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    (12/15/17) Adlabs Imagica Owner Seeking New Funding (MORE...)
    (12/15/17) Girl Finds Her Grandfather's Tombstone At Freizeit-Land Geiselwind Haunted House (MORE...)
    (12/8/17) Parque de Attracciones Adding Nickelodeon Area in 2018 (MORE...)
    (11/12/17) Jeju Shinwha World Opens Theme Park (MORE...)
    (11/12/17) Hainan Ocean Paradise Construction Update (MORE...)
    (11/12/17) Dream Island (Moscow) Attraction Update (MORE...)



icon_STOPPark News - (12/15/17) Adlabs Entertainment, owner of the Adlabs Imagica theme park in India, is said to be in talks with various private equity firms to raise funds. They hope to use them to reduce their existing debts as well as pay for a future expansion of Imagica. The company is also seeking to sell a hotel they own as well as sell of extra land they don't need.
    (5/16/17) According to an article posted to OutlookIndia, they report that a "scuffle" took place at the Imagica theme park between a group of tourists and the park's security guards. According to the tale, the fight took place after the guests were asked to leave the park through a certain exit gate, which they refused to do for some reason.
    (2/1/16) According to the local news in India, the owners of the Adlabs Imagica theme park are now planning to open two more theme parks elsewhere in India over the next 3 to 5 years. In addition to the existing park near Mumbai, they say they are looking at sites for new parks in Delhi to the North and either Hyderabad or Bangalore to the South. As for the main park, they have plans to expand it as well, adding a "snow park" and an "adventure" later during this calendar year. They are also planning to add an additional 171 rooms to their nearby hotel, Novotel Imaginca Khopoli.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2014



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



icon_STOPLate 2017 - Goliath - (10/14/17) Goliath, the new Intamin Gyro Swing 32 attraction has just opened at Adventure World in Perth, Australia. Follow the link to see pictures of this new model in action, which is a touch smaller than Intamin's Gyro Spring 40 model which opened over the summer as Loke at Liseberg.



2017 - Drop Tower - (8/5/17) I'm told that Alpen Park in Brazil has opened a small Turbo Drop style drop tower ride that stands about 20 meters tall. You can see a picture of it added to their Facebook page.


AQUALANDIA (Benidorm, Spain)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2014


AUSSIE WORLD (Sunshine Coast, Australia)

Late 2017 - Two New Rides - (5/2/17) According to the local news, Aussie World is adding two new rides this year that will replace older rides. The Crazy Mouse coaster will arrive to replace the old Wild Mouse coaster and Typhoon 360 (a spinning / pendulum ride that can perform full inversions from Technical Park) will replace the old Octopus ride.

icon_STOP2018 - Five New Rides - (11/4/17) The local news reports that Aussie World has now been given approval to build five new attractions at the park, in addition to the two other rides were already announced back in May (see above). The five new rides will be: Drop Tower (40m), Air Race (Zamperla), WindstarZ (Zamperla), Star Fly (Zamperla 40m Vertical Swing) and Aerobat (Technical Park Aerobat). The Aerobat is an interesting one I haven't seen before... kind of looks like a Zamperla Endeavour and a Gerstlauer Sky Roller had a baby. Check out the video below to see one in action.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


BAKKEN  (Denmark)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2014


BAYERN PARK  (Germany)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013


BEIJING SHIJINGSHAN Amusement Park  (China)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


BELANTIS  (Germany)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.

???? - New Attraction - Planning - (11/22/14) Belantis has been asking their guests online to choose from one of three new attraction concepts with a 3 million Euro budget to build for a future season. AirTimers reports that the choices are between a new area with a large ferris wheel and flume ride, a possible new coaster (or themeing for the park’s existing Huracan) or the most popular in the vote… a new whitewater flume ride with a temple theme.


Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

2017 - Dawson Duel / Racing Alpine Coasters - (2/4/17) Bellewaerde has posted a nice computer simulation of their new dueling alpine coasters attraction along with the name: Dawson Duel. Based on the video it looks like guests will load in a station at the top of the ride's layout and be dispatched out side-by-side to allow for racing action all the way to the bottom. Check out the below and you can also click here to see some construction photos from the official website.

    (1/23/17) Big news for Bellewaerde has come out this week as the park has announced that they will build a "Dueling Alpine Coaster" attraction at the park for the 2017 season, but on a "manmade hillside". Built at a cost of 4 million Euro, they are billing it as a first of its kind attraction in Europe, allowing guests to actually race each other down the hill on side-by-side tracks. The Alpine Coaster hardware will come from Wiegand. I’ve got to admit, I like this concept, considering that the speed of an Alpine Coaster ride is controlled by the rider’s use of the braking levers, this could prove to be a fun concept to see who can resist the urge to pull the brake lever and make the run at full speed.

2019 - Bellewaerde Aquapark - (6/17/17) According to BlooLoop, CdA (Compagnie des Alpes) has given final approval for Bellewaerde to build an indoor waterpark worth €17 million to be simply called Bellewaerde Aquapark. The waterpark will take up a new 3,000 square-meter structure to be build on a former parking lot and is planned to open in Spring 2019. In addition to the indoor waterpark section, there will also be a small outdoor section as well that will only be used during the summer months.



2017 - New Additions and Two Rides Closed - (8/5/17) Beto Carrero World have added some rare White Tiger to the park's animal section this year, which you can see in a photo posted to Facebook. I've also been told that the park is removing a couple of older rides this season, including the Intamin FreeFall (1st Gen) which was just shut down for good at the end of July and is expected to be taken apart very soon. The park also closed down their aerial sky ride cable car attraction which has been closed since January 2017. I'm told that if they opt to keep it, they would have to replace all the cabins and much of the hardware, but for now they are leaning towards just removing it instead due to the high cost of keeping it.

