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(Note: The park is owned by Mack GmbH
and used as a Showcase for their products.)





icon_STOPPark News - (9/18/15) Europa Park will offer a new VR ride experience on AlpenExpress, which actually started on Sept. 17th. The video can explain the concept better than I can, so check it out.

    (5/15/15)  Europa Park is working on something special it seems and has posted new POV video footage from their first "Testride VR Coaster System". The video description calls the VR Coaster as an "Augmented Thrill Ride" where they can bring mobile VR to any roller coaster. In the upper left corner you can see guests wearing VR headgear while taking a spin on one of the park's coasters.

    (12/22/14) Congratulations to Europa Park for breaking their attendance record once again by already hosting over 5 million park guests so far this year, with a few days left in the season to go even higher.
    (8/30/14) A crazy experiment has been done at Europa Park where a professor working at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern approached Mack Rides with the idea of merging a roller coaster physical experience with enhanced visuals provided by an Oculus Rift VR headset. Mack thought it was worth looking into and gave them access to try it on two of the coasters at Europa Park: Pegasus and Blue Fire.
    The first tests were done back in April and kept secret, but they’ve been working on perfecting the experience and have since made more than a hundred test rides and made some great discoveries along the way to create something they are calling the VR Coaster. The first video showing off our first peek at the project is now live at with the promise of more to follow. This could be amazing.
    (1/3/14) Congratulations to Europa Park who reported hitting an all time attendance high of 5 million visitors in 2013.


2015 - New Attraction(s) - (4/22/15) An English version of the video promoting Europa-Park's 2015 season can be found below, including mentions of the park's new attractions, shows and parades for the park's 40 year celebration.

    (4/2/15) A preview video (all in German I'm afraid) showing off what's new in Europa-Park for 2015 was posted to YouTube and embedded below. It names the new 4D theater film featuring the park characters as Das Zeit Karussell: Le Carrousel Du Temps, which appears to be a fun time-travel adventure film. Meanwhile the new domed building will house "Beautiful Europe", a 360 dome projection show. It also looks like the park will feature a number of great shows as well.

    (2/12/15) According to a post at Europa-park's mystery 2015 attraction may be some kind of new 360 Cinema coming to the Greek area of the park. They also have a picture of a new dome-shaped building that has been added to the park.
    (1/29/15) I'm told that Europa Park is adding the following new addition and park improvements this year: Conveyor Belts from the parking lot to the entrance, a new parade, a new 4D movie with the Europa Park characters, rethemeing of the Eurotower Observation Tower attraction, rethemeing coming to the Kolumbus Jolle flat ride, rethemeing for the Whale Adventures Splash Battle ride and a complete renovation to two of the parks restaurants.
    (1/22/15) Lots of construction and renovation work is taking place in Europa Park at the moment, which you can see in a photo update posted to AirTimers. Lots of renovation work is currently taking place to get the park ready for the 2015 season, though no sign of what they have planned for the Greek area attraction just yet.
    (1/20/15) Europa-Park is adding something new for the park's 2015 season in the Greek area of the park. The location is currently marked on the new park maps as a giant blue present box and has been described as Roland Mack as being nothing less than a "small world sensation"... whatever that means.
    The park will also open a new 4D film featuring the Euro Mouse character.


2016 - Indoor Waterpark - Rumor - (7/12/13) The local news reports that according to Michael Mack, Europa Park may be looking to build a year-round indoor waterpark that could open in 2016 and could pull in 500,000 to 800,000 guests per year.


Newest Attractions:
2014 - Arthur & The Invisibles


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