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    (9/19/14) Dreamland - Scenic Railway Restoration Begins (MORE...)
    (9/2/14) Adlabs Imagica To Open Aquamagica Waterpark In Near Future (MORE...)
    (8/30/14) Movieland Park - Diabolik Coaster Update (MORE...)
    (8/19/14) Movieland Park - Diabolik Invertigo On The Way (MORE...)



Park News - (2/26/14) A video that I know some of you have been waiting for… a POV of Nitro at Adlabs Imagica.

    (2/20/14) According to Screamscape sources, it seems the coaster incident at Adlabs Imagica was hardly the disaster that people have made it out to be. There was no derail, or even a car that slid off the tracks at all… despite the local media’s best attempt to make us think otherwise. The picture that was included with every story showing cars hanging from the track was actually taken long after when the train, which has simply stalled out on the track, was being removed from the track from where it got stuck.
   So what was caused all the fuss? According to what I’m told there was an issue with something breaking on a wheel assembly, which brought the train to a very abrupt halt which caused the minor injury to two of the riders. No derail… no cars sliding off the track in mid-ride… nothing other than a coaster track that ground to a halt on the rails.
    (2/19/14) Today we journey back to the new Adlabs Imagica theme park in India where we are treated to a front seat HD POV of the park’s indoor launched Deep Space roller coaster from Premier Rides… with the lights on. Later in the video you get another POV of the ride experience in normal show mode with the lights off.

    (2/6/14) According to the local news there was an accident on one of the new coasters at Adlabs Imagica. Based on the photo, the accident took place on the Bandits of Robin Hood coaster from I. E. Park, which is a family sized coaster.
    The coaster, which has been open for less than a year, apparently “skid off the rails” according to the article, and based on the picture, it looks like the back cars on the train suffered from a serious derail. One woman and her teenage daughter are reported as being injured.
    While there are a few I. E. Park coasters in a few smaller parks in Europe from the Italian company, they don’t appear to have sold a single model anywhere in the USA. After this accident on an almost brand new coaster, I have a feeling future sales may be down…
    (11/29/13) An edited POV video of Deep Space at Adlabs Imagica has been posted to YouTube. It looks interesting, but unfortunately it was edited in such a way that you can’t tell what the final dark layout is really like, or how long the coaster really is as some of the footage appears to repeat itself.

    (10/14/13) Nitro at Adlabs Imagica is now open and the first video showing off the coaster in action can be found on YouTube at last. It is interesting that the train is only 6 cars long, while most B&M floorless trains are 8 cars long.

    (9/20/13) Adlabs Imagica is raising funds that will help fund their future expansion plans which include a waterpark and a hotel. Eventually the group would love to open a second theme park in Hyderabad.

2014 - The Grand Imagica Parade - (5/13/14) Adlabs Imagica has launched a new parade for the park over this past weekend, called “The Grand Imagica Parade”. The parade will take place daily at the park and features characters from the park’s many attractions. The park hopes to grow and add to the parade over time to make it even bigger than it currently is.

icon_STOP2014 - Aquamagica Waterpark - Opening Soon - (9/2/14) Aquamagica is the name of the soon to open new waterpark located next to the Adlabs Imagica theme park. The waterpark will also offer music performances over the weekends to also appeal to dance and music lovers.
    (7/14/14) Adlabs Imagica has announced plans to open their own water park and a 287-room four-star hotel later this year. The waterpark will be called Aquamagica and they hope to have it ready to open sometime in August. Meanwhile the new hotel is looking to open shortly before the end of the year if all goes well.

icon_STOPLate 2014 - Hotel - Confirmed - (7/14/14) Adlabs Imagica has announced plans to open their own water park and a 287-room four-star hotel later this year. The waterpark will be called Aquamagica and they hope to have it ready to open sometime in August. Meanwhile the new hotel is looking to open shortly before the end of the year if all goes well.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



Park News - (11/4/13) Firefighters were called out to Adventure World over the weekend to put out a blaze on the park’s fiberglass castle structure that was sparked by fireworks. At the time of the fire there were no guests in the park, as they had departed after the fireworks show at the end of the Fright Night Halloween event. According to the article the castle structure suffered $500,000 in damage and is listed as being ‘destroyed’, though they did not post a picture of the damage. You can also see some video footage from the opening of Abyss on the same page.

Late 2013 - Abyss - NOW OPEN - (11/1/13) Adventure World has confirmed that Abyss opened to riders last night during Fright Nights.
    (9/13/13) Adventure World (Australia) has announced that they will build a new $12 million roller coaster named Abyss that will open this November. “Abyss will plunge the brave souls who travel on it into a black hole to experience adrenaline- pumping exhilaration. The theme of ancient druid Guardians of the all-powerful Abyss has inspired both the coaster's theme and an online game, The Chosen Ones.” Based on the information released, Abyss will be a Gerstlauer EuroFighter style coaster with a 10-story tall vertical lift hill, a beyond vertical first drop, several inversions (zero-G roll, rollover loop, cobra roll, inline loop) as well as an indoor dark ride portion of the ride. You can find some construction pictures from the site posted to RCDB and there is an online game that ties into the story as well which is promoted in the teaser video below.




2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


AQUALANDIA (Benidorm, Spain)

icon_STOPPark News - (7/14/14) With the widespread introduction of all these trap-door drop-pods at waterparks across the world, I’ve sort of been waiting for an incident to happen and it did this weekend. According to this article a 27-year old British tourist visiting the Aqualandia waterpark in Benidorm (Spain) went up for his third ride of the day on VertiGo, a drop-pod style slide that opened in late summer 2013, when the trap-door failed to open all the way. He fell through it, but it smashed into his legs, arms and face on the way down.
    “As I fell I felt it scrape all down my legs and arms and then smack into my face. When I got to the bottom the pool was full of blood.” He was quickly treated by an on-site doctor, ushered to an exit and offered free tickets to the zoo, meanwhile the waterpark reopened the slide to the public 10 minutes later according to his statement. You can even see a picture of his face, bandaged up, taken after the incident, but it is a bit gruesome, so consider this your warning.

2014 - Nothing new is known at this time...



2014 - Battle Intrigo - Opening in 2014, a new pirate themed battle fortress and ship remains full of water cannons so guests can hold an all day water war with each other. See more here.


