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Adventureland Resort
Altoona, Iowa
Owned by Palace Entertainment / Parques Reunidos





Park News - (1/19/2024) I’m hearing that Adventureland (Palace Entertainment) appears to be removing about four older rides from the park before the start of the season. The list I’ve been sent includes the Galleon (Swing Ship), Clipper (Kiddie Swing Ship), Frog Hopper (S&S) and Runabouts (kiddie boats) all of which are said to have been removed from the park’s list of rides on the website.




icon_STOP2024 - Underground - (5/19/2024) Adventureland reopened this weekend to celebrate the park’s 50th, along with the reopening of the reimagined “Underground”, the world’s only indoor wooden roller coaster. As previously mentioned, the Underground has benefited from a theming overhaul and refurbishments to the ride itself. Watch the video in the post below from the park which goes over all the improvements to the dark ride / roller coaster experience.

    (8/19/2023) I had been meaning to dig up a little info about what was going on with Adventureland’s “Underground” indoor roller coaster, as a few reports had started rolling in that it had been closed all season. Adventureland itself has now confirmed that the Underground is now being refurbished ahead of the parks’ 50th birthday celebration in 2024.
     Look for the Underground to return in 2024 complete with “new upgrades that will elevate the ride experience for guests of all ages” as you “journey deep below Adventureland Resort, in search of more than just Sheriff Sam’s infamous lost gold. Guests will embark on a mission through the abandoned mine, in search of legendary outlaw Bad Bob and his gang after a daring gold heist. The gang take cover in the old mine with the stolen gold, along with some new treasures. Incorporating new technology and effects, guests will find themselves in a story-driven experience like never before. As they venture deeper into the abandoned mine, riders will face new challenges, unexpected twists and opportunities to uncover hidden secrets along the way. “
    The Underground is a unique creation that is actually a custom wood roller coaster built by CCI (Custom Coasters International) back in 1996, designed to serve as a dark ride experience, making it the only fully enclosed wooden roller coaster in the world. The upcoming refurbishment to the ride will also include improvements to the ride’s tracks as well as the coaster train itself which has been sent back to PTC for a full rebuild.




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Adentureland Resort
Altoona, Iowa

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