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Anaheim, California (Abbreviation: DCA)
Walt Disney Theme Parks




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    (2/24/2024) Soarin' Over California To Return to Disney California Adventure Next Month
    (11/14/2023) Is the Next Avatar Themed Attraction Coming to Disney California Adventure? (MORE...)
    (9/9/2023) New Avengers Multiverse Attraction Concept Art Released (MORE...)
    (7/4/2023) See Rogers: The Musical (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - These dates are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as refurbishments are subject to change.
Grizzly River Run - NOW CLOSED through Mar 1
Radiator Springs Racers - Feb. 26 through Mar 1
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail - March 4 through TBD
Incredicoaster - March 4 through March 14


icon_STOPGeneral Park News - (2/24/2024) Good news for Disney California Adventure fans! Disneyland has reported that the original Soarin’ Over California ride film will return to the Soarin’ attraction from March 1st to April 22, as a bonus attraction for the park’s Food & Wine Festival event.
    (6/10/2023) You may have seen him before, back when Walt Disney Imagineering posted a few preview videos as they were developing the animatronic, but the fully free-roaming “Baby Groot” animatronic figure is now being shown off to guests as a test at Disney California Adventure. The Groot figure is part of something called Project Kiwi, which was an initiative to find a way to bring some of Disney’s smaller characters to life, at actual scale.
    In a video clip you can see the Groot figure appears to be in some kind of dance-off performance piece with Star Lord, and is able to perform some interesting dance moves, walk around the stage and even announce, “I Am Groot!”.




???? - Avengers Campus Expansion - In Development - (9/9/2023) Work is moving forward on that long-promised Avengers attraction for the Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure. According to a new piece of teaser artwork released, we get our first view of the “world jumping” ride vehicle that will transport guests throughout the Marvel Multiverse.
    While this may simply just be a piece of concept art showing the back-end of an Avengers themed flying vehicle, the mention that the ride experience will include traveling through the Multiverse does give us an important piece of information about the theme of the ride. The use of the Multiverse concept will easily allow access to all of the popular Marvel characters, no matter how far apart they are, including revisiting popular heroes who may have died (like Iron Man or Blank Panther) as well as “variant” characters that may currently only exist in other parallel universes (like Captain Carter, Deadpool or the Spider-Man variants).
    The concept is also a brilliant one that could be used to update the attraction moving forward, as future Marvel productions introduce all new characters in the years to come, without breaking the overall theme of the ride. Much like what we have with the current version of Star Tours, all characters from any point Marvel history will be fair game to mix and merge for use in a wild romp through Marvel’s vast Mutliverse.
    As for the ride itself... little is known. A previous Avengers themed concept also apparently involved a bit of teleporting around the Multiverse to defeat a threat known as King Thanos, from an alternerate universe where Thanos defeated the Avengers and won. This attraction was thought to be something of a hybrid between Disney’s Rise of the Resistance dark ride but with more multi-media and projections to convey the action, not unlike Universal’s Transformers dark ride. Based on the look of the vehicle shown in the concept art, we’ve moved on from a “ground” based vehicle to a themed flying vehicle with tall sidepanels, which looks very similar in nature to the layout of the new Peter Pan ride coming to Tokyo DisneySea next year. If you’ve been on Universal’s Transformers or Universal’s Spider-Man dark rides, then you’ll remember that they also feature high side panels to help focus the rider’s view on what is happening in in the scene or screen front of them.
    (9/11/22) After rumors had been floating that the proposed Phase-2 attraction for Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure had been put on the shelf, Disney itself has confirmed that they’re not done with Avengers Campus. In a tweet posted yesterday Disney appears to be back on track with planning a 3rd attraction for Avengers Campus that would include a “brand-new story that will bring guests into battle alongside their favorite Super Heroes.” This is a reflection of the strong performance and demand being seen for the company’s theme park division.

    (3/11/22) During the Disney shareholders Q&A session the other day questions arose about a couple of attractions Disney had announced, but hasn’t made any forward progress with yet. In this case, the previously announced Mary Poppins attraction at Epcot’s UK pavilion and an Avenger’s attraction meant to come as a Phase 2 for the Avengers Campus lands.
    As one might expect from such a meeting, the answers were a bit of a mixed bag that started off by deflecting the question a bit to point out all the attractions they have opened or were about to open in the near future. Then they confirmed that these projects were essentially put on hold some time back due to the pandemic. Lastly, it was implied that maybe the projects could be put back into play in the future as the financial performance of things returns more back to normal, but there was no promise to do so.
    While Disney could easily just opt to forget about the proposed Mary Poppins project entirely, it won’t be as easy to keep an Avengers project on hold, especially as the characters and themes are pre-built into the Avengers Campus lands, leaving guests already clamoring for the expansions to get under way. If not in the original form intended, we’ve heard there may be an alternate project or two (likely at a lower budget) being held for possible consideration. So long as Disney continues to put out Marvel movies, there will always be a demand for more Marvel themed experiences in the parks.
    (8/24/20) BlooLoop has posted an update about the Avengers Campus attraction under construction at Disney California Adventure. With construction moving ahead once again Disney released an updated look at the land, including the new Quinjet that has been installed. The arrival of the Quinjet is an important feature that will play heavily into the theme of the major attraction set to be installed in the second phase of the land, which is rumored to be an Avengers themed ride experience.
    (8/27/19) Disney also confirmed that there will be a Phase 2 to the Avengers Campus, which will indeed be that promised new Avengers themed ride. The latest details on this attraction coming later is that guests will board a Quinjet and fly off to help the Avengers battle a new threat in Wakanda. This will all take place inside a brand new structure that will be the actual Avengers Headquarters. Disney wont say exactly what kind of ride this will be, only that they are working on developing an “all-new innovative ride system” to bring the experience to life.


???? - Avatar - Rumor - (11/14/2023) Is the next “Avatar” themed attraction going to be built in the Disney California Adventure theme park? There are several posts online today claiming that something was said at the Disney Imagineering Lunch & Learn event that took place as part of the IAAPA Expo 2023 in Orlando earlier today, that the new Avatar experience would be coming to DCA.
    No further details were said, so we don’t know if they meant it would be another full land, much like the one at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or a stand-alone attraction, possibly just a copied segment of the existing attraction, or if this would be a completely unique attraction. It very well could simply be a walk-through experience, not unlike the Journey of Water attraction they just opened at Epcot, but themed to the world of Pandora.
    That said… and despite what everyone wants to think, I’ve also read that Disney has officially reached out to a few blogger types to deny that anything was announced on behalf of the Disneyland Resort at all regarding an Avatar attraction. While I’m not at all sure what was said today at the IAAPA event, it does make me wonder if this is a case of someone talking about something they aren’t supposed to mention yet, or a case of someone speaking factually about a design that has not been given the green light.





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Disney California Adventure
Anaheim, California
Walt Disney Company

Abbreviation: DCA

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Newest Developments:
2021 - Avengers Campus w/ WEB Slingers, Mickey’s Philharmagic Updated

2019 - Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind & Jessie's Critter Carousel, Mickey’s Philharmagic

2018 - Pixar Pier

2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!

2016 - Soarin’ Around The World and Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, Frozen: Live

2015 - World of Color - Celebrate, Grizzly Peak Airfield area replaces Condor Flats

2013 - Disney Junior Update

2012 - Cars Land & Ghirardelli

2011 - The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure & Goofy’s Sky School &
Disney Junior: Live On Stage

2010 - World of Color and
Silly Symphony Swings



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