AUSSIE WORLD (Sunshine Coast, Australia)

icon_STOP2014 - Ballroom Blitz - (7/4/14) Aussie World has opened a new attraction this year called Ballroom Blitz, which appears to be a Wave Swinger style ride.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


BAKKEN  (Denmark)

2014 - Sky Roller - (10/2/13) A press release from Gerstlauer has confirmed that Bakken will add a next-generation version of the Gerstlauer Sky Roller flat ride that will feature “a cable system and re-designed structure.”


BAYERN PARK  (Germany)

2013 -Nothing is known at this point in time.


BEIJING SHIJINGSHAN Amusement Park  (China)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


BELANTIS  (Germany)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

icon_STOPPark News - (4/26/14) The Guinness record for “Longest Marathon on a fairground/theme park attraction” will be challenged in a few days by a man at Bellewaerde Park (Belgium) who will attempt to ride the park’s swing ship ride for over 48 hours. The current record to beat is 48-hours, 8-minutes and 25-seconds set on the Chicago Navy Pier ferris wheel in 2013. I have to admit, it’s nice to see someone trying to break the record on a more thrilling ride, before someone decides to break it again by simply spending 3 or 4 days on the High Roller giant wheel in Vegas. For those of you thinking… “Hmmm… you know, I could totally do that…” you are probably wrong. The key piece of information here is that you can’t sleep on the ride. Guinness will allow you a 5 minute break every hour, which can be stacked together for a longer break used to visit the bathroom or perhaps take a quick cat-nap… but that’s it. Still, I figure it is only a matter of time before someone with a cooler of Monsters drinks and No-Doze jumps aboard a giant wheel somewhere to try and break the record once again.

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



Park News - (5/20/13) The local news reports that Beto Carrero World is looking into plans to build their new resort hotel within the theme park property.  While this is all good… what about some news about the status of rebuilding The Chiller? Have they ever started putting it up yet?

2014 - Madagascar Land & Madagascar Crazy River Adventure - (2/24/14) The new Madagascar themed area at Beto Carrero World has now opened and you can find a photo report on the new expansion posted to the Theme Park Review forum. It features a live action show, circus themed set pieces based on the third film and Madagascar Crazy River Adventure (River Rapids) ride which actually has some great themeing and colorful character pieces.
    Looks good, but I do have to wonder… just what are they doing about rebuilding the former Batman & Robin: The Chiller coaster(s) that they purchased from Six Flags a couple of years ago?

???? - The Chiller - (8/30/12) All the pieces of The Chiller are now said to be on site and the park is expected to possibly reopen the coaster sometime in 2013. (Note: Has not happened yet to my knowledge)
    (7/16/12) New pictures showing off pieces of The Chiller on site at Beto Carrero World can be found here.
    (7/2/12) According to this article Beto Carrero World has started to receive shipments of the former Batman & Robin: The Chiller coaster that once ran at Six Flags Great Adventure.


BON BON LAND  (Denmark)
The park was owned by the Bon Bon candy company but was purchased by Parques Reunidos.

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new was added in 2013 either.


CHIMELONG PARADISE  (Guangzhou, China)

2014 - 5D Tram - Under Construction - (1/17/14) According to a CoasterForce, Chimelong Paradise is building a new attraction in the park labeled simply as “5D Tram”. Follow the link to see a picture they posted of the teaser sign. If I had to guess, I’d say that this may be something similar to the King Kong 360 3-D attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, possibly the version being sold by Dynamic Attractions as the Immersive Tram.
    I’m also told that a large walk-through attraction opened at the back in October called Temple Forest, though I don’t have any more details at this time.


CONNY LAND (Switzerland)

2014 - Mammoth Tree - (1/3/14) Conny-Land in Switzerland will open a very strange new attraction in 2014 as they replace the park’s dolphin lagoon with a unique new aerial cable car ride. The gondolas will hold 16 passers and pass through a Mammoth Tree structure at the mid-point of the journey. From what I’ve been led to believe, the cars simply will not just pass through the tree, as something special will take place to the riders within the enclosed confines of the tree structure before they exit once again. You can see the cable car here, and jump to page 18 on this link to catch a peek at the “Mammutbaum” structure, which promises a wild and scary experience.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



Park News - (2/3/14) I’m told that Didiland’s ne SFB Visa Cyclon coaster will actually replace the park’s 2010 Magic Mouse, a wicked little ride with OTS and a reputation for a rough ride, so I doubt it will be missed.

2014 - (1/3/14) Didiland (France) will open a new small coaster and four new rides for the 2014 season. The coaster will be a small SBF Visa Group “Cyklon Coaster”. The other rides will be Piratfallet (family drop tower), Pirate Ship, Family Swings and Bounce Spin. You can see artwork and pictures here.



icon_STOP2015 - Reopen Park - (9/19/14) Work to restore the Scenic Railway at Dreamland Margate has begun at last, as they prepare the ride and park to reopen to the public in 2015. Click here to see more.
    (10/29/13) According to this article the Dreamland Trust group will open the gates of the former Dreamland park to the public on November 16th… this will be the first time the public has been allowed on site since 2006. There will be a celebrity auction and champagne reception in the old Dreamland cinema, and a way to get the general public involved and brought up to speed with the plan to reopen the park.
    (10/10/13) BBC News reports that the Court of Appeals backed the compulsory purchase order, paving the way for the ownership of the site to change hands and allow the Dreamland heritage park plan to move forward at last.
    (9/16/13) I haven’t heard much about the plan to reopen Dreamland in awhile, but according to this article from last month, some of the classic rides left on site (or pieces of them) have apparently started to go missing. It seems this may be the continuation of the squabble between the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company doing whatever they can to sabotage the Dreamland Trust group who are trying to reopen the site as a classic ride park. The group claims that the Trust only owns certain rides on the property and not all of them, and have only dealt with the items that they believe they still own.
    Meanwhile Dreamland Trust says the rides were stored on site with MTCRC consent and claim to have documentation the prove that they do indeed own the rides in question. According to a spokesman, “The historic rides collection has been collated by The Dreamland Trust over a decade, many of the rides being rescued or donated by supporters of the Save Dreamland Campaign. It is with disgust and disbelief that the trust reports that MTCRC began removing the collection this week without consent. The police are aware of all the missing items and have visual evidence of the property being removed and are carrying out further surveillance and investigations.”
    The MTCRC is being forced to sell the site this month to the Dreamland Trust, though they do have a final appeal hearing coming up on September 25-26 according to the latest update at the SaveDreamland website. If all goes as planned, they hope to reopen Dreamland as the first park of Historic Rides in 2015.
    (8/21/12) From what I can tell here, it looks like the government approved the purchase of the former Dreamland park site to move ahead with the plans to rebuild the site into the proposed new vintage attraction park concept. The Dreamland Trust is ready to move forward and says they hope to have Stage One of the project open by Easter 2014.
    (8/6/12) The story of saving Dreamland Margate in the UK has been a complicated one which has stretched on for years as those who wished to save and reopen the park as an attraction have been working against local developers who have an entirely different vision for the property. Check out the video clip below to see the latest state of things.
    While the park has mostly been taken back greenery and from the news clip looks more like a post apocalyptic version of an amusement park, you can watch this POV video shot on the Scenic Railway back when it still ran in 2003 to see what the site used to look like just 9 years ago.

