaces and 73 cabin structures guests can stay in, and later expand to add up to 100 more cabins.
    The project actually started off as a non Cedar Fair effort to be called Kings Mills Outdoor Resort, which began planning in 2019 and also hoped to open in 2021. Along the way Cedar Fair has joined the partnership behind the previous project which was owned by Small Brothers and Terra Firma Associates to transform it into Kings Island Camp Cedar.


icon_STOP2022 - Celebrating 50 Years - (8/13/21) As part of a company wide release, details about what is planned in 2022 were released by Cedar Fair on Thursday. For Kings Island, it doesn’t sound as if any new rides are planned. Instead the park will celebrate “50 years of fun, memories and traditions. Guests will join the park in commemorating the landmark anniversary with limited time events, enhanced food offerings and all-new live entertainment – each telling the stories of Kings Island’s first 50 years and sure to delight all ages and create lasting memories. The park will announce more anniversary details in the coming months.”
    It was also confirmed that WinterFest will return to the park in 2022.



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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

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