2018 - On Site Hotel and New Attractions - In Development - (8/5/17) According to the local news Beto Carrero World is finalizing plans to built a new hotel for the 2018 season to be located just inside the park near the front gate area. It will feature 160 rooms to start with, with room to expand and add 500 more in a second phase.
    As for the park itself... rumor has it that the park was working to add a few new attractions in time to open by the later half of 2018 if possible. One might be a replacement show for the current Fast & Furious Car Show as the licensing contract for the show is expected to run out soon. It isn't known if they bring back the old 'Extreme' show for a short time, or wait to open a new show (rumored to be Hot Wheels themed) in 2018. Meanwhile rumor has it that the current Freefall site could be used for a new kiddie land and several small rides in 2018, possibly with Dreamworks character themeing.

???? - The Chiller - Project On Hold - (8/5/17) Update on The Chiller... while the ride's pieces continue to sit on site waiting to be built, apparently the plans for the coaster itself are missing and the park is unwilling to pay Premier Rides to draw up new plans for it that would fit their site. The end result is it is now highly unlikely that we will see The Chiller rebuild or run ever again.
    (8/30/12) All the pieces of The Chiller are now said to be on site and the park is expected to possibly reopen the coaster sometime in 2013. (Note: Has not happened yet to my knowledge)
    (7/16/12) New pictures showing off pieces of The Chiller on site at Beto Carrero World can be found here.
    (7/2/12) According to this article Beto Carrero World has started to receive shipments of the former Batman & Robin: The Chiller coaster that once ran at Six Flags Great Adventure.


BON BON LAND  (Denmark)
The park was owned by the Bon Bon candy company but was purchased by Parques Reunidos.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.


CHIMELONG PARADISE  (Guangzhou, China)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.



2017 - Killer Whale Breeding Facility - (3/6/17) Despite the news article in the link below claiming that the new killer whale breeding facility was at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom theme park, one of our readers who is familiar with the park tells us that the new breeding facility is actually off-site and not part of the actual theme park.
    (3/1/17) While Killer Whale breeding is now officially over in the US with the voluntary stoppage from the SeaWorld parks, it looks like China is ready to pick up the slack. According to this article the Chimelong Group has now opened their first Killer Whale breeding center at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom park. The park already has nine orcas on site (5 males, 4 females).


CONNY LAND (Switzerland)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.



icon_STOPPark News - (10/12/17) Good news for Dreamland, as the BBC reports that the park is expected to come out of administration by the end of the month after a very successful 2017 season that also saw improvements and changes made to the park to help stablize the park’s financial state. Looking forward the park is said to have “ambitious plans for 2018 and beyond”.
    (1/7/17) Some good news has arrived for Dreamland this week, as the financially troubled restored heritage ride park has received a £10 million investment boost from Cayman Islands based Arrowgrass to help improve the park facilities ahead of a planned attempt to sell the park (hopefully to a more experienced operator with deep pockets) to take place later this year.
    (9/29/16) Dreamland will mutate into Screamland after dark to put on an award-winning scare festival for six nights, Fridays and Saturdays from Oct 14 to 29. This year's event features five haunted mazes, plus sideshows and roaming characters.

    (6/1/16) Dreamland may have reopened last year, but the resurrected amusement park has already been forced to "call in administrators" after failing to build up enough business to support their bills. According to the reports the park will reopen open however, as they look to find another operator willing to take it on and keep the park running.

2017 - Internal Improvements - (4/11/17) According to the local news Dreamland will be "massively different" when it reopens for the 2017 season following a multi-million investment that has revamped sections of the park and added a performance stage venue able to accommodate 15,000, plus the addition of a thousand new trees to help make the site more park-like. Look for Dreamland to reopen on May 26.



icon_STOP???? - New Park - Under Construction - (11/12/17) I still don't know too much about this project, but construction is ongoing for the Dream Island indoor theme park in Moscow, according to photos posted earlier this month to ThemeparX.
    (4/10/17) The former DreamWorks themed park in Russia is still under construction it seems... even without a DreamWorks theme. As I understand it the park is now being called Dream Island. The spires of the park's large fake castle entrance plaza are quickly rising into the skyline already however and can be seen in the latest photo updates posted to ThemeparX.
    (11/13/15) A great photo update showing off the site of the future Dreamworks Moscow theme park site has been posted to ThemeparX this week. A pair of local photographers went out to photograph the site, which is now surrounded by a construction wall with guards, and with a banner showing off a piece of concept art. Scroll down more and you'll find pictures of the actual site mapped out as well for future development. According to the banner, construction has begun as of the 3rd Quarter 2015 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2017. We hope to find out more official information about this project in the near future.
    (5/19/15) It has been quite some time since we’ve heard anything at all about the once announced “DreamWorks” indoor theme park planned for Russia, but new details were finally given out at an urban planning meeting this month. The large indoor complex will feature not only a small theme park, but a multi-screen cinema, children’s cafes, retail and dining locations, a concert hall, hotel and a children’s yachting school.
   The complex is to be built by 2018 in Nagatinskaya Poima, and it will also share the space with Russian animator Soyuzmultfilm who will run their own small theme park next door. If this first location works out, they hope to build two more in Russia in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.


DRIEVLIET (The Netherlands)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


DUINRELL (The Netherlands)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time



2017 - Three New Coasters - (10/3/16) According to a post on Twitter from VHCoasters, Energylandia in Poland have announced three new coasters coming to the park for 2017.
    Speed Water Coaster - which appears to be an Intamin creation that will feature a vertical lift hill.
    Name Unknown - a Vekoma Family Boomerang Rebound coaster
    Dragon Coaster - a powered Dragon Wagon style kiddie coaster

2018 - Mega Coaster - (2/10/17) Last year we mentioned that Energylandia was considering two proposed coaster designs for their mega 2018 coaster project. Apparently they made their selection back in December to move ahead with the Intamin designed proposal and posted a new video of the project showing off what the coaster will look like when it opens in 2018.
    One of the interesting things that has been changed since the original video proposal is that the train in the animation has changed from a transitional 2-wide Intamin style train to a new 4-seat wide straight-across seating train design, and not like the staggered seating style that was done on Hersheypark's SkyRush. Of course this is just concept animation and we'll have to wait to see what the final product looks like.

    (10/3/16) Energylandia also announced the addition of a new MegaCoaster for the park in 2018, but are putting two competing projects to the public to decide which they like best. One is an Intamin Mega Coaster while the other is a Vekoma MC1340 Skydash coaster that is also impressive.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013


EURO PARK (Penglai, China)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.