    (11/23/11) The plan to reopen Dreamland moves a bit closer this week with the awarding of a £3.7 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to be used to restore the park and move it towards the anticipated reopening in Summer 2013.
    (2/21/11) The plans to open the Dreamland Heritage amusement park have been delayed slightly, slipping back a year from 2012 to a 2013 opening date according to this article.
    (4/20/10) According to this news report the restoration of Dreamland is hoping that they may be able to reopen the park by Summer 2012.


DRIEVLIET (The Netherlands)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


DUINRELL (The Netherlands)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



icon_STOP2014 - Shot N Drop - (7/25/14) EsselWorld, a theme park I had not heard of before in Maharashtra, India, has opened three new attractions this year: Shot N Drop (Huss), the tallest tower ride in India at 190 feet, a Top Spin flat ride (also by Huss), and The Lagoon, a new play pool area, inside the park’s Water Kingdom waterpark featuring 10 different slide elements.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


EURO PARK (Penglai, China)

2014 - (9/13/13) While the park opened in August of 2013 with two coasters: Tornado (SLC knock-off) and Magic Frisbee (Knock-off of a Gerstlauer Spinning style), there were two more under construction that might not open until late 2013 or early 2014. These would be the Gold Mine Town and Motor Coaster, the later of which is beleived to be a launched coaster. All coasters are being provided by a Chinese company named: Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Rides Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (


FANTASY ISLAND  (Skegness, United Kingdom)

icon_STOPPark News - (8/6/14) According to the BBC the Fantasy Island theme park in Skegness has “gone into administration” due to their poor financial situation, and is now being run by an appointed administrator and will operate as normal while the financial records are under reivew.

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing was added in 2013 either.



2014 - New Park - (6/6/14) VHCoasters reports that the new Gravity Group / Martin & Vleminckx coaster in Fantawild Dreamland (China) now appears to be complete and is thought to be a clone of the Happy Valley Tianjin coaster, Fjord Flying Dragon. The park was expected to open in 2014, but as with all projects in China… you never know when it will open until they actually open it. The park is supposed to have only one other coaster in it, a Vekoma Boomerang.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


FORT FUN (Germany)
Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



2014 - Black Hole - (1/3/14) According to a park fansite, the Zierer made traveling coaster, Black Hole, will be installed at Freizeit-Land Geiselwind for the 2014 season. The park will also add Space Chase in 4D to the park’s 4D Motion Cinema attraction.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


FURUVIK (Sweden)
Parks and Resorts Scandinavia

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


GOLD REEF CITY (South Africa)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2013/2014 - Retail Mall with Three Coasters - (9/13/13) As of September, it does not appear that the mall, nor any of the rides have opened. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the opening pushed back to sometime in 2014.
    (1/11/13) Sometime in 2013 the Great Mall of China will open with three roller coasters. A new Vekoma designed referred to as the Dive Pretzel Coaster, a Vekoma Motorbike coaster and a new LSM launched coaster from Premier Rides.


HELLENDOORN (The Netherlands)
H.I.G. Capital France

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...


HOT GO PARK (Fushun, China)

2014 - High Heat & Suspended Roller Coaster - (6/6/14) Hot Go Park in Fushun has started construction on a new Gravity Group / Martin & Vleminckx wooden coaster project called High Heat and you can find a picture of it posted to VHCoasters. They also have a picture of the park’s new Suspended / Inverted Coaster, referred to on the official park website as only “Suspended Roller Coaster”, which is listed as being from Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment, a local Chinese coaster company. Other new rides to open this year include the Big Sprint (flume ride) and Big Swing (S&S Screamin’ Swing), a carousel, Mountain Madness SUV rides, and a Star Flyer. It appears they are hoping to open the news rides section by July 1st.

icon_STOP2015 - 3 New Coasters / S&S Double Tower - (7/10/14) S&S Worldwide confirmed in a press release that they will build a Double-Tower ride at “Dreamworld and Castle Resort at Hot Go Park” in China as part of a contract with Everfashion (Fengyuan Group Co., Ltd.) in Fushun, China. The towers will be set to open in Spring 2015.
    (6/6/14) According to RCDB the park will built three steel coasters to open in 2015. The list includes a mine train coaster, a family suspended, and an unknown launched coaster project, with all three coming from Vekoma.



2014 - Waterpark - (12/19/13) Plans showing off a new Mayan themed waterpark coming to Isla Magica in Seville, Spain were posted on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon as being new for 2014. Click here to see the model.
    (9/20/13) Isla Magica (Sevilla) is going to open a new waterpark section in 2014, which has been confirmed by the local news.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2013 - Journey to the Stars / 11 Inversion Coaster - The Coaster has been delayed until 2013
    (10/21/11) The 10 inversion record is about to be broken by Jinling Happy World in China. In 2012 the park will open a new coaster from a Chinese manufacture (HBZME / that will feature 11 inversions with a layout 3277 ft in length and yet only 131 feet tall.
    Jinling Happy World is an entirely new park currently under construction and will also feature an Inverted coaster from the same company when it opens called the Seven Ring Suspended Looping Coaster.

