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Screamscape has posted our official review of Knott's Scary Farm 2016 this week. Click here to see all the details.

You can read Screamscape’s full review of the Knott’s Scary Farm 2015 Halloween Haunt. Check it out here.


icon_STOPPark News - (10/20/16) While some earlier rumors suggested that Boomerang was being considered for retirement at Knott's Berry Farm, another new rumor or two are making the rounds that tells quite a different story. According one rumor, Boomerang may actually stay at Knott's, if the park decides to take follow what Carowind's did with their Boomerang style coaster, and  instead buy the new style train design from Vekoma, which features a much more comfortable and soft restraint system that really takes most of the head-banging away. Along with this, the rumor suggests that a new flat ride of somekind may be dropped in next to the Boomerang as well to help vitalize the area.
    While this isn't a terrible idea at all, it just isn't the mega-coaster that Knott's fans have been waiting well over a decade for the park to jump on. This is where a second rumor rears an ugly  head with a tale that does make me slightly sick to my stomach. I'm taking this one with a huge grain of salt, simply because I do not wish it to be true at all, and this is just a very early whisper. That said... this rumor suggests that the rumors of a coaster removal plan are still indeed true, and that the victim could end up being good old Montezooma's Revenge.
    It has been suggested that the long thin layout of Monty could be put to use for another coaster project in the future, even taking over some nearby space, such as sections of Camp Snoopy. A new coaster is always good... but I would be terribly sad to see Monty go.
    (10/19/16) An interesting new bit of information points to something large for 2018. (MORE...)
    (8/22/16) For those wondering what the new Ghost Town Alive experience at Knott's Berry Farm is like, ThemeParkConnect have actually posted a pretty good video showing off the new "Alive" look of GhostTown, full of all kinds of characters and guest interactions. Check it out below.

    (8/18/16) Locomotive fans are in for a treat at Knott's, as the park has successfully finished a seven-year long refurbishment project on the park's Engine No. 340, otherwise known as "Green River". With No 340 back in service after all these years, now the park's No. 41 engine is going to begin a complete refurbishment as well, one that is expected to take about 5 years to complete.
    You can read all the details about what went into this 7-year long project along with a detailed video is posted to the OCRegister.
    (5/19/16) Get your rides in on Boomerang while you still can. I don't know exactly WHEN it may close down, but according to the gossip, Boomerang will be the next major ride to be removed from Knott's over the next couple years. With Ripride already removed, the combined plot from the two attraction could house something as big as the Timber Mountain Log Ride.


Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 - (9/29/16) Cedar Fair has officially pulled the plug on their FearVR virtual haunt attraction concept they were testing at the Halloween Haunt events at Knott’s Berry Farm, Canada’s Wonderland and California’s Great America.  For pretty much the same reasons that they changed the name from FearVR-5150 to just FearVR, various mental health groups applied pressure on the theme park chain over the attraction concept in general, even after their first complaints over the use of the code “5150” were addressed.
   Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience the attraction myself first hand, so I can’t accurately describe what the experience itself was all about. That said, the descriptions from the parks indicated that the theme was not one dealing with mental health issues at all, but rather inspired by some kind of demonic possession story, with the events unfolding inside a hospital location. Had the attraction been launched perhaps with an entirely different name relating more to demonic supernatural forces, or something more generic like “DoomVR” then I can’t shake the feeling that none of this would have happened.
    (9/23/16) This is why we can't have anything nice anymore America. Besides all the garbage piling upon more human garbage, coddling people with safe spaces, race riots and political armageddon, now it seems some people have decided now was the time to take offense to the use of the term "5150" in the name of Cedar Fair's new VR haunt experience being tested as three Cedar Fair parks this season.
    As a result it looks like the experience has changed the name from FearVR 5150 to simply calling it "FearVR", because somehow using the term 5150 was offensive to some people in California. Never mind that the test wasn't just being done in California, or that no one protested Van Halen's use of the name 5150 for an album years ago.
    Whatever... the name has been changed, but the experience will remain the same apparently. Should be blame Cedar Fair for caving in? Maybe not... because changes are the name was really chanced at the behest of Samsung, as the attraction is part of a major sponsorship deal with Samsung for their VR headgear.
    (9/8/16) Screamscape has been told that the FEAR VR: 5150 experience that was announced as coming to California's Great America for Halloween Haunt will also be coming to the haunt's at Canada's Wonderland and to Knott's Berry Farm. FEAR VR: 5150 is described as a "groundbreaking and horrifying virtual reality experience. Strapped into a wheelchair and wearing Samsung Gear VR headgear, guests are at the mercy of the "maniacal hospital staff". FEAR VR: 5150 will require an extra fee to experience, and it not available as part of the Fright Lane or Fright Lane Plus programs.
    (8/29/16) CaliforniaCoasterKings has posted a new photo update from Knott's Berry Farm showing off some of the new construction taking place around the park to get ready for Knott's SCARY FARM. Meanwhile, for those wanting to see the entire Knott's Scary Farm presentation that happened for passholders and media last Thursday night you can watch a recording of it on YouTube shot by CoasterForce.
    (8/27/16) We all know Knott’s Berry Farm can whip up an amazing annual Halloween event, but they stage equally entertaining and surprising media events as well, as evidenced by Thurday night’s offering.
    Knott’s Berry Farm revealed its range of Halloween shows, mazes, and festivities to all those who dared enter the Charles Schulz Theatre last night. Entering to the ear-splitting sounds of Ministry and other creepy and hard charging music on the sound system, the lights dimmed. After most had been seated, a cadre of ghoulies and creepers began to roam around the dimly-lit audience and proceeded to seek out those most vulnerable to scare tactics. The energy in the space was palpable and anything could happen at this point.
    A mysterious box situated in the middle of the stage piqued the attention of all those in attendance, and it wouldn’t be long before the big reveal would happen. Set to the tune of O Fortuna, the creepies began to assemble on the stage and slowly dismantle the giant cube, revealing… Jeff Tucker, Knott’s’ Supervisor of Park Shows!
    Jeff ran the show, introducing the crowd of passholders and media alike to the offerings approaching fans this season. Also present to guide us were show designers Jon Cooke, Daniel Miller, and Gus Krueger.
    Below are all the details:

