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icon_STOP2022 - New CBeebies Land Attractions - (3/5/22) Alton Towers has confirmed that the three new attractions coming to CBeebies Land (themed to Hey Duggee, Andy’s Adventures and JoJo & Gran Gran) will be ready to open to guests on March 19. A few pictures from the park showing off the attractions getting the final touches applied can be found over at BlooLoop this week.
    (12/22/21) Alton Towers will add three new attractions to the park’s CBeebies Land for kids in time for the 2022 season. The new attractions will be called, “Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge”, “Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig” and “JoJo & Gran Gran At Home”.
    According to the explanation, the Hey Duggee’s attraction is described as a ‘play and adventure land’, while Andy’s Adventures will be a live interactive show experience. The JoJo & Gran Gran attraction will allow guests to explore Gran Gran’s house. Meanwhile the CBeebies Land Hotel will add a Hey Duggee themed live show called The Map Badge along with some ‘Bing’ themed bedrooms.


2023/2024 - Nemesis 2.0 - Proposal - (1/25/22) Back when Universal Orlando chose to tear down and completely rebuild their Incredible Hulk coaster from B&M, it was somewhat of a unique event. At the time, no one had ever just kind of come out to say that they felt their coaster had reached the end of it’s lifespan so quickly and needed to be replaced, after opening in 1999 and then shutting down the original coaster in September 2015 to replace it with a new copy of Hulk that opened in August of 2016.
    While we’ve seen many coasters replace sections of track in the off-season over the years, a process especially well known to fans of The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, about the only other time I can recall a coaster being taken down and entirely rebuilt from the ground up would be when Disneyland did it to Space Mountain, closing the 1977 ride in 2003 and replacing it with a modern built version that opened in 2005.
    Now you are probably wondering why I am bringing all this up on our Alton Towers news page. This is because Merlin and Alton Towers have submitted plans to do nearly the same thing to the park’s extremely popular Nemesis coaster (also from B&M). Nemesis first opened in early 1994 and has now submitted plans to remove and replace the majority of Nemesis’ track (they are keeping just the station and lift hill) along with the majority of the ride’s support pieces.
    The layout will be kept the same, but the track pieces will be filled with sand this time, which is now a common method of making the coaster run quietly, which is sure to please the neighbors.
    Keep in mind that the application to perform this work was just submitted, so the park still needs final approval to go ahead with it. Assuming this is approved, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, then if I had to guess we may need Nemesis close sometime later this year in order to get it rebuilt in time to reopen for the 2023 season if possible. Or at least we hope it will be ready to roll again in 2023. It took nearly a year to replace Hulk and given the way that Nemesis interacts with the ground and surrounding landscape, replacing it may end up being a bit more complex.




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