FANTASILANDIA (Santiago, Chile)

2017 - Two New Rides - (10/31/16) A Screamscape reader visiting Fantasilandia (Chile) reported in that the park has started construction on two new attractions for 2017, one that sounded like a Tagada style flat ride for adults and the other appeared to be similar to the S&S Jungle Swing ride for kids, but is likely a clone of the concept from an unknown supplier.


FANTASIANA (Strasswalchen, Austria)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2016 either.


FANTASY ISLAND  (Skegness, United Kingdom)

Park News - (3/7/16) Fantasy Island (UK) has confirmed that the park has now been sold to an international events company named Mellors Group Events. Based on their website it looks like they are used to putting on large but seasonal amusement style events, such as summer festivals or winter wonderlands, but taking ownership of the Fantasy Island theme park may be the first permanent facility.

2017 - New Attractions - (11/11/16) According to the local news Fantasy Island will see new attractions added in 2017 from a new investment by the park's new owners, Mellors Group. New attractions will include a "multi-platform indoor mini golf course", an American style bowling alley and six new small family rides.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.



Park News - (9/22/16) According to a post on Facebook the Fantawild theme park in Xiamen has suffered serious damage as a typhoon passed nearby. Photos of the damaged park were posted to Facebook last week, as the park remains closed to repair the damage.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


FORT FUN (Germany)
Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

icon_STOPPark News - (10/9/17) According to a shocking news update, a 12-year old boy had a leg severed at the Fort Fun amusement park in Germany while riding the park's "Trapper Slider" alpine coaster attraction. Trapper Slider is listed as Europe's longest "toboggan run in a leisure park" with a total length of 1.3 km.
    From the sound of the article, they don't know quite exactly how it happened, but somehow the 12-year-old boy's leg got caught between the sled and the tracks of the attraction, severing his leg "in the middle of the calf". He was air-lifted to a hospital for treatment and is listed as being stable and "there is no danger to his life."
    For now the attraction has been closed while the police investigate just what happened to determine the cause of the accident. The article does not seem to mention if he was riding the attraction by himself, or if he was a passenger riding along with an older rider. According to the park's website, children are allowed to ride with someone else if they are at least 1m tall (aprox. 40 inches) and ride by themselves if they are 1.3m (aprox. 51 inches).
    (4/28/17) According to this news report Germany’s Fort Fun amusement park has been sold from Compagnie des Alpes (CDA) to Looping Group for €7 million.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Golden Driller - (7/4/16) Fraispertuis City will add an Intamin Giant Drop tower in 2017 with different options of drop seats on each side to be called Golden Driller. You can see concept art of the themed base and queue for the ride as well as a technical drawing from Intamin which lists that the ride will have four drop cars: a standard sit down car, a Sit Down & Tilt car, a Floorless & Tilt car and a Stand-Up & Tilt car. The tower will stand 216 feet tall.



2017 - Drachen Wirbel - (4/10/17) Freizeitpark Plohn will soon open a new coaster for the 2017 season called Drachen Wirbel, which roughly translates as "Dragonspine" according to Google. This will be a new kid sized figure-8 shaped compact spinning coaster from SBF Visa Group.

icon_STOP2019 - Dynamite - Under Construction - (11/11/17) Mack Rides has confirmed on Facebook that construction has begin at FREIZEITPARK PLOHN for the park's new 2019 Mack Rides coaster. They call the ride Dynamite and describe it as "the first big-Coaster in Germany" to be built by Mack Rides and mention that it is taking the place of the old Silver Mine coaster.

    (4/10/17) According to a post at Airtimers, permits have been filed from Freizeitpark Plohn to build a new coaster for 2019 from Mack Rides. The perhaps mention it as being a "Big Dipper Coaster" which is believed to be similar to the new BigDipper model coaster from Mack, the first of which just opened last year at Walibi Holland as Lost Gravity.



icon_STOPPark News - (12/15/17) How's this for some extra creepy news today? It seems a 13-year-old girl visiting a new haunted house attraction (Dr Lehmann's Horror-Hospital) at the Freizeit-Land Geiselwind park came across the tombstone of her own grandfather, set up as a decoration in front of the haunt. The grandfather had been dead for 20 years now, but it seems that when the "lease" on the grave plot expired, the grandmother had paid a stone mason for the removal and "proper disposal" of the tombstone.
    Apparently this didn't quite go as planned and the stonemason appears to have sold off the stone to the haunted house owner as a prop without removing any of the lettering. Since then the stonemason has refunded the money to the widow and removed any trace of the lettering from the stone, as well as other stones also used at the attraction, as their origins are also suspect and they don't want to cause any further grief to anyone else.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


FUNFIELDS (Australia)

Late 2017 - Gravity Wave  & VooDoo - (10/18/17) Funfields in Australia is said to be opening Gravity Wave on October 21st, listed as the world's biggest longest and tallest ProSlide "Wave" slide: 186 meters long, 26.8 meters high and at speeds of 24 feet per second.
    The same day the park will also add VooDoo, a new high-energy spinning/looping flat ride.


FURUVIK (Sweden)
Parks and Resorts Scandinavia

2017 - Fireball - Furuvik opened Fireball, a new Family Boomerang Coaster from Vekoma for the 2017 season.

2018 - Interactive Dark Ride / New SpŲkborgen - (10/18/17) Sally Corp. will be opening their first interactive dark ride at Sweden's Furuvik animal and amusement park. The park's existing "ghost castle" will be transformed to install the new dark ride project in time to reopen in 2018. Follow the link to see a few more details and a small piece of concept art.
    (7/3/17) According to this article Furuvik, will open Sweden's first interactive dark ride attraction in 2018. The project will see the park's current SpŲkborgen attraction transformed into an entirely new experience following a $3 million investment. Construction is set to begin this fall.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing added in 2016 either.


