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Freestyle Music Park
Myrtle Beach, SC
Formerly: Hard Rock Park


icon_STOPPark News - (10/23/14) Screamscape sources tell us that the crews taking everything of value apart at Freestyle Music Park are expected to be finished by the end of October or so. Again… it is being repeated that everything down to the kitchen sinks are being removed and all of it shipped to an unknown location in Vietnam.
    (10/20/14) A reader tweeted out a picture from the former Hard Rock Park site showing off the last of the remaining track and pieces of Led Zeppelin and Slippery When Wet laying in the parking lot, waiting to be loaded up and shipped away forever.
    (9/29/14) Local area Screamscape sources went by the former Hard Rock Park / Freestyle Music Park location over the weekend and you can see that Led Zepplin is now down and being loaded onto trucks. Meanwhile the crane and disassembly crew has moved on to the Maximum RPM coaster from Premier Rides with the world’s only revolver lift wheel.








    (9/24/14) I’m told that the iconic giant guitar that used to stand over the edge of the park’s central lake has now been taken down and removed. From the sound of things, it isn’t just the rides being removed, but every major themed structure in the park seems also seems to be coming down, as if whoever bought the park’s assets is going to take it down to the kitchen sink level before they are done.
    (9/19/14) A new picture showing off the former Led Zepplin coaster, now with most of the track removed, really gives you an idea about how the skyline around the park is changing.

    (9/16/14) Another batch of pictures showing the removal of the old Led Zeppelin coaster came through this week. Kind of depressing to watch actually, as they’ve now ripped open the Zeppelin shaped station as well.














(8/25/14) An assortment of new pictures showing off the removal of the Led Zeppelin / Time Machine coaster from the former Hard Rock Park / Freestyle Music Park have been added.
    (8/21/14) The latest pictures from the former Hard Rock Park now show cranes are set up near the park’s old B&M coaster, Led Zeppelin: The Ride, and have already removed the first track sections from the ride’s helix finale.
    (8/12/14) According to this report form the local news the rides being removed from Freestyle Music Park may be headed to an unknown theme park in Vietnam. This matches up with the same Vietnam rumor we heard way back on the June 26th, 2014 update.
    (8/11/14) The latest pictures from Freestyle Music Park taken over the weekend show that almost all of the Eagles: Life in the Fastlane track has been removed and laid out in the lot. I imagine we’ll see all the supports and lift hills taken down by the end of next week at this rate.
    (8/7/14) According to this tweet from CoasterFusion, eight pieces of coaster track have now been removed from Freestyle Music Park. Based on the location of the crane, I’m guessing it was from the old Eagles: Life In The Fastlane coaster. A reader sent in several more taken on Wednesday afternoon.
    (8/5/14) Fans of the old Hard Rock Park will remember this item well… as the custom made neon sign for the Whammy Bar has made an appearance on Ebay this week, with an asking price of $2,500. I’m surprised one of the various Hard Rock Café restaurants or casinos haven’t gobbled this up yet, but it is a beautiful and fully functional neon sign that would look great anywhere… even in my office. (I wish…)
    (8/1/14) The removal of the attractions at the former Freestyle Music Park has begun. A few photos showing off the early work have been sent in by local area readers taken over the past couple of weeks. Already we can see the pieces of the Reggae Falls, Magic Mushroom, London Cabs and a wooden play structure in piles, awaiting to be shipped away as of a week ago.
   According to the latest drive by report, they have security on site 24/7 and have crews working all over the park, taking out everything of value that isn’t bolted down, down to the sinks and water fountains. Meanwhile others are busy loading items into crates and shipping containers to be hauled away. In short, it seems the plan is to not just remove the rides, but to gut the park down to the skeletal framework.
    (6/30/14) A new picture from the former Freestyle Music Park was sent in over the weekend showing off a section of park fence taken down and the plan life cut away and piled in a dumster to allow crews to access the former Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane mine train coaster. We can only assume this may be the first coaster to come down.