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



ABANDONED / New Park - (1/16/14) In a shocking news story, it seems that not long after work began on the Jurassic Dream theme park project in China, it soon stopped and never restarted. According to WantChinaTimes, the $935 million project which was to have been completed by the end of September 2013, only managed to build a few residential buildings on the site and then was abandoned before the end of 2012. It seems the entire project was some kind of scam and the developer who got the local government to invest in it has long since vanished.
    Such a shame, as the concept art from Thinkwell, who was hired to design the park, had come up with a unique new product.
    (9/23/13) New pictures taken near the Jurassic Dream park site in China show off several large Dinosaur statues that have been put in place all along the streets nearby. You can see the pictures posted over at ThemeparX.
    (9/11/13) Disney & More talks about the Jurassic Dream Theme Park project going into China at Daqing Dream City. The project was designed by Thinkwell and will feature a mostly indoor highly themed attraction experience.
    (8/6/12) A few more details and artwork for the indoor Jurassic Dream Theme Park planned for China can be found on the ThinkWell website as well as in an older article at the LA Times that goes into details on some of the attractions.  In addition to some dino themed family rides, there will be a unique walk-through attraction where guests go back in time called Dinosaur Encounter that will involve animatronics, large scale puppets, live performers and special effects, ending with a frightening final encounter involving a volcano and attacks by Raptors and a T-Rex.
     Other major attractions include: Flames of Fury: The Wrath of Zu Rong (a fire / water effects story attraction), Into The Abyss, TimeTrek (think Soarin’ with Dinos over China), The Mystic Caverns Express (family coaster from Mack), The Dream Begins (water show) and more. Phase one is planned to open in 2013 with an indoor space bigger than Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America, and a phase 2 expansions is planned to open in 2015 that will feature indoor and outdoor attractions.
    (6/11/12) Artwork featuring a new indoor theme park concept in China called Jurassic Dream has been posted to AirTimers this week. It’s in German so use your favorite online translation service. The overall first phase of the project for this indoor park, located in a colder section of China, will be approximately 20 acres, which makes it about the same size as Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. When it opens in 2013 it will feature 14 unique attractions. In 2015 they hope to begin a second phase of construction to double the size of the park as well as add an onsite hotel.



2014 - New Park - (2/3/14) A few pictures posted to the bottom of this page at taken at the end of December show off a swing ship and the track for the new kiddie coaster are already on-site at Kingoland.
    (10/21/13) CoasterFriends reports that a small Pinfari roller coaster will open in France at Kingoland, a new park coming in 2014. According to RCDB, the park will also open with a second family coaster from an unknown manufacture.


Shenzhen, China

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...

icon_STOP2016 - Wildfire -







(4/9/14) Kolmarden has announced the details of their new Wildfire project as Europe’s first Rocky Mountain Construction coaster project to open in 2016, claiming it will be the “Best Wooden Roller Coaster in the WORLD!” The coaster will feature many airtime hills, a very large and steep first drop (49 meters / 160 feet at 83º), three inversions and a very high-speed layout (up to 113kph / 70mph) that will make use of the park’s natural terrain for much of the ride.
   You can catch the animated preview video below as well as several stills and a couple of concept photos where the ride’s layout has been photoshopped over real pictures of the park so you can get a great look at how it will use the park’s natural terrain features.

    (3/21/14) Kolmarden, primarily wildlife park with a growing rides section, will announce a major new project called Wildfire on April 8th at 10am. The park is known as Sweden’s biggest wildlife park and one of the world’s top zoos, but their preview website and video for the new Wildfire attraction is quite interesting.


LE PAL (France)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



icon_STOP2014 - The New Tyrant Boat Ride - (5/20/14) The London Dungeon has revamped their boat ride and will open the new version as the all new Tyrant Boat Ride on May 24th. Even better, you’ll encounter the 3D projection of Brian Blessed standing in as Henry VIII who will sentence you to death.


LUNA PARK (Sydney, Australia)

2014 - Hair Raiser - (1/16/14) Some good pictures and a video clip show off the new 50 meter tall Hair Raiser drop tower ride now thrilling guests at Sydney’s Luna Park. Click here to see more.
    (1/3/14) Sydney’s Luna Park has just opened a new thrill ride called Hair Raiser, a 50 meter tall drop tower ride.  You can see a picture of it posted to AusParks.


M&D’s (near Glasgow, Scotland)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...


MIRAGICA (Molfetta, Italy)
Formerly Called: La Terra Die Giganti

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



???? - New Park - In Development - (9/30/13) I’m not sure of the status of this project, but you can see a nice aerial concept painting of the entire park project at what appears to possibly be an official site for the project.
    (1/30/13) New concept art for Monkey Kingdom can be seen over at Thinkwell as well as Ron Vance Portfolio.
    (7/11/11) The LA Times has posted a new update about the Monkey Kingdom park coming to China from Thinkwell, as well as a ton of new concept artwork for the park. You can see a few more attractions, lots of themed buildings and landscaping, as well as an overview piece of the entire project site, along with a clear view of several coasters planned, including one that looks like an Intamin Wing Rider. .
    (6/17/11) ThinkWell talks a bit about the new Monkey Kingdom park they are developing for Beijing, China over at InPark Magazine.
    (5/30/11) Thinkwell has confirmed on their blog that they have been tapped to design a new theme park in Huairou, China called Monkey Kingdom, set to open in 2014. The concept artwork shows does indeed show off some amazing themeing as they mix modern technology with the retelling of Monkey’s Journey To the West story.