GOLD REEF CITY (South Africa)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Nothing is known at this time



2017 - Alpine Coaster / B&M Dive Machine - Planned - (11/7/16) A series of snow covered alpine-resort themed artwork has been posted by RCDB showing off a possible new B&M Dive Machine coaster planned for the Gyeongji World theme park in South Korea, with the coaster planned to open sometime in 2017. So far they report that only the station area seems to have been built, and there is no sign of the "Alpine Coaster" itself as of yet.



icon_STOP2018/2019 - New Park/Attraction - (11/12/17) Construction pictures of a new resort project in China called "Hainan Ocean Paradise" have been posted to ThemeparX. While the overall resort appears to be very much still under construction, they have made the most progress on a waterpark area that is supposed to open sometime in 2018 ahead of everything else I assume, while the rest of the project that appears to be a marine life park / aquarium will come later, though there are pieces of an Intamin "Coaster Wheel" on site from Intamin.
    An animated promotional video may give  you more of an idea of what to expect from the park and aqarium when it is finished, though it does feature some animation footage "borrowed" from Finding Nemo and some live action footage borrowed from SeaWorld parks. Other footage shows off a Dolphin Show, a large aquarium featuring whale sharks, a traditional big steel ride park section with a coaster, an observation skytower ride, a flume ride and a Polar Encoutner attraction that may use some kind of submarine themed simulator to transport guests to the indoor arctic themed environment.
    According to the video that was posted in Sept. 2016, the project would be ready to open in 2017, but clearly it wont make that date as this point based on the on-site photos. Looks like they have a ways to go for the rest of the park, so based on just a rough guess by me, it could be late 2018 to 2019 before anything other than the waterpark may be ready to open. Just something to keep an eye on.


HELLENDOORN (The Netherlands)
H.I.G. Capital France

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013


HOT GO PARK - Happy Jungle World &
HOT GO PARK - Dreamworld
(Under Construction)
(Fushun, China)

2017 - B&M MegaCoaster - Confirmed - (4/8/16) A reader sent in a fresh batch of pictures from the B&M plant in Ohio of the new yellow Mega coaster track, confirmed to be going to Hot Go Park in China. Speaking of which, the coaster will actually be set up in an second entirely new theme park under construction at the Hot Go Park complex in China from the existing park.
    Following the theme parks in China can be difficult, but there is the existing Hot Go Park - Happy Jungle World that is now open and was built at the top of a mountain area, meanwhile there is a Hot Go Dreamworld park that is currently under construction at the bottom and near a huge castle themed hotel and waterpark. This new park under construction is where the previous B&M Wing Coaster was being built. According to one of my sources the new Mega coaster is actually supposed to go into the same new park under construction as the Wing coaster that is expected to open by late 2016, though the new coaster will likely open after the rest of the park.



Fall 2017 - VR-KING - (8/25/17) The Huis Ten Bosch park in Japan has opened a new and interesting concept attraction that they are calling VR-KING.  On the outside the ride looks like you are boarding an indoor roller coaster train, where you will be outfitted with VR headgear. The reality is that the coaster is not really a coaster, but instead just a dark-ride style vehicle attached to a mild shaped track. Those coaster chairs you were just put in however are really attached to a powerful motion base where riders are taken on a virtual coaster ride into the clouds where they will experience a virtual 300 meter drop and a top speed (virtual) of 270 kph over a 2 minute and 30-second experience.
    The park has posted their own video about the experience, and while the video is in Japanese, the footage shown will give you a solid idea of what the ride experience is like.
    Huis Ten Bosch is not your traditional theme park, full of amusement park style rides and coasters. Instead is it a high themed environment with a variety of unique and very different style attractions. Explore the park's website to get a better grasp of what the park is really like.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



icon_STOPLate 2017 - NEW PARK - Now Open - (11/12/17) Some cool pictures of the new Jeju Shinwha World theme park in South Korea (formerly called Resorts World Jeju, but a sign over the entrance also simply reads Shinwha Theme Park) can be found posted to the ThemeparX site this week. From what I understand, the park just opened the first phase of the resort at the end of September, and it's worth scrolling through the many pictures of the new park, if for nothing else, than to see the really over-the-top themeing they've added to create their own themed lands and characters.
    There is just so much detail given to certain attractions and entry portals that I do have to wonder if these are existing IPs or just something made up for the park. There are numerous references to a character named Oscar such as Oscar's Storm Coaster (Mack Spinning Coaster) and Oscar's Dragon inside a huge themed entry portal to an entire land called Oscar's New World. There is also the oddly themed Larva's Adventure Village, featuring what else but giant cartoon themed bugs and larva, and larger than life pieces of left-over food laying about. Inside there is actually an interactive dark ride from Triotech caled Larva's Space Adventure where you ride inside an empty sardine can, and look for the picture of Larva's Carousel where you can ride on the back of old hot dogs and other assorted food itself next to a larva character. Nope... I'm not making this up. According to the map, there is also a third land called Rotary Park, but it doesn't look like it has many attractions and serves more as the park entrance, focused mostly on guest's shopping and eating needs.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added in 2015 or 2016 either.


Shenzhen, China

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



Park News - (4/25/17) According to what I'm hearing, Kolmarden is working through the necessary permitting issues, but expects Wildfire to reopen to the public by mid June if all goes well.
    (1/31/17) Great news for coaster lovers, because according to an article posted to Loopings, the Wildfire coaster will not be torn down. If you forgot, Wildfire was closed late last year when the local authorities for some reason decided to “withdraw” the building permits for the ride… after it was already built and running for the entire summer season. Crazy… I know… but the fear was that the coaster would be torn down and now it wont.
   Now I don’t think it is entirely out of the woods yet, as they have yet to give Kolmarden permission to reopen the coaster just yet, but I’m guessing it is all the matter of just having all the right paperwork and permits run through again along with a final thumbs-up from the government. If all goes well, I’d hope to see Wildfire running again this summer.
    (10/31/16) For what it is worth, someone has created an official "Save Wildfire at Kolmarden" petition page at and are asking that all coaster enthusiasts sign on to help bring the issue greater awareness.
    (10/28/16) File this story under me just not understanding how the law works in other countries, but according to the translation of this article the Wildfire coaster at Kolmarden is in jeopardy of being torn down. As I recall the ride was given permission to be built, then delayed due to objections from environmentalists... then given permission again to go ahead. Now it seems that the department of "Land and Environmental" issues is retroactively revoking the 2014 building permits the park had, giving them permission to build Wildfire, saying that a much more extensive impact study should have been before before permission was given. The end result is that somehow the park now has a coaster standing that was technically built without the right permits... even though they had them at the time.
    How this all works, by changing the rules and status of permits after the fact, just boggles the mind, as they perform the legal equivalent of the plot of the Terminator movie series, traveling back in time to kill Sarah Connor before her son can be born.
    I'm hoping some logic prevails and they spare the park from having the demolish the coaster, but for the time being it sounds as if Wildfire may be closed at the very least until this issue can be sorted out.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time



