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icon_STOP2024 - Dämonen Gruft / Demon’s Tomb & Toxic Garden - (4/26/2024) An article about how Imaginize has teamed up with Merlin to create the new Dämonen Gruft (Demon’s Crypt) dark ride at Heide Park has been posted to Blooloop this week. The group has also worked with Merlin this year on projects at other parks as well, such as Nemesis Reborn, Cadbury Chocolate Quest and Hyperia.
    Their work on Dämonen Gruft included not just work on the ride itself (with Alterface), but also development on the storyline, queue theming, as well as signs and graphics in order to create the creepy atmosphere that sets the guests up for the frightening experience that lies ahead. As for the attraction itself, it looks interesting and appears to offer the intense visual images, however the primary downside is that the overall ride experience is very much on the short side, with the early scenes relying primarily on projected scenes.

    (2/17/2024) Heide Park has at last confirmed that their new for 2024 dark ride will be called “Dämonen Gruft”. The name translates to English as “Demon’s Tomb”, so this confirms all those hints they were dropping over the past months about the kind of dark and creepy experience they are going for here.
    Fitting into that story, the park claims to have accidentally discovered some ancient catacombs under the grounds during some excavation work last fall. For the past several months they began to offer a “catacomb tour” of the site to the locals, only to have some of those guests mysteriously vanish without a trace, despite numerous attempts to search for them. Now it appears that the newly dubbed “Demon’s Tomb” may be some kind of ancient and terrible trap… and it is waiting for you.
    Dämonen Gruft will open to the public on March 29, 2024 to take you for a 3 minute trip down into the Demon’s Tomb to see for yourself what lies beneath Heide Park because “Sacrifices must be made”...

    (12/29/2023) Heide Park will be updating the park’s former Vekoma SLC that opened as “Limit” back in 1999 to have an updated theme and along with some extensive “track correction” taking place by Vekoma to improve the ride experience. The new name will be Toxic Garden, and based on the concept art, there may be some new theming added to the trains. Again, this is just concept art, so we don’t know how the final product will actually look, as the artwork also shows off what appears to be the original restraint system as well. In recient years, often when a major  update has been done to a Vekoma SLC model, they often update the train as well, featuring more comfortable soft-vest style restraints.
    According to the Heide Park website, the new theme of the coaster will tie into the nearby Transylvania theme and based on the concept art, it looks like you’ll be flying dangerously close to some gigantic killer venus fly traps!
    Keep in mind that this is in addition to the new Catacomb’s Tour attraction that was also being teased previously.
    (10/23/2023) Heide Park appears to be planning on opening a unique new attraction for the 2024 season. They’ve begun posting some odd seasons on social media about the discovery of mysterious catacombs in the park, possibly linked to the park’s Flug der Damonen (Flight of the Demons) coaster (B&M Wing Coaster).




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