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icon_STOP2024 - Sweet Valley  - (4/28/2024) While it was delayed for a bit, it seems Energylandia has finally opened the new Sweet Valley area and attractions. This includes two new roller coasters: Choco Chip Creek and Honey Harbour, along with an assortment of eight other attractions. A great photo update from the media day has been posted to ThemeParks.EU this week.
    (11/11/2023) A teaser video for Energylandia’s new Sweet Valley area opening in 2024 can be found below. Based on the extensive video footage, the new land appears to essentially to have a completed exterior with lots of bright colorful buildings. The colorful land was originally intended to open in 2022.

11/2/21) New pieces of artwork from Energylandia show off the park’s new Choco Chip Creek mine train and the Honey Run family coaster. The post also confirms the land will feature a double-decker carousel, a tractor track and a coffee cups ride. 


Canceled - Vekoma Tilt Coaster -
    (10/24/2023) Energylandia is said to have officially terminated their contract to build the Vekoma Tilt Coaster project they had been planning for several years. From my understanding, the Energylandia Tilt Coaster was going to be something unique, involving a different style of tilting mechanism that Vekoma had never built before.
    If memory serves, Vekoma did promote an alternate style lift for what became the Tilt Coaster once upon a time that would utilize something more like a modified elevator style vertical lift rather than a traditional chain style lift hill. The twist was that the lift-track section was actually connected to its own unique track that would curve at the top, curving the train from a horizontal position to one that was nearly vertical by the time it reached the top and connected to the first drop.
    Vekoma had done the basic engineering on this to the point where they were offering it as a product to clients around the world and on display at their IAAPA booths for a time, but the extra cost involved mixed with the fact that it had never been built before served as a turn off to most clients. Mix that with the huge cost savings of just building a traditional chain-lift instead, something that park’s understood, and the version of the Tilt mechanism that had been successfully built and proven to work, and selling this alternate-style lift proved to be nearly impossible. This is to say nothing about the thought of just how a park might have to someday evac riders potentially stuck at the top of the lift, poised for the vertical drop.
    Regardless, the Energylandia Tilt Coaster project has been canceled, but it doesn’t mean that they might not come back to revisit the concept again in the future, perhaps with some kind of new twist.
    (4/2/22) In the previous article we mentioned how Vekoma was reviving their new Tilt Coaster concept and bringing one to North America for the first time in 2023. But that wont be the only Tilt Coaster we see Vekoma built for 2023, as the long rumored Tilt Coaster planned for Energylandia is also said to be coming in 2023 and will be located somewhere near the park’s Zadra (RMC) roller coaster.
    According to the details listed on RCDB, the new Tilt Coaster will stand 147.6 feet tall and feature a long list of elements, including an Upward Zero-G-Roll, Triple Down, Twisted Camelback, Barrel Roll and much more.



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