2018 - Mack Coaster - (1/4/17) Screamscape sources tell us that The Land of Legends waterpark in Turkey has ordered a clone of the “Flash” coaster from Mack Rides that was built at the Lewa Adventure park in China for 2016.Land of Legends is now promoting itself as a ‘theme park” and appears to be planning to expand their appeal by adding dry rides and experiences to the park. The new coaster is expected to open in 2018 and standing at 200 feet tall is one monster of a ride that combines two inversions with an intense airtime filled layout. You can see a POV video of Flash in action below to get an idea of what Land of Legends has in store for guests in 2018.


LE PAL (France)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Lech Coaster - Now Open - (7/3/17) We've mentioned the new LECH Coaster ride that was under construction at Legendia in Poland from Vekoma before, and now it has finally opened, complete with all the scenery and a very unique layout. Based on the video below that features both off-ride and a front row POV of the entire coaster, this may be one of the best Vekoma coasters built ever. It's kind of amazing what they can do when building a custom layout rather than just producing another off-the-shelf clone... hopefully we'll see more coasters like this going forward.

    (4/11/17) An interesting new coaster is being installed in Poland called Lech Coaster. There aren't many clear details in the translated news article, but it mentions that the new Vekoma coaster will have four inversions (one of which wraps around the station building) and be part of a major overhaul to the Legendia park and it is set to open in July. You can see a slideshow of the construction on the coaster and other attractions by clicking through this photo gallery, meanwhile some great artwork images on the official website show off what the finished ride and themeing will look like with sections going over the water, over and around the themed station building, especially that fun looking corkscrew element that goes through the roof. This twisted new custom creation from Vekoma looks like it could be a real winner.

2018 - Bazyliszek - (7/29/17) Legendia has announced the creation of a new dark ride for next season from Jora Vision and AlterFace to be called Bazyliszek. The new ride will be themed around Polish legends and folklore as guests enter the headquarters for a 'Monster Hunters Guild' and then journey through, "an ancident village, dark caves, magical forests and ruins to fight all kinds of creatures. At the end of their journey they finally reach the ferocious Basilisk, the largest and scariest monster of all. During the entire tour guests use their Monster Hunter Gun, an Alterface designed weapon using special light and mirror technology for special effects. Excitement and fun will be guaranteed for young and old throughout the entire ride!"
    Look for Bazyliszek to open to park guests in 2018.



2017 - Peppa Pig Land Expansion - (11/24/14) A new land themed to Peppa Pig will be added to Leolandia (Italy) in 2015 and then expanded with new attractions in 2016 and 2017.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time....



Park News - (6/17/17) According to the local news the Lightwater Valley theme park has been sold to a new attraction operator group named Livingstone Leisure. I'm not familiar with the new owners myself, but according to the article they also own Flambards Theme Park and Birdland Park & Gardens. It should be interesting to see how a new owner, and new money, could affect Lightwater Valley's future expansion plans.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time


LUNA PARK (Sydney, Australia)

2017 to 2020  - New Rides and Improvements - (3/8/17) Luna Park will be getting $20 million in improvements over the next four years according to a local news article. The expansion plans include six new rides and some refreshing of the food offerings in the park. While the complete line-up of new rides wont be announced right now, they did say that the first new ride will be called "Flying Carousel" and serve as the centerpiece of a new "family zone" that will focus on family groups with small children. After that they said to expect new rides aimed at thrill seekers as well as some that may use virtual reality and other new technologies to enhance the ride experience.


M&D’s (near Glasgow, Scotland)

Park News - (2/28/17) The local news that confirmed that M&D's has now removed the Tsunami roller coaster that crashed and injured guests last season.
    (7/20/16) In a shocking bit of either very bad timing... or an example of someone who isn't qualified to do their job, the Mirror reports that a Scottish theme park safety inspector named Craig Boswell actually signed off on an inspection to Tsunami at M&D's just 16 days before the train completely derailed off the tracks. Now all the amusement ride's he has inspected lately are all to be re-checked at least.
    (6/30/16) According to the latest updates from the BBC, three boys and an adult male still remain in the hospital after the Tsunami coaster crashed off the tracks at M&D's Amusement Park.
    (6/26/16) A horrible accident took place on Sunday at M&D's amusement park in Scotland when the park's Tsunami portable inverted coaster from Pinfari derailed the entire train near the bottom of the first drop onto a park pathway, resulting in at least 10 reported people injured, eight of which were reported to be children.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


LUNEUR (Rome, Italy)

icon_STOPLate 2017/2018 - New Attractions - (10/11/17) According to a posting on BlooLoop, Italian ride manufacturer, EOS Rides, is providing a small assortment of attractions for the Luneur theme park in Rome. The list of new attractions on the way will also include a new family spinning coaster that is expected to open before the end of the month.
    It is also interesting to note that this park closed in Spring 2008 and sat dead for 8 years until it reopened in October 2016. Things must be going well with a nice package of new rides on the way.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013


MIRAGICA (Molfetta, Italy)
Formerly Called: La Terra Die Giganti

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013



Park News - (11/30/15) The Flying Pirouettes website has posted a pretty entertaining review of  Movieland Park in Italy, which they describe the day's adventure as "a sweeping tale of shock, betrayal, redemption and copyright infringement".

