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Canada’s Wonderland
Ontario, Canada
Cedar Fair Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (6/15/21) Good news from Canada’s Wonderland this week as the park has confirmed that it will be able to open at limited capacity for Season Passholders starting July 5-6 and then to the general public starting on July 7. You can learn more by visiting the official website, but in short reservations will be required, as well as face coverings to be required in all areas of the park.
    (5/16/21) Canada’s Wonderland was originally set to reopen on May 14th, but on May 11th they announced that “Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our opening date has been postponed. We anticipate that in the coming weeks, we’ll have details to share about an early to mid-summer opening date.” 
    The only good news is for anyone with a 2020 or 2021 season pass to Canada’s Wonderland, those season passes will now be extended to be valid through to “Labour Day 2022.”  Now, while the park is not able to set an exact date for opening, we have heard that the hope is that they may be able to reopen by early to mid July at the latest.
    In other news, it seems the planned Hotel for the park has been shelved for the time being. Follow the link for more.
    (1/30/21) Cedar Fair has announced that Canada’s Wonderland will open for the 2021 season on May 14, 2021.
    (7/11/20) Canada’s Wonderland has announced that they have begun preparations to ready the park for the 2020 season, which should come to be when Ontario moved on to Stage 3 opening status. According to this report the park has begun training staff to run the park along with all the new COVID related safety operational procedures. Hopefully they will be able to make an announcement with a date soon.


2021 - Mountain Bay Cliffs & Beagle Bridgade Airfield - Delayed from 2020

    (8/14/19) Canada’s Wonderland has announced some new additions coming to the park for the 2020 season. Mountain Bay Cliffs, located high above Splash Works, will allow guests to have a cliff jumping style experience from various heights into the water below. The highest peak to jump from will be 7.5 meters (25 feet) tall!
    For the kids they will add Beagle Brigade Airfield, a new airplane kiddie ride, will be added to Planet Snoopy.



???? - New Park Entrance / Parking Plaza - Rumor - (12/26/17) According to the latest rumors we may see some renewed focus on the expansion and infrastructure of Canada's Wonderland start in late 2018. If the rumors are true, at the end of the 2018 you may see park begin work on building a new modern Front Gate and a new Parking Plaza entry facility that will open as early as 2019.
    I'm guessing this will be similar to what we've seen Cedar Fair build at Carowinds and Cedar Point itself in the past couple years. These projects add vital new infrastructure to park's ticketing and admissions systems, as well as create a new modern sense of arrival. Thing kind of upgrade has sort of been in a slow rollout to many of the old Paramount parks anyway as Kings Island also got a new parking entry plaza and smaller upgrades to the entrance and I believe a major upgrade for the entrance to California's Great America is also being planned for a future roll-out.



icon_STOP2021 - Hyatt Place/Hyatt House - SHELVED - (5/16/21) At this point, it seems Canada’s Wonderland has opted to cancel their long planned hotel addition. This may be a temporary thing, as they failed to start construction during the time limits of the building permits they had. There is a good chance that Cedar Fair could have just opted to shelve the project for the time being until the company gets their financials back on solid legs and we have put the COVID-pandemic behind us. This could also be a reflection of the more strict lockdown rules in Canada, and Ontario in particular, that are keeping the park closed for longer than it’s American cousins who are all opening up this month.
    (4/18/20) While Cedar Fair has not issued a new timeline for the hotel, it would seem likely that the closures would push back the ‘late 2020’ planned opening of the hotel until sometime in 2021.
    (8/29/18) As we had been hearing for some time now, Cedar Fair will open a new hotel at their Canada’s Wonderland theme park property. Now we have a few more details as posted by BlooLoop. This will be a dual-branded Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotel with 203 rooms that is set to open in late 2020. Construction is expected to begin sometime in the first half of 2019.
(4/29/18) Remember those rumored hotel plans for Canada's Wonderland?  They aren't a rumor anymore, as the plans for the new hotel were confirmed in a planning meeting. The new hotel will be 8-stories with 603 rooms and built under the Hyatt Place brand name, to be built on park property on Wonderland Drive near Rutherford Rd and Highway 400. Construction should begin soon actually, but I’m not sure if it will be ready for 2019 or 2020.
    (12/26/17) The rumors for building an on-site resort project keep rolling in, along with similar rumors for sister park, Carowinds. The latest rumor claims that Canada's Wonderland is looking to open this project as early as 2020 and are in talks with design experts regarding the design and construction of the hotel, but Cedar Fair will operate it themselves, just as they do their own resorts at Cedar Point. Location wise, they seemed to have locked into using the back section of the parking lot closest to the Kingswood Theater near the helix on Behemoth, which is the same location we had heard about previously. No word on if they are still hoping to offer a small indoor waterpark section or not, though a small parking structure for the hotel was also mentioned.
    (7/30/17) Remember that story about a possible hotel being considered for Canada's Wonderland?  According to a Screamscape source one plan being considered would see a 150-room hotel built in the parking lot area near the Kingswood Music Theater that is expected to also include a small indoor waterpark that would keep the resort active as an attraction throughout the winter months.
    (7/15/17) An interesting development just came up that would affect Canada's Wonderland and Carowinds and the two biggest up and coming parks in the Cedar Fair chain. According to a new article posted to BNN, an analyst at Wells Fargo sent a report to his clients on what they should expect to hear from Cedar Fair very soon. "Management expects to announce details on branded flagged hotel properties in Toronto and Charlotte by year-end 2017".




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