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Sierksdorf, Germany




Park News - (2/17/19) Screamscape sources tell us that the Fliegande Hai (Flying Shark) ride, a Huss Ranger, at Hansa-Park has been officially removed. These are older rides, so it is likely that increased cost for repairs and parts may have been the main reason to retire it this year.


2021 - Awilda’s World - (9/10/19) Hansa Park is said to be adding a new themed area in 2020 to be called Awilda’s World, which will feature two new family attraction: Awilda’s Adventure Tour and Awilda’s Look-Out. First off, Awilda is apparently a Scandinavian pirate princess, and the Adventure Tour attraction will be a kiddie flume ride while the Look-Out ride will be a drop tower ride for the park’s smaller guests to enjoy.
    According to Themeparks-EU, the park will also remove their unique ‘The Bell” (Die Glocke) attraction to make way for this new land.



Newest Attractions:
2019 - Highlander

2018 - Barcos del Mar and
Son of Bigfoot 4D

2017 - Karnapulten & Little Tsar

2016 - Hansa Swing & House of Magic 4D

2015 - Karnan Hypercoaster

2014 - Indoor Play Area &
New 4D Theater Films

Fun Fact:
Hansa-Park actually opened in
1973 as LEGOLAND Siersdorf,
the follow up to Legoland
Billund that had just opened in
1968. It closed in 1976 and
reopened a year later as
Hansaland, which evolved into
Hansa-Park in 1987.


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