Park News - (4/16/14) According to a local source, when Movieland Park (Italy) opens in a few days, we will see some improvements made to last year’s Kitt Superjet boat ride. The list includes repainted boats, faster boats, new station platforms, a single rider queue, new scenery additions and some new mystery effects.

icon_STOP2015 - Diabolik Invertigo - (8/30/14) RollerCoasterRevolution has some new pictuers taken on-site at Movieland Park showing off the footers and construction site for the new Diabolik Invertigo coaster coming in 2015.
    (8/19/14) The track and supports for Diabolik Invertigo, coming to Movieland Park, have been loaded onto a ship in Wilmington (USA) before they make the journey to Italy. The coaster was formerly known as Two-Face: The Flip Side when it ran at Six Flags America from 1999 to 2007.
    (12/27/13) I’m told that the Movieland Park blog has confirmed that the new Invertigo coaster is now officially coming, but not until 2015. Details can be found at
    (12/16/13) Freshly painted support pieces for the Invertigo coaster are now on site repainted Indigo and a few items with new Black paint. Pictures can be found on Facebook.
    (10/21/13) I’m told that the former Invertigo coaster from Six Flags America once known as Two-Face: The Flip Side will reappear in Movieland Park for 2014. The parts and pieces are already on site and can be seen by clicking here.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



icon_STOP2014 - Alpina Blitz - (4/14/14) Alpina Blitz, the newest roller coaster from Mack Rides, opened at Nigloland this week and you can see pictures from the grand opening event posted to the ThemeParkReview Forum as well as a POV video of the ride in action embedded below.

    (3/17/14) Alpina Blitz has begun making test runs at Nigloland. Pictures from a few of the test runs have been posted to OOParc.
    (2/10/14) The latest update posted to OOPARC says that the track installation of the new Alpina Blitz coaster is now complete. The park has also released an animated version (off ride and POV) of the new coaster’s layout this week which you can watch below. Looks like Nigloland may have a compact hit on their hands.

    (1/27/14) New pictures from Nigloland of the Alpina Blitz coaster which is being put up at a rapid pace, aided by great weather conditions, have been posted by OOParc.
    (1/14/14) A new construction updat of Alpina Blitz at Nigloland has been posted to NewsParcs this week as the lift hill has now been topped out.
    (1/3/14) New construction pictures of the Alpina Blitz coaster going into Nigloland can be found on Facebook this week.
    (12/17/13) Construction pictures of the new Alpina Blitz coaster (Mack) at Nigloland can be found at OOPARC this week as workers quickly crane the lift hill into place.
    (8/6/13) The latest details on Nigloland’s new Alpina Blitz coaster project says it will open on April 14th, 2014. They also claim it will feature a 70 meter drop (229 feet) and speeds near 100 kph (60mph), at a cost of 7 million Euros. I wonder if the drop height may have been confused, as previous reports said it would only stand 33 meters (108 feet) tall.
    (5/10/13) I don’t know much about this project but Mack is building a new coaster for Nigloland called Aplina Blitz set to open in 2014. RCDB lists it as being 108ft tall and with a top speed of 62.1 mph, so I’m assuming we’re looking at a Mack LSM launched coaster system to achieve that kind of speed. Anyone know more?



icon_STOPAttraction News - (3/14/14) According to this brief news report Nurburgring has reportedly been sold to a Dusseldorf based automotive group called Capricorn who will take over the site for a reported 100 million Euros. Unfortunately, a comment was made that the site would be run as it was before… “with the exception of the disastrous amusement park and roller coaster, to be shut down.”
    So if you haven’t had a chance to ride on the RingRacer, you may not have much time left.

2013 - RINGºRACER - (11/4/13) According to Screamscape sources, RingRacer is currently launching at 160 kph (100mph), a far cry from the initial goal of 217kph (135mph) speed it was designed to do.
    (10/31/13) Good news for German coaster fans… while Ring Racer at Nuerburgring was rumored to have opened awhile ago, the official website has been updated to confirm that Ring Racer will now officially open to all guests today, October 31st. Please check the official site for operating times. You can also see the first complete POV video (and Reverse POV) from the coaster below, showing off the experience from the moment of launch all the way back to the station.
   Just wondering… but is there a record for having the most sections of flat straight track on a coaster yet?  This might be the winner… but of course the ride experience is really all about the pure speed of the launch. No word yet on how fast it will be launching.

    (6/28/13) It looks likes RingºRacer is ready to roll... check out this new reverse POV test video posted to YouTube earlier this week.

    (6/26/13) According to an article at the LA Times, when RingRacer reopens on July 7th the coaster will launch at 105 mph. According to track officials, they are open to running it at higher speeds in the future as well, so perhaps someday we will see it hit the 135 mph launch speed it was designed for.
    (5/28/13) While I don’t know the final speed we will see RingºRacer launch at when it opens this summer, it has been confirmed to Screamscape that it will not attempt to reach it’s designed goal of a 217kph (135mph) launch at this time. Maybe in the future, as they break it in and we see where the new management of Nurburgring wants to go, they may try to increase the speed of the coaster in the years to come.
    (5/20/13) Good news at last for European coaster fans as the infamous RingºRacer coaster at the world famous Nurburgring race track in Germany is apparently set to open on July 7th according to a German newspaper. There is one question however, as rumors suggest that RingºRacer may not launch at the originally promoted 217kph (135mph) speed. While I don’t know the official top speed that RingºRacer will open in 2013, I do know that during the brief series of test ride sessions back in 2009 it was only being launched at 140kph (87mph) at the time. More on this issue as I find out…
    (4/22/13) The early word from our sources in Germany is that the RingºRacer coaster may finally be ready to open for guests this year, as the coaster was seen testing making a test run this past week. Click here to see the launch.  In case you’ve forgotten what the rest of RingºRacer is supposed to look like, here is a video embedded below showing off the coaster making test runs with a few lucky people back in 2009.

