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Park News - (4/7/2023) Futuroscope is in the news today after it was reported that a fire broke on the Objectif Mars roller coaster this morning. According to the post on Reddit, a lithium battery under one of the roller coaster cars caught on fire, with riders trapped inside the car just above. The post comes with a shocking video clip showing riders trapped in the car by the locked restraints, with one passenger beating at the smoke with what looks like a jacket, before the staff quickly arrive with fire extinguishers to put out the flames.


icon_STOP2024 - AquaScope Waterpark and More - (1/5/2024) Futuroscope will be opening several new additions in 2024. The big one will be a themed indoor waterpark experience called Aquascope, which has been in the planning phases for a few years now and will be ready to open in Summer 2024. As one might expect from Futuroscope, the plan was to create a new waterpark experience that should prove to be unlike anything else you’ve seen across the European region.
    According to a description of the park’s general layout, there will be four main areas. The main waterpark area will feature a variety of eight different waterslide experiences, then there is a more unique “immersion zone” that will feature a lot of projection mapping upon the surface of the water. A third area will be focused as a play space for younger children and the fouth will be a connected outdoor space featuring a beach and pool area that will mainly only be open in the warmer summer months.
    In February 20924 however the park will open a new indoor show experience that will feature a duo performance between a live performer and a giant robot arm who will take you on “a captivating journey through a world of video mapping, lasers and special effects.”
    In April 2024 you can also look for an expansion to be added to the park’s Futuropolis children’s area for the park’s smaller guests.





icon_STOP2025 - Mission Bermuda - (12/2/2023) According to posts, Futuroscope’s new attraction for 2025 will be an awesome new water based Mack dark ride experienced called Mission Bermuda. According to the video on Chall Chats, this will replace the park’s existing “Energy Gardens” area of the park.
    Based on the artwork, this will be a mix of Mack’s “Rocking Boat” ride system along with elevator lifts leading to some coaster/flume style drops, placed in themed environments that will surround the riders in the water by media-based screen technology as well to visually place the riders in crazy wild environments in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle.
    Honestly, I’m really excited by the potential of this unique combination of ride systems and technology, that essentially brings the concept of an immersion tunnel style experience to a unique water ride experience, where the controlled motion of the boat itself can be controlled in sync with the media to quite literally put you in the middle of a hurricane at sea.




Newest Attractions:
2022 - Chasseurs de Tornades, Station Cosmos Hotel & SpaceLoop Restaurant

2020 - Objectif Mars

2019 - Zero Gravity

2018 - Through Thomas Pesquet's Eyes / Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience
2017 - L’extraordinaire Voyage

2016 - La Forge Aux Etoiles

2015 - Ice Age 4D

2014 - La Machine A Voyager Dans Le Temps (The Time Machine) w/ Raving Rabbids

2013 - Dancing w/ Robots 2.0
and Aerobar


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