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icon_STOPLate 2024 - Rivertown / Jungle Rush - (2/9/2024) According to a new post at Theme Park Insider, they claim that Dreamworld’s new Jungle Rush coaster from Vekoma will wow guests with an all new switchback style design that will feature a “ride design supporting multiple different cycle paths”. Some impressive new concept art has also been posted, showcasing the Murrissippi Motors antique car ride that will travel throughout the themed landscape of the new Rivertown alongside the coaster, passing some fascinating scenery along the way.
    (12/22/2023) Dreamworld will open Jungle Rush in late 2024, a new themed coaster from Vekoma. According to RCDB, it will feature a turntable, forwards and backwards sections, and some show scenes along the way.
    (11/25/22) Dreamworld in  Australia has announced a plan to build a new land and a new roller coaster. Look for “Rivertown” to open by late 2024, along with the Jungle Rush roller coaster from Vekoma. According to the report the new coaster will have a train themed like an off-road jeep, feature 12 airtime moment and the world’s first “inclined turntable”.
    The park’s Vintage Cars Adventure ride will also be relocated into Rivertown and relaunched with new vehicles to operate under the new name, “Murrissippi Motors”. Rivertown will take over the current ABC Kids and Wiggles World areas of the park.



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