    (11/5/12) All has been painfully quiet from Germany’s infamous Nurburgring for months, as the entire venue sits upon the edge of falling into a government controlled bankruptcy. I’m not a big racing fan myself, but I know that The Ring is an important and very unique place in the world of motor sports and I know many people around the world would hate to see it closed down for good.
    That said, while doing a little news digging on the subject, I came across an article from over the summer where the head of F1 racing, Bernie Eccelstone, has apparently vowed to do what he can to help keep the legendary track in operation and will schedule an official F1 race at Nurburgring in 2013, in addition to waiving the costly “race sanctioning fee” a saving said to be worth around $25 million. With a major event now likely to breathe some new life into the venue in 2013, I do have to wonder if they might try to finally open the RingRacer coaster as well.
    According to the last status update on the RingRacer that I got from S&S in early 2012, it was stated that the coaster was 100% ready to roll, and had been so for some time. Money problems and local politics behind the woes at Nurburgring had unfortunately kept it closed and off the grid. So maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that the RingRacer will finally open in 2013. If anyone knows a bit more about the subject, please do let us all know.
    (2/9/12) An interesting article about the current fate of the Nurburgring track in Germany mentions that the German government who still owns the track held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the expulsion of NAG from their lease on the track. NAG being the Nurburgring Automotive GmbH, the people behind the development of the mini amusement and retail developments at Nurburgring, as well as the infamous RingRacer roller coaster project, which has yet to fully open to the public.
    As of right now I’ve no idea where this leaves the fate of the RingRacer project, but I hope to find out more soon. We may have to wait for the government to sign a new lease agreement with a new operator for the property.
    (5/20/11) According to some reports in small German publications, testing on the RingºRacer coaster at Nurburgring was being conducted on May 14th while training time for a race event was taking place. The reports say there was a loud boom sound and an approximately 10cm long metal bolt narrowly missed striking one of the mechanics in the pit lane.
    The long delayed launched coaster project was expected to open in June following a successful testing run this month, but this new incident puts the timeline in question. It’s kind of crazy to think about all the fuss and problems they’ve been having with this ride, when other S&S Thrust-Air coasters have been built without hardly any fuss at all.
    Of course, none of them have tried to go quite this fast before (135+ mph), and unlike those other pure S&S Power coaster projects, this project was supposed to have been a more collaborative project with another company providing the train and some other hardware, to meet Germany’s strict TUV requirements.
    (8/23/10) I’ve been told that the RingRacer coaster now now had it’s opening delayed until sometime in 2011.
    (11/17/09) Some good current pictures of Ring Racer as well as the RingWerk attraction area can be seen at
    (11/1/09) Problems opening RingºRacer have pushed the full speed grand openieng back until 2010.
    (8/28/09) Something bad happened to RingºRacer. According to the twitter feed from Jon Noble, a respected F1 commentator from AutoSport, something bad did happen. “Just found out the Nurburgring rollercoaster exploded recently - after a pressure tank problem - damaging a nearby hotel.” 
    (7/20/09) During some kind of preview event earlier this week at Nurburgring, they were giving off some preview tours of the park site and apparently a few rides on RingºRacer as well which you can see in the YouTube video below. However from what I’ve been told from my sources, the ride is only making test runs at 140kph as they work to break in the launch system and move it towards the record breaking 217kph speed that was promised.
    (6/22/09) Also, in case you were wondering the official park site lists the RingºRacer as hitting 217kph (135mph) in 2.5 seconds, which will take the coaster speed record away from Kingda Ka’s 128mph current record. (Fun Fact – Kingda Ka also takes 3.5 seconds to get to full speed… RingºRacer will get you launched at a faster speed in nearly 30% less time, which of course will increase the amount of force you will experience on your body during that ultra intense launch experience. Anyone who has been on the older Hypersonic that used to be at Kings Dominion will understand just what that might feel like as it used to lauch riders to only 80mph in 1.8 seconds using a more primitive version of the launch system that RingºRacer will use.
    The RingºRacer speed record may be short lived however as the new Intamin launched coaster going into Ferrari World in the UAE is rumored to possibly reach 250kph… or 155mph. Time will tell…



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013 as well...


Parques Reunidos

icon_STOP2014 - (5/3/14) Parque de Atracciones opened a new Nickelodeon Land this past week featuring characters like Dora, SpongeBob, Rugrats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. The land is said to feature 10 new attractions, two live shows, characters and street entertainment.
    (9/20/13) Parque de Atracciones de Madrid will transform their current kiddie land into a Nickelodeon Land for 2014. It will feature new attractions themed to SpongeBob, Dora and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can find more details here.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...


Looping / H.I.G. Capital France

Park News - (9/27/13) Pleasurewood Hills has launched their new Pleasurewood Chills website with all the details about their new Halloween event. Check it out.
    (8/13/13) Pleasurewood Hills has launched a new promotion for their Halloween event called Pleasurewood CHILLS Scream Park. As part of the promotion they are going to hold free ticket giveaway drawings, you just need to go LIKE their Facebook page and follow the directions about sharing a picture.
    This fall from October 26 to November 3 guests can try several new experiences: Tales of the Haunted Coast, HoBs PiT: X-SCREAM, Satan’s Circus Scare Maze and Spooky Storytellers, Hopton Ghosthunters and Fireworks on the final night (Nov 3).
    (5/27/13) ThemeParkTourist reports in with a review of the new Hobs Pit attraction at Pleasurewood Hills. I’m happy to see that my initial thought that this was just a walk-through haunt is wrong and that this is a combination walk-through experience mixed with a dark ride experience as well as guests are led into the mine and through some scenes with live actor(s) before they are placed onto a mine cart for the ride portion of the attraction which also features some live actors. Make the jump and read their review of this great new haunted attraction for yourself.

2014 - Unknown Wild Mouse Coaster - Confirmed - (1/3/14) Pleasurewood Hills has announced on Facebook that the park will add a new Wild Mouse coaster of some kind for the 2014 season.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...


RATANGA JUNCTION (near Cape Town, South Africa)

icon_STOPPark News - (5/15/14) A new development plan for Century City (South Africa) is on the way that will see billions spent for upgrades and new projects, including a mixed use development called The Square. According to this news article, the local theme park, Ratanga Junction, will eventually be removed entirely to make way for The Square, with two attractions already said to have been removed for the project.

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


RAINBOW’S END (New Zealand)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


ROMON WORLD (Ningbo, China)

2014/2015 - New Park / Retail Center Attraction - (2/7/14) BlooLoop reports that Emotion Media Factory Laserland has won a contract to design a new multimedia show for the new Romon World theme park in Ningbo, China.
    (2/3/14) Romon World in Ningbo, China is a new themed indoor / outdoor amusement park / retail mall combo project is moving right along it seems. We saw concept art of the project back in December, but it seems that construction has been moving right along, with track already being put into place for the indoor Intamin and outdoor launched Maurer Sohne coasters which you can see in an update posted to CoasterFriends.DE back in November as well as newer pictures below showing off many of the outside attractions also rising into place.
    (12/12/12) VHCoasters has a new update showing off concept art for a new park in China called Romon World. The project which will feature an indoor / outdoor amusement park mixed with an indoor shopping mall appears to have been inspired by South Korea’s Lotte World. Already on the books are an indoor Intamin coaster and an outdoor launched coaster from Maurer Sohne, said to be similar to Freischutz at Germany’s Bayern Park.