2017 - Three New Attractions - (1/10/17) Updated information about the park’s three new attractions was sent in to Screamscape last night.
FANTASMIC: Adventure in the Mystery House - A new child friendly "horror house" attraction that will be open day.
JUNGLA - This will be live musical show with a "The Jungle Book" theme, but shown in a modern way.
ANDROID: The Final 3D Battle - will be the new teen friendly attraction. Our source described it as being an "ambitious project aimed to create the first wide projection, SFX, simulator & live actor stage experience".
    (1/2/17) Movieland Park is said to be adding three new attractions in 2017:
An unknown new live family show is coming to the park's live show theater venue.
The park's existing "Terminator" themed attraction (currently listed as a 5D game where guests shoot at targets) and I'm told that a new horror house/fun house attraction designed for children will also be added.



2017 - Arashi - (3/6/17) A couple of video of the new Arashi coaster (S&S-Sansei 4D Free Spin Coaster) testing at Nagashima Spa Land have been posted to Twitter. Check them out below.

    (2/8/17) According to the latest update from S&S-Sansei the new 4D Free Spin Coaster coming to Nagashima Spa Land (the first in Asia) will be ready to open in March 2017. As mentioned before, the coaster will be named Arashi, which translates into "Storm".
    (6/28/16) I had not heard this myself, but according to RCDB, Nagashima Spaland in Japan will be adding a new S&S 4D Free Spin coaster for the 2017 season to be called Arashi, which translates as “Storm”. Based on the concept art used on the banner in the park, the layout looks identical to the Batman (Six Flags Fiesta Texas) and Joker (Six Flags Great Adventure) coasters built in the US.

icon_STOP2018/2019 - White Cyclone RMC Transformation - Semi-Confirmed - (10/11/17) Apparently, as we posted a rumor about earlier this year, Nagashima Spaland confirmed that the park's White Cyclone wooden coaster (Intamin) would close sometime in early 2018 to be "renewed". No further details were given, though based on the previous rumor we had, this may be RMC's first time to work their transformation magic by adding their IBOX track system to a wooden coaster in Japan. Stay tuned!
    (7/22/17) I'm not sure of the timeline, but Screamscape has heard a rumor that Nagashima Spaland may be looking into having RMC come transform the park's White Cyclone wooden coaster (Intamin) into a new hybrid creation within the next couple years. Anyone know more?



2020 - New Park - (1/7/17) According to this news report, Viacom International Media Networks has teamed up with Sanshui New Town Management Committee and Hong Kong Elite Global Group to build the first Nickelodeon theme park in China. The new Nickelodeon themed park, expected to open by 2020, will be part of a larger 750-acre tourism project planned for the Foshan area. The ceremonial groundbreaking event took place at the site this week with representatives from each company taking part. For now the project is being called the "Nickelodeon Cultural Resort".



2017 - Nothing is known at this time...



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Two New Rides and More - (2/28/17) Screamscape sources tell us that Parc du Petit Prince, a small park in France themed around the story of The Little Prince, will be adding Serpent, a new Zierer kiddie coaster themed to a snake, and a Soquet made log flume ride named South Atlantic to the park for the 2017 season. The park will also update their “Underwater Planet” attraction.
   Some pictures of the attraction artwork and actual construction photos can be found here.





2018 - NEW PARK - (9/20/17) According to an article posted at BlooLoop, Simworx will be supplying three major attractions to the new Parc Spirou theme park in France. The new park is said to be under construction and set to open sometime in 2018 in Southern France and will bring the Spirou et Fantasio comic characters to life.
    While we don't know all the details of the new attractions, one is said to be an Immersive Tunnel that will take guests on a jeep themed off-road advneture with dinosaurs. Another attraction will use four Simworx 8-seat Stargazer Motion Theater simulators (6DOF). The third attraction will be the very first Simworx AGV (Advanced Guidance Vehicle) dark ride featuring trackless 8-passenger vehicles.



2018 - Wood Express - (11/1/17) Parc Saint Paul in France is adding a new wooden coaster to be called Wood Express from The Gravity Group in 2018. The compact woodie will stand just 49 feet tall and hit a top speed of 38mph. An animated POV preview of the coaster can be seen below.


Parques Reunidos

Park News - (7/20/17) Bad news for Parque de Atracciones in Madrid, Spain this week, as an accident took place on the park's TNT Tren de la Mina coaster. From what I'm told one train stopped in the final brake run and was unable to be moved. According to possible witness reports the train would stutter and move slightly, but it refused to move like it should have into the station. Meanwhile a second train on the track crashed into the back of it upon reaching the brake run, which is said to have resulted in up to 33 riders taken in for medical treatment for minor injuries at local hospitals. I'm told that the coaster also offers a VR experience currently and as a number of riders were wearing VR headgear, they were unaware of the train stopped on the tracks ahead of them, and did not know to even brace themselves for the impact.
    Looking over images of the layout, it does not appear that the coaster has a mid-course brake run, so in theory, a second train never should have been allowed to leave the top of the lift hill until the first train got off the brake run, so clearly something was wrong here.

icon_STOP2018 - Nickelodeon Area - Rumor - (12/8/17) According to a report, Parque de Attracciones in Madrid will spend 5 million Euro on a new Nickelodeon themed area in 2018.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing in 2016 or 2015 either.


PARQUE de la COSTA (Argentina)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing in 2016 either.



2017 - Iron Bull - (1/11/17) Parque Espana (Japan) has announced Iron Bull, a steampunk themed transformation of the park's existing family friendly but closed indoor Bullfight Roller Coaster Matador attraction from Sansei. Check out the announcement video showing off the look of the new theme below, and look for it to open to guests on Feb. 4th, 2017.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing in 2016 either.


Looping / H.I.G. Capital France

2017 - Nothing is known at this time...