    (6/26/14) So what’s going on at Freestyle Music Park?  After hearing back from several of our sources, and putting the individual puzzle pieces back together, it seems that all of the remaining park rides may have been sold recently as part of a huge bundle. The common rumor from everyone is that they have all been sold to a foreign company who will remove them from the country, with two sources saying that they are hearing toward Asia and one who narrows it down to an unknown park in Vietnam. Add in to the mix was a rumor from earlier this month sent in claiming that a deal for just the park’s property was in negotiations with a local unnamed big development company. But when you are dealing with the Myrtle Beach area, most people have a pretty good hunch about who it just might be...
    If all this is true, then unfortunately the encore performance many were waiting to see from Hard Rock Park will never come to be. As they say in show biz, “Elvis has left the building…”
    (6/25/14) A local area reader passed by the former site of 2014_0624_Freestyle_MosleyHard Rock Park / Freestyle Music Park and stumbled across something of major interest. A truck and trailer for the Mosley Erecting Company was on site.
   Mosley is known for putting together some of the biggest rides at theme parks across the southern states. In the past few years they have worked on installing rides at Carowinds (Intimidator, Windseeker), Dollywood (Firechaser Express, Wild Eagle), Worlds of Fun (Steelhawk), Kings Dominion (Windseeker) and even set up big rides like Led Zeppelin: The Ride for Hard Rock Park itself.
   According to our photographer, the Mosley truck along with other heavy lifting equipment are arriving along the side of the park where the Led Zeppelin coaster (B&M) sits. If a buyer for the coaster has been found at last, it looks like the former park’s skyline will soon be changed and the ride carefully taken down and transported to a new home somewhere. Local readers, please do keep your eyes open while we wait to see what is happening.
    (2/21/14) According to this article the owners of Medieval Times purchased a 4-acre slice of the former Freestyle Music Park site this week. Medieval Times will use the property for the exercise and grazing of their horses, and actually used the same land prior to the building of Hard Rock Park. A new corral has apparently already been installed. Medieval Times may not be done with land purchases either, as they apparently have their eye on a section of parking lot that sits between Medieval Times and the former Ice Castle building.
    (12/17/13) Theme Park University got the chance to speak with the man responsible for getting Maximum RPM back up and running this past month to show it off to potential buyers.
    (12/11/13) A possible new buyer may have been looking at one or more of the Freestyle Music Park coasters last week it seems. According to a local area reader, while driving past the park at about 5pm on December 4th, they saw a coaster car flying around the track on the park’s Maximum RPM (aka: Round About) coaster. This is the unique Premier Rides style coaster that features a revolver style ferris wheel system in place of a traditional lift hill.
    (12/9/13) Screamscape sources tell us that Freestyle’s Doo Wop and Air Bike rides were both removed from Freestyle this week and will be set up to run over at the nearby Family Kingdom theme park instead in 2014. A third ride, the Samba Balloon Tower ride, is also rumored to have been removed, and will be sent to an unknown new location.
    (12/5/13) If anyone happens to be in the Myrtle Beach area on Thursday, you may want to drive by Freestyle Music Park. You just might see a few rides packed up and leaving from what I’m told.
    (11/12/13) 2013_1108_FreestyleRideRemovalLooks like almost the entire list of rides from Freestyle Music Park is now listed as being up for sale on, including all of the park’s roller coasters such as Time Machine, Maximum RPM with the unique revolver style lift wheel, the dark ride cars once used for Nights In White Satin / Monsters of Rock. Meanwhile a reader also went by the park and took a picture of a small crane currently on-site inside the park which appeared to be in the process of removing one of the rides. Given the location, it looks like the park’s Wave Swinger has already found a new home, as it was also not included in the list of rides for sale over at ITAL. They believe some of the smaller kiddie rides added in the Freestyle season may have also been removed.
    (10/9/13) The latest buzz according Screamscape sources is that the majority of rides from Freestyle Music Park may have been sold overseas to an unknown Asian location, with the Time Machine (B&M Looper) expected to go to a park somewhere in China. Some of the smaller rides however are expected to end up in other markets.
    (10/8/13) The latest rumor from the Screamscape Spy Network is that not only is Freestyle Music Park looking to sell off all the park’s rides, but the first ones may begin to leave within the next month. Anyone else know more?
    (10/4/13) I’m not sure how good thing information is, but I’m hearing that the choice may have been made by the owners of Hard Rock Park to finally give up on reopening the park and put all the park’s rides up for sale. If anyone else can confirm this, please let me know.



Track Record

Freestyle Music Park
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Abbreviation: FMP
Formerly known as Hard Rock Park (HRP).

Newest Developments:



2009 - Park Sold & rebranded as Freestyle Music Park, New Kids In America rides & MonStars of Rock dark ride.

2008 - Park opens as Hard Rock Park, closes down in Sept. 2008 due to bankrupcuty





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