SARKANNIEMI Amusementpark (Tampere, Finland)

Park News - (12/2/13) Sarkanniemi has admitted that changes made to their ticketing options since summer 2012 have led to a drop in the number of park guests as well as in their guest satisfaction surveys. Single tickets to the park’s dolphinarium, planetarium, or aquarium were no longer being sold in favor of a single more-expensive all-access ticket being sold as the only option. Sarkanniemi has announced they are aware of the problem and will offer new ticket options and pricing for the 2014 season.

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


SEA LIFE ABENTEUER PARK (Oberhauses, Germany)
(Note: This replaced the former CentrO Park)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


SINDIPARK / PARC SINDIBAD (Casablanca, Morocco)

December 2014 - New Park - (2/3/14) Concept art showing off the new Parc Sindibad (by Walibi) can be found near the bottom of this page.
    (10/2/13) Gerstlauer has confirmed that SindiPark in Morocco will add a EuroFighter 320+ coaster as part of the lineup of this new theme park, expected to open in December 2014.
   It may be worth mentioning that Casablanca previously had an amusement park called Sindibad that has since closed and fell into disrepair. The remains of this old park can be seen in pictures taken by TheThemeParkGuy back in 2011. In that 2011 report he mentions that the group behind the Walibi theme parks (Compagnie des Alpes) were planning to redevelop the site into a modern theme park eventually, and it looks like now is the time.


Parks and Resorts Scandinavia

2014 - New Wet Attraction - Rumor - (2/10/14) A local source tells me that Skara Sommarland (Sweden) will be releasing hints about a new 2014 attraction all month long ahead of the official announcement at the end of the month. So far they say that it will be one of the biggest water attractions in the park’s history and that construction has already begun near the wave pool. If they are adding a new waterpark slide, historically they have bought a good number of their previous slides from ProSlide, so they may be looking to pick up one of their latest creations. More as we find out.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time...

2015 - Waterpark - (10/23/13) Skyline Park is planing on building an outdoor waterpark for the 2015 season.
    (7/10/13) I’m told we can look forward to a large new attraction of some kind to open at Skyline Park in 2015.

icon_STOP????- Thriller - Unknown - (5/7/14) The latest rumors from Mexico indicate that any possible deal to sell Thriller to Skyline Park may have come to an end, and that the famous coaster is not expected to make the trip back across the Atlantic at this time.
    (10/23/13) Thriller… the legendary Schwarzkopf globe-trotting traveling coaster will return home it seems. According to this article Thriller has been purchased from the San Marco National Fairground site in Mexco (where it was renamed Tsunami) and is expected to be refurbished and reopend in Germany’s Skyline Park for the 2016 season.
   Thriller will remain in Mexico until May 2014 when they will begin to take it down and loaded into about 60 shipping containers for the long journey home to Germany.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...



icon_STOP2015 - Nickelodeon Explorer’s Oasis - (4/10/14) Viacom and Sunway sign new deal to develop the first Nickelodeon themed attraction in Asia at the 88-acre Sunway Lagoon theme park in Malaysia. The new 10 acre attraction will be called Nickelodeon Explorer’s Oasis and open in March 2015 and will feature various water based attractions as well as themed retail shops and food options.


TAYTO PARK (Ireland)

Park News - (1/22/14) According to the local news, Tayto Park has been banned from adding any more animals to their park for the second year in a row. The ban follows a visit to the park by inspectors who discovered “inappropriate breeding” and “overweight” animals and has given the park three months to comply with any and all issues found.

icon_STOP2015 - New Coaster and More - Proposed - (7/3/14) The proposed new roller coaster for Ireland’s Tayto Park has been given the final go-ahead from the council, along with the proposed expansion of the park that will allow for more new rides, a new entrance and extra parking space.
    (1/21/14) posted on Facebook earlier today that the proposed new wooden coaster to be build at Tayto Park in Ireland will be built by The Gravity Group. If their stats are correct, it will feature a track length of 1.4 km (3593 ft), a height of 32 meters (105 ft) and hit a top speed of 105 km/h (65mph). Previous hints, comparing the new ride to Wodan at Europa Park led us to believe it would be a GCI wooden coaster and not a Gravity Group ride.
    (1/6/14) I always love it when I hear about a new amusement park somewhere in the world that is new to me, especially when they are planning on building something very special. According to this news report a small park in Ireland known at Tayto Park, built next to the Tayto Crisps factory, may be planning on building the second biggest roller coaster in all of Europe in 2015.
    The new coaster will cost €8.5 million and be built as part of a larger €25 million expansion plan that will add a new park entrance and expanded parking facilities. The plans are being finalized and prepared for submission for approval. Based on the quick look at the park’s website, this will be the park’s first roller coaster, as the park currently is more of a playground and animal park experience, rather than a traditional big steel rides park. Much like the Busch Gardens parks of the old days, Tayto Park even features of tour of the Tayto Crisps factory.
    As for the coaster, the park says it will be 1.4 km long, 32 meters (105ft)  tall, feature two 12-car trains and hit speeds up to 105kph (65mph). It also mentions that it will be “built specially in America” and is a “wooden ride”. They also mention that the only one bigger would be Wodan in Europa Park, so based on that, I can only assume they are building a GCI wooden coaster, similar in style to Wodan perhaps.
    That said, this wont be the second biggest coaster in Europe… nor will it be the second biggest wooden coaster in Europe, as Wodan is dwarfed by Colossos at Heide Park and at 105 ft it would tie for 5th place with Robin Hood at Walibi Holland in terms of just height. A 1.4km length however (4593 ft) could take the #1 record in Europe for length, just ahead of the 4574 foot Coaster Express at Parque Warner Madrid.


TIBIDABO  (Barcelona, Spain)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


TIVOLI FRIHEDEN  (Arhus, Denmark)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


TOSHIMAEN (Tokyo, Japan)

2013 - Psycho-Pass - (2/9/13) The Toshimaen amusement park in Japan is hosting a new live action game where guests can play the role of Enforcers from the animated show Psycho-Pass. Click here to read up on the details.