Mid 2018 - New Park - (8/7/15) Goddard Group has been sharing some impressive artwork for the proposed Polar Ocean World park project planned to open in 2018 near Shanghai. So far they have shown off an overall view of the project, as well as a look at the park's three marine themed lands: Aquaria (which will also serve as the entrance), Rainbow Falls and Port Majestic.
    (1/22/15) Another huge theme park has been announced for the Shanghai area on the site next to Dishui Lake. The park will be called the Haichang Polar Ocean World and it will feature a theme park as well as a world-class marine life experience complex. The project will also include a resort hotel and is hoping to open sometime in 2017.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time


PUY DU FOU (France)

2017 - La Grand Carillon and More - (5/29/17) Puy du Fou are reported as being ready to invest €200 million into their unique theme park property between now and 2025. According to this article the park will start by investing €30 million as part of the park's 40th anniversary celebration.
    New for 2017 is La Grand Carillon, a 16m bell tower that is the centerpiece of a special new live performance show. Other new additions include Las Ballet Des Sapeurs (a silent comedy show performed by children), La Citadelle (medieval-inspired 100-room hotel), L'Ecuyer Tranchant (buffet restraint attached to the new hotel) and La Mijoterie du Roy Henry (new restaurant at the exit of Theater of Giants).
    The article also mentions that possible new Puy du Fou parks are also in development for China and Spain. The later project is expected to be a €200 million full park experience called Puy du Fou Toledo that could open as soon as 2020, and the China project could open by 2025.


RATANGA JUNCTION (near Cape Town, South Africa)

icon_STOPPark News - (9/5/17) The local news has confirmed the news that the Ratanga Junction theme park in South Africa will close for good on May 1st, 2018. The park let it be known several years ago that the end was near and they planned to close the park, so this news is no surprise to anyone, but at least we now have a final date.
    (5/15/14) A new development plan for Century City (South Africa) is on the way that will see billions spent for upgrades and new projects, including a mixed use development called The Square. According to this news article, the local theme park, Ratanga Junction, will eventually be removed entirely to make way for The Square, with two attractions already said to have been removed for the project.

2017 - Nothing is expected, the park will close down in a few years (see above).


RAINBOW’S END (New Zealand)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


SARKANNIEMI Amusementpark (Tampere, Finland)

2017 - HYPE / New Roller Coaster - (3/1/17) Premier Rides has sent in a photo of Hype, their latest “Sky Rocket II” coaster, being installed at Sarkanniemi in Finland. As you can see from the photo, vertical construction is already well under way on the park’s newest coaster. According to the report from Premier Rides, the installation is on schedule for the Triple Launch coaster which will seriously alter the landscape of Sarkanniemi.
    (2/10/17) Sarkanniemi will open HYPE, a new Premier Rides Sky Rocket II style launched coaster in 2017. Check out the preview video below that confirms the earlier Sky Rocket rumors.

    (12/8/16) Sarkanniemi has announced HYPE as the name of their new 2017 attraction, though no details were released other than it being the "fastest, highest, coolest" attraction in the park. Previous rumors indicated that this was a likely location for Premier Rides next Sky Rocket II coaster, so we'll have to wait and see.
    (11/28/16) According to a rumor posted to Airtimers, they believe that Sarkanniemi (Finland) may be getting the the next Premier Rides Sky Rocket 2 coaster promised to be coming to Europe in 2017.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


SEA LIFE ABENTEUER PARK (Oberhauses, Germany)
(Note: This replaced the former CentrO Park)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


SINDIBAD Amusement Park (Casablanca, Morocco)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time...


Parks and Resorts Scandinavia

2017 - Nothing is known at this time...






2017 - Sky Dragster - (5/31/17) A few new pictures of the Sky Dragster coaster at Skyline Park were sent in this week, showing off the prototype Maurer creation. No word yet on when they plan to open it, but you can see that the test car is moving along the track, so they are still testing it at least.
     (9/29/16) A new Maurer coaster creation is under construction at Skyline Park. It will be called Sky Dragster and from what I'm told the riders will actually have some control over the speed on this new unique looking ride. You can find a series of photos from the construction site tour posted on the TEA facebook page.


SLAGHAREN (Netherlands).

2017 - Gold Rush - (4/20/17) According to an article on BlooLoop the Gold Rush triple launch coaster at Slagharen is now open.
    (4/11/17) Some fun new pictures of the Gold Rush coaster (Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster) going into Slagharen this summer can be found here.
    (2/24/17) A couple of great photos showing off the front of the new Gold Rush coaster train from Gerstlauer, an LSM launched Infinity Coaster, going into Attractiepark Slagharen (Netherlands) were posted to twitter yesterday. You can see the promo video for the new coaster below as well, showing off the coaster's triple launch and a POV of the entire layout.

    (8/18/16) Slagharen's new coaster opening in 2017 will be called Gold Rush. The park isn't saying anything else about the project until early September, though it has been said elsewhere that Gold Rush is expected to replace the park's aging Schwarzkopf coaster, Thunder Loop.


SOCHI-PARK (Sochi, Russia)
Olympic Village and Park for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games (official website)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.


Sommerland Sjślland (Denmarjk)

2017 - (6/14/17) Denmark's Sommerland Sjślland park is now offering SamyKart, a new custom go-kart racing experience where the cars have been outfitted with extra interactive electronics that can make the experience more like playing a game of Mario Kart. Triggers on the go-karts can send a signal to the car in front of you to suddenly drop down to a slow maximum speed for a few seconds, activate water guns in strategic areas and even unlock access to short-cuts. A short video about the new experience can be seen below.



