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Park News - (3/31/15) Our friends at ParkJourney joined up with the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm to get their hands on a Fun Bun, check out the messy pie eating contest and much more.
    (3/25/15) Remember I mentioned the first ever Boysenberry Pie eating contest at to take place at Knott's Berry Farm this month?  This thing just got real... very real... because competitive eaters from across the nation are now descending upon Knott's on March 28th at 2pm to take part in this thing for the bragging rights of being the first ever World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Champion and the $4,000 prize, including the world champion for Hot Dog and Chicken Wing eating... Joey Chesnut. This should be fun to watch...
    (3/23/15) Westcoaster dropped by Knott's Berry Farm for the kick off preview of the park's new Boysenberry Festival, full of good food and something that has quickly become legendary... a little thing they are calling the Fun Bun.  According to the description, you start with a yummy cinnamon bun, dip it in funnel cake batter, fry it up and then smother it with a tasty Boysenberry sauce on top. Apparently this new Fun Bun creation is one of the best things you'll ever put in your mouth, and makes me jealous I can't come out to California to try one.


Knott’s Berry Farm will host the Boysenberry Festival from March 28 through April 12 to “celebrate the little berry that started it all”. Special food items will be on hand during the 16 day celebration including Deep Fried Alligator PIeces w/ Boysenberry Aioli, Fried Cheese Curds w/ Spicy Boysenberry Dipping Sauce, special craft beers and wines featuring special Boysenberry flavors, Boysenberry Frappuccino & Latte, Boysenberry Trifle and much more. Plus you can count on a load of special live entertainment offerings in the park including music, dancing, Dueling Banjos and Fiddlers plus daily pie eating contests. And for park historians… some of the classic Bear-y Tales characters will return in a special pie making kitchen.


icon_STOP2015 - Voyage to the Iron Reef -  (5/2/15)

Voyage to the Iron Reef Still 1

Voyage to the Iron Reef Still 2

Voyage to the Iron Reef On-Ride 1

Voyage to the Iron Reef On-Ride 2

Knott's Berry Farm has made a special offer to Screamscape readers this week... offering the chance for a small group of Screamscape readers to take part is a special Fan Preview Event on evening of May 14th at the park to experience Voyage To the Iron Reef before it opens to the public! The event will feature an Exclusive Ride Time session followed by a special presentation featuring Knott's Berry Farm and Triotech Creative Teams.
    UPDATE - Unfortunately, this Fan Preview is now full. However you can still see the all new concept artwork from Voyage to the Iron Reef to share. I love the one that has the wreckage of the old dark ride car sitting on the bottom of the ocean.
    (4/8/15) In The Loop has posted a new construction video from Knott's, checking out the status of Voyage to the Iron Reef attraction. They also caught a shot of what appears to be a ride vehicle for the new dark ride as well.

    (2/17/15) Westcoaster is back with a new photo report from Knott's Berry Farm this week with a look at any rides under rehab (Revolution and Riptide) as well as the latest construction pics from Voyage to the Iron Reef.
    (2/5/15) Another quick look at the Voyage to the Iron Reef construction site has been posted to ParkJourney this week. Unfortunately, as with any dark ride project, there isn't a whole lot you can see going on from the outside in terms of what the new attraction experience will be. But there is plenty of work taking place to get the building reworked to handle the new ride, queue and so on.
    (1/28/15) Knott's Berry Farm has posted a new teaser video for Voyage to the Iron Reef along with a Grand Opening date of May 15, 2015.

    (1/14/15) A new update from Knott's Berry Farm has been posted to Westcoaster this week, showing off the progress on Iron Reef and more.
    (1/7/15) Our friends at Westcoaster have posted a new construction update from Knott’s Berry Farm, checking on the progress of the Voyage to the Iron Reef dark ride, as well as rumors that you might want to take pictures of the current Calico Saloon building, because it may be time to tear it down and rebuild it to bring the aging structure up to code.
    (12/24/14) Westcoaster takes us to Knott’s this week for a quick check on the progress going on over at Voyage to the Iron Reef and a Moo! Moo! Merry Christmas from the Catawampus!
    (11/26/14) A construction video of the Voyage to the Iron Reef project site has been posted to YouTube this week. Check it out below.

    (11/19/14) In The Loop speaks with Knott’s Berry Farm and Triotech about their latest dark ride project coming in 2015: Voyage To The Iron Reef. Seriously… watch Ernest from Triotech, he’s a blast a watch because he is so excited about this new ride project.

