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Park News - (5/30/20) Futuroscope has announced that the park will reopen again on June 13, 2020, along with the opening of their new themed spinning roller coaster, Objectif Mars. Park capacity will be limited and controlled by mandatory reservations to visit through the park website. Six of the park’s major attractions will use a new virtual queue system to prevent long lines from forming. Face mask wearing is recommended to visit the park and will actually be mandatory to visit certain areas.
    (4/27/20) According to a post over at BlooLoop, France’s Futuroscope park says they are getting the park ready to reopen so they will be ready as soon as they get the approval from the government to do so. While most of the staff are on unemployment at the moment, they have put about 50 back to work to begin early prep at the park, test running the rides and to provide security.


icon_STOP2020 - Objectif Mars / Destination Mars - (6/14/20) A POV video of Objectif MARS, the new themed spinning coaster at Futuroscope, can be found below. Riders pass through a few dark ride scenes with special effects before the trains move outside and into position for the first of two launch sections. It even has a surprise freefall track ending as well, so while this isn’t the biggest coaster in the world, it does pack a lot into a compact space.

    (1/24/20) According to an update posted to BlooLoop, Futuroscope is now planning to open their first roller coaster, Objectif Mars,  March 28, 2020. The unique coaster will feature both indoor and outdoor ride sections, along with some unique special effects scenes, including one that will use “indoor fire”.

    (9/2/19) According to ThemeParks-UE the new space-themed launched roller coaster experience opening at Futuroscope in March 2020 will be named “Objectif Mars” (Destination Mars) that will send riders through a space-training center to see if you have what it takes to make the mission team. This appears to be more of a family coaster experience for everyone, with a top speed of 55 km/h (35mph) on a track that travels through both indoor and outdoor sections.
    The new €22 million attraction takes the place of the form Pavillo de Solido structure. According to the RCDB listing the coaster is from Intamin and will actually use a Tire Drive launch system rather than a magnetic one, and will feature spinning coaster cars in trains able to hold 12 riders at a time. They also have some construction photos taken in July from the site showing off what appears to be a completely installed layout around the new building structure.
    (2/21/19) BlooLoop Reports that Futuroscope is planning to add a new space themed roller coaster to the park in time to open for the 2020 season. No word on which company might be behind the ride hardware, or if this is intended as a family coaster experience or something more thrilling. The attraction is thought to have a budget of around €20 million.


2021 - Arena - Planing - (2/21/19) BlooLoop reports that Futuroscope will open a 6,000 seat arena able to accommodate both sporting and cultural events.


icon_STOP2025 - Future Expansion Plans - (7/7/20) According to a post by BlooLoop, Futuroscope is now planning to build a second park and resort area, known as “Futuroscope 2”, which they hope to open by 2025. The article states that the plan is for an €304 million investment that will create a water park, two hotels and ‘three attractions” by 2025. The goal of this is to expand the Futuroscope site to become a multi-day destination, with the existing park to also receive an investment of €200 million over the next decade. The article actually goes on to name the waterpark as “Aquascope”.
    (2/21/19) Futuroscope is looking into the idea of opening a second smaller park with a separate admission fee sometime over the next ten years. No word on how it may be themed or designed in order to be worthy of being a second park instead of an expansion to the original. According to an interview with the park, they believe that already half of their guests visit the park for two days, so adding a second park would be a move in the right direction to offer their guests even more to do.



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