Park News - (1/7/17) For anyone interested in buying a used Intamin Accelerator, Screamscape sources tell us that the going price to buy Space World's Zaturn coaster is approximately $2,370,000. Of course that is just the price to buy it and doesn't include the extra costs to ship it and reassemble it, but it should be interesting to see where it ends up as the narrow footprint design is sure to appeal to a park somewhere.
    (1/4/17) Some of the rides from Japan's Space World theme park, set to close at the end of 2017, are now listed as being for sale at Interlink, including the park's Venus GP (Maurer) and Zaturn (Intamin Accelerator) coasters.
    (12/19/16) Japan's Space World theme park has announced that the famous theme park will be closing for good in December of 2017, one year from now. This is the same park that just made world headlines last month after a poorly thought out promotional stunt that saw dead fish frozen into a temporary ice rink attraction attracted the anger of the local populace on the internet.
    No reason has been given for the closure but typically a bad financial situation combine with failing attendance is the most common reason for a park to fail. Though it is highly unusual to announce a closure is happening 12 months away unless they will use it at a promotional experience itself to lure everyone back for one last big season. Of course it is always possible that perhaps another park operator may step forward and attempt to purchase the park, otherwise Space World (which first opened in 1990) is famous for a few notable coasters such as Titan MAX, an Arrow hypercoaster that was sort of a cousin to Cedar Point's famous Magnum and even used the same sci-fi themed trains as Magnum as well until they were replaced a season or two ago to use a new open train design along with a new yellow track color. The park is also home to Venus GP (a very twisted and unique steel looping from Maurer and Zaturn, a Intamin Accelerator that seems to be a twin of Stealth at Thorpe Park (both of which opened in 2006). Zaturn was the last coaster to open at Space World.
    (11/30/16) Oh, how I love the wacky ways of Japan. They can be so entertaining, unique and odd at the same time, though the latest stunt from Japan's Space World theme park went a little too far, even by Japanese standards, and angered a large number of people. I'm not exactly sure what the intent was, but apparently someone at Space World decided it would be a good idea to 'freeze' over 5,000 fish and sea creatures into the ice of their skating rink. And I'm not just talking freezing them below the surface, but freezing them half-exposed on the surface itself! 
    Now to be fair all of fish, crabs and other shellfish embedded into the ice were already long dead (having been purchased at a local fish market) by the time they were frozen into the ice rink, which was part of a temporary winter attraction at the park called "Freezing Port". As the word spread about the attraction, the park was hit by a a gigantic backlash on social media from shocked and angry citizens. The park quickly moved to apologize and has since closed the rink to take the attraction apart. The dead fish will then undergo an 'appropriate religious service' before being recycled as fertilizer.

2017 - Park Will Close In December 2017



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012



2017 - Nothing is known at this time...



icon_STOP2018 - DUEL GP - Confirmed - (10/11/17) According to a Tweet from VHCoasters, Suzuka Circuit in Japan has announced "Duel GP", the world's first "two-seater coaster that passengers can steer". Check out the interesting concept artwork included with the tweet below.


TAYTO PARK (Ireland)

Park News - (1/27/17) BlooLoop has written up a nice piece all about the success of the new Tayto Park in Ireland. The article goes into detail about the development of the new park, what they are focusing on, and what has made them successful since the park opened in 2010 while attendance climbs, as well as some talk about what the future has in store for Tayto Park, which includes a new unknown ride from Interlink that they will open later in 2017.

2017 - Viking Voyage - (7/12/17) BlooLoop has posted a very detailed article all about the new Viking Voyage attraction now open at Tayto Park and how the park is pushing ahead with their long term plan to evolve into a major theme park.

    (5/16/17) All new pictures from Tayto Park showing off the new Viking Voyager attraction progress were sent in this week. Enjoy!
    (4/11/17) A few more pictures of Viking Voyage under construction at Tayto Park can be found here.
    (4/8/17) One of our readers visited Tayto Park on opening day and sent in pictures of the park's new water ride, Viking Voyage, under construction (from InterLink) and slated to open this summer. Check them out!
    (6/8/15) In this article about the opening of the new coaster at Tayto Park the founder says that they plan to keep on adding rides and growing for years to come. They are already looking into a flume ride, aviary and some other smaller rides in the future, but he specifically mentions adding a dark ride for 2017. Further down the line, if they can work out the numbers, they would also love to add an on-site hotel within the park property.

???? - Resort Hotel - Planning - (5/29/17) According to the local news Tayto Park's next big expansion plans involve building their very own 250-room, 7-story resort hotel on site next to the theme park. The plan is to actually build the large hotel from mostly wood apparently, along with a pool and spa area in order to make it attractive to visitors all year long and not just when the park is open.


TIBIDABO  (Barcelona, Spain)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2012


TIVOLI FRIHEDEN  (Arhus, Denmark)

2017 - (1/27/17) Screamscape has been told that Tivoli Friheden will be adding a Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride for the 2017 season as well as a classic carousel ride.



2016 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2013, 2014 or 2015 as well...


TOSHIMAEN (Tokyo, Japan)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013


VIALAND (Istanbul, Turkey)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2015 or 2016 either


VICTORY KINGDOM (Beijing, China)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing known to be added since 2013


Formerly known as Walibi Lorraine and Walibi Schtroumpf (Walibi Smurf)

2017 - Nothing new is known at this time... nothing added in 2015 or 2016 either.



Park News - (8/26/16) I've got to point out an article posted to BlooLoop last month showing off details about the creation of the Wanda Nanchang Theme Park and how they handled the landscaping as well as incorporating the local culture and legends, working with FORREC once again on this huge theme park project.
    One items I did not know about this newly opened theme park was that it was built on the site of an existing theme park that was called Treasure Gourd Farm. The old park was being retired "for a number of reasons" when it was acquired by Wanda and there was actually a period of time that some of the existing attraction were considered for redevelopment for the new park, but in the end Wanda chose not to reuse any of it.
    Follow the link over to read the rest of the details about how this park was developed between Wanda and FORREC, and enjoy the many pictures of the unique themeing made for this park.

2017 - Nothing is known to be added at this time...



icon_STOP2018 - Ice Age Attraction - Planned - (9/9/17) According to this report West Midland Safari Park in the UK has submitted plans to build a £1 million outdoor walk-around attraction themed to Fox's Ice Age animated film series. The attraction would feature both still and animatronic life-size recreations of various extinct animal species, as well as a trip through an ice cave and an 8-meter tall volcano.


WET ‘n’ WILD SYDNEY (Australia)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported for 2015 or 2016 as well...


WIENER PRATER (Vienna, Austria)

Park News - (8/11/17) Sad news for Weiner Prater, as the news reports that a worker at the park was killed when he was struck by a car on the Volare flying roller coaster on Monday. For whatever reason he entered into the operating area of the coaster and was soon struck, passing away from severe head wounds after being airlifted to a nearby hospital. While no official reason has been given, some witnesses claim that the man appeared to be possibly going in to pick up an object dropped by a previously passenger on the coaster.

2017 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported to have been added since 2013.


WORLD JOYLAND  (Changzhou, Jiangsu, China)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported to have been added since 2013.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added in 2016 either.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time...



2017 - 5D Theater - (5/9/17) Yas Waterworld announced that they will add a new attraction to the park later this year, a new 29-seat 5D cinema attraction, a first of it's kind development for any waterpark in the area.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing reported to have been added since 2013.



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