 2015-Knotts_VoyageToTheIronReef   (11/13/14) BREAKING NEWS - Knott's Berry Farm has announced "Voyage to the Iron Reef" as the name for a new interactive media-based 4D attraction coming to the park in 2015 that will submerge guests under the Boardwalk for an adventure to save the theme park.
    According to the story, the construction of the Coast Rider and Surfside Gliders in the new Boardwalk Pier area awakened creatures resting far below the earth who have risen up to wreak havoc on Knott's Berry Farm. "The Queen of the Kraken and her aquatic army have surfaced to feed on the steel of any attraction within their grasps.  Their unquenchable appetite for coaster metal has turned these creatures into swimming mechanical monsters unlike anything ever seen on the ocean floor. Through enchanting underwater forests, disorienting ocean current tunnels, and mysterious mechanical wreckage, high definition 3-D animation will surround guests at every turn.  Along the way, the submarines navigate 600 feet of track and 11 scenes featuring hundreds of media-based creatures and other special effects. The attraction reacts to your actions making each interactive voyage a different experience. In addition to battling the Queen of the Kraken and her hundreds-strong aquatic army, compete head-to-head with the other sailors in your submarine to see who can blast the most creatures." Montreal-based Triotech, the multi-sensory attraction developer that animated the popular Wonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland, is the creator behind the groundbreaking gaming system and animation for Voyage to the Iron Reef.

    (11/11/14) Possibly tying in with the rumors that Knott’s new ride announcement might take place during the IAAPA convention during the following week, the IAAPA website show schedule does show a “Confidential announcement” planned to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 18th, from Triotech and Cedar Fair at Booth 1062 at 2:30pm.
    (8/6/14) Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet mentions in an interview with Huffington Post that they are working on doing something with the former Kingdom of the Dinosaurs ride building and even mentions Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. “we're trying to figure out what to do with the area where Kingdom of the Dinosaurs & Knott's Bear-y Tales used to be located. Assuming that the Wonder Mountain's Guardian ride works out, there will probably be some lessons that we learned up in Canada that we can apply down here in Buena Park.”
    While this doesn’t 100% confirm anything, it seems a solid bet that we’ll be seeing some kind of interactive dark ride experience added here next year. After all, they just worked some incredible magic on the park’s two previous dark rides (Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Train) in back to back years so adding a 21st century style interactive dark ride experience from scratch gives them the chance to score the dark ride trifecta.
    (8/5/14) According to the latest pictures found on Facebook, the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs dark ride building has been gutted down to the bare bones. It is EMPTY in inside… just a giant big dark room now. Perfect for just about anything they might want to add for 2015, right?
    (6/11/14) Is Knott’s Berry Farm about ready to add a new dark ride to the park?  After we’ve seen them restore the Log Ride last year and are about ready to reopen the new Calico Mine Train in a few days, Screamscape is hearing rumors that crews have been spotted performing some clean-up work inside the former home of the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs dark ride building. The location would be perfect for a new dark ride… perhaps Knott’s own version of a Wonder Mountain’s Guardian style interactive dark ride attraction. Stay tuned!
    (3/18/13) It sounds like Knott’s Berry Farm has a lot of possible projects waiting to be approved lately. There is the long rumored Giga coaster project, the restoration of the Calico Mine Train looking for funding as early as next year (assuming the Log Ride refurbishment goes well), and now I’m starting to hear talk about plans being developed at long last to put a new dark ride experience into the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building. That is one I’d like to see put into action sooner than later, as it has sat empty for long enough. I haven’t heard much in the way of details yet, though I did hear that they do want to make it interactive with the riders, though I’m not sure if they means a gun style shoot ‘em up ride or if they are planning on something a little different. Stay tuned!
    (3/19/12) According to MiceChat’s interview with new Knott’s GM Raffi Karprelyan, Knott’s and Cedar Fair have been talking with various dark ride manufacturers about some ideas for new dark rides to add to the park. And with that I say… about damn time! Its nice to see a new can-do attitude about dark rides at Knott’s under Raffi and Matt Ouimet, when the previous holdback was the old Cedar Fair management’s fear of being compared directly to whatever Disney was doing down the street. When I quizzed a former Knott’s GM about this very topic years ago, I was flat out told that no matter what Knott’s did, it wouldn’t be as good as Disney, “so why even try?” It was this attitude that saw Kingdom of the Dinosaurs shut down and sit empty for almost a decade.
    For even more talk with Raffi, check out the latest edition of the Season Pass Podcast recorded during the West Coast Bash event.


2016 / 2017 - Future Attractions - Rumor - (1/21/15) I've done a little digging into what Knott's may have planned for the future, and the answer is a bit of a mystery. For starters, I'm told that 2016 may be a bit of an off-year, with possibly nothing major to be added at all, or if something does come, it may only be a new flat ride... with the possibility of another one also being retired. The timing is interesting... as Knott's will certainly be ready for a slow year after three back-to-back dark ride projects as well as the renovation of Camp Snoopy. 2016 also will be the year that the Wizarding World arrives in Southern California up the road at Universal Hollywood, which could make quite a few of the local players too nervous to try to add anything.
    This all points to 2017 being the most likely year we will see something substantial added to The Farm. No one seems sure just what form it will take... though it has been quite a number of years since the park added a major new roller coaster. It just might be time. Will it be the long rumored Giga Coaster?  Maybe... but then again, maybe not. Knott’s is very hard up when it comes to available space and if they can't do it right... they may just opt to do something else entirely.


???? - Soak City Expansion - Rumor - (7/30/14) Screamscape sources tell us that Knott’s Berry Farm may be looking into a possible expansion to the Soak City waterpark in the next couple of years. The park may most likely expand to take up the parking lot next to the Pacific Spin, or possibly into an empty grass area near Independence Hall.




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