May 2013 - Hakuouki: Toshimaen Riot - (4/22/13) The group who was behind the Psycho-Pass “Hands-On” game for the Toshimaen park will return soon to launch a new Live-Action Hands-On game for the park on May 3rd that will be based on “Hakuouki”, as part of a promotion for the new film due out this summer. The game will be called “Hakuouki: Toshimaen Riot” and players are allowed to play is costume (cosplay) and carry a katana with them (as long as they keep it to themselves) while they search for missing pages from a book.

2014 - Nothing is known at this time.


VIALAND (Istanbul, Turkey)

2014 - Nefeskesen - Under Construction - (12/4/13) The new Intamin launched coaster at Vialand is now testing, as seen in the videos posted at CoasterFriends, near the bottom of the page.
    (9/23/13) Pictures of Nefeskesen, a new Intamin launched coaster under construction at Vialand (Turkey) have been posted to Coasters and More. The ride will feature an LSM launch up into a large tophat element, three inversions and short 2 car length trains themed like an F1 race car.


VICTORY KINGDOM (Beijing, China)

2013 - Impulse WingRide - (9/13/13) As of September, the coaster was still listed as being under construction.
    (8/30/12) Victory Kingdom, a new park that apparently opened not long ago in the Beijing area, is planning on adding a new unique Intamin creation, said to be a new take on the Impulse Coaster concept. The overall ride track is an elongated “U” shape with spikes that are either vertical… or just beyond vertical as you can see in a piece of concept art found here. The trains however will be WingRide style, except offering both forward and backward seating options, much like a Vekoma Invertigo. (Impulse WingRide?)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time...


Formerly known as Walibi Lorraine and Walibi Schtroumpf (Walibi Smurf)

2014 - New Attraction - Rumor - (1/3/14) Walygator Park has posted a teaster poster for a new 2014 attraction of some kind, which can be seen here. A picture was also posted to Twitter showing off a site being cleared for the new attraction. Anyone know more about what might be on the way?
    (10/23/13) Is Walygator doing better than we had heard? According to this article published on Oct. 5th, Walygator was on track to hit their end-season target attendance of 380,000 guests after already bringing in 350,000 of them between June and August 2013.
    They article also claims that the park will invest in a new unique attraction in 2014 that promises to feature 4G’s of acceleration, and to be built near the Dark Tower ride. Other projects in the works for 2014 are possible new shows and a new Caribbean themed area.


WET ‘n’ WILD SYDNEY (Australia)

Park News - (1/22/14) It seems a few riders have been getting a wilder ride than expected on one of the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney slides. According to this report a few sliders have been tossed from the raft on the Bombora Wall slide, landing hard and ending up going into a hospital to get examined for possible neck and spinal damage.
    Apparently the slide has now been closed while the park puts it under review to determine if there is a problem that needs addressing.
    (1/7/14) A fun and wet trip report from Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney has been posted to ThemeParkReview, showing off the park, the huge slides, the huge lines, the skycoaster and more. Oh… and the lines… wow… looks like this market was long overdue for a major new waterpark.
    (1/2/14) Bad news for the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney waterpark, as the outside promoters behind a huge sold-out New Years Eve party / concert event to be held in the park pulled the plug on the party just hours before it was to begin, blaming it on a “major technical production issue”. The promoters claim they will reschedule the event to take place on a future date, but you can’t really schedule New Years Eve, so this is going to leave a sour taste in the mouths of many.

2014 - NEW PARK - (12/17/13) Pictures taken inside the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney park (Now Open) can be found over at Parkz this week.
    (12/9/13) The new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney waterpark has now signed a deal between Village Roadshow and Nickelodeon to bring the Nick characters to the waterpark this year and will expand into a new development to be announced sometime in 2014.
    (11/24/13) The new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney park is all set to open on Dec. 12, but the posted ticket prices have already angered many of the locals. A season gold pass is going for $124.99, a Silver Pass for $99.99 and a one day ticket is $69.99 for adults, and $54.99 for small children.
    By comparison a standard annual pass to Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast is $99.99 and a one day ticket is only $59.99.
    (10/17/13) AusParks has news about the ticket prices for the soon to open new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney park.
    (7/12/13) M2013_0712_WnWSydney_TopOffore good news this week as Ride Entertainment has sent out another picture of their giant 250 foot Skycoaster at Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney after just being topped off.
    (7/10/13) Special thanks to our friends at Ride Entertainment who sent in a picture of the new 250 foot Skycoaster being installed right now at Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney.
    (10/11/12) Ride Entertainment has announced that the newest Skycoaster design will be used within the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney waterpark when it opens next year. The rider experience will be the same, but the tower structures themselves have been redesigned, strengthened and will actually require almost 40% less steel to construction. This new Skycoaster in Australia will stand 251 feet tall, making it the second tallest Skycoaster in the world.
    The tallest Skycoaster is the 300 foot tall one at Fun Spot USA, near Walt Disney World. A 250 foot tall Skycoaster, the one that formerly stood in Las Vegas for  years) will soon be built at sister park, Fun Spot America, close to Universal Studios Florida. There are currently 82 Skycoasters running at parks and attractions around the world.
    (9/10/12) Village Roadshow has announced a new $115 million Wet ‘n’ Wild park is coming to Western Sydney (Australia) from Village Roadshow. Based on the animated fly-over of the new park’s layout, Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney will feature a ton of great and very colorful new slides and attractions and a top of the line attraction. The new waterpark is expected to open in December 2013. You can visit the official website here.


WIENER PRATER (Vienna, Austria)

2014 - Spinning Coaster - (10/2/13) A press release from Gerstlauer about their 2014 projects confirms that a new spinning coaster will open at Prater next year.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...


WORLD JOYLAND  (Changzhou, Jiangsu, China)

2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...



2014 - Twist Coaster Robin - (10/4/13) Concept art showing off the new Twist Coaster Robin (S&S El Loco) coming to Yomiuriland has been posted to the park’s website. Unlike every other El Loco style coaster I’ve seen from S&S so far, this one does not feature a compact layout, but is instead much more spread out by comparison.
    (10/3/13) I’m told that Yomiuriland is getting a new custom S&S El Loco coster for 2014. According to RCDB, they will call it the Twist Coaster Robin.



2014 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was reported for 2013 as well...



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