    Elvira’s Danse Macabre: Southern California favorite, Elvira will again take her rightful place this year to bring a blend of horror and sexy humor as only she can.
    The Hanging: Finding Gory: The satirical hanging show returns to the Calico Stage in the form of Finding Gory.

Scare Zones:
    Fiesta de los Muertos: Takes place ap






















propriately in Fiesta Village.
    Carnevil: Clowns, clowns, and more terrifying clowns.
    Ghost Town: Ghost Town transforms into a haunted old west.

Returning Mazes:
    Tooth Fairy: The popular favorite, designed by Daniel Miller, returns this year. A number of early exits points have been engineered into the experience for those who wish to bail.
    Gunslinger's Grave: A Blood Moon Rises: Designed by Gus Krueger, this blend of the Wild West and werewolves promised a new spin on an old favorite.
    Voodoo: Order of the Serpent: Designed by Jon Cook, this is a Deep South swamp environment that doesn’t quite fit the definition of a maze. There will be trees and water, additional effects, and characters roaming around to spook guests.
    Trick or Treat: Daniel Miller’s vision is realized in full. The Green Witch will inhabit this maze filled with traditional Halloween inspirations.
    Paranormal, Inc.: Ghost hunters get to practice their craft in this contemporary take on the haunted maze taking place at the Hayden Hills Sanitarium, designed by Jon Cook.
    Dead of Winter: Wendigo’s Revenge: Daniel Miller takes over from Gus on this project, and promises more houses, more gore and more darkness this year. Plus, guests will encounter the mythical Wendigo creature in the flesh.

New for 2016:
    Skeleton Key Rooms: Holders of the Skeleton Key, essentially a “FastPass” ticket for Knott’s Scary Farm, will be granted unlimited priority access to all mazes and one time access to four Skeleton Key rooms for the night you buy it.
        Visions: Knott’s Haunt Museum is transformed into an augmented reality experience that allows guests to discover and investigate clues and artifacts related to the Green Witch Trials.
        Slasher: An homage to 1980’s slasher films, The Angel Maker killer will pursue guests in this environment.
        ZOZO: This play on the traditional Ouija board game promises to be an intriguing and creepy experience.
        Prey: Daniel Miller’s Prey sends guests into a hay maze armed only with a dimly lit lantern. To add the suspense, a new beast is released into the maze every 30 seconds to hunt down unsuspecting guests.

    Black Ops: Infected: Knott’s built an “entire city” for guest to wander and hunt zombies. Formerly located in Camp Snoopy, the new Black Ops will be now take place backstage and will have a standard line instead of the previously used ticket system.
    Shadow Lands: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword: Jon Cook brings this entirely new concept inspired by the journey of a disgraced Japanese Samurai. This is a project that Jon is very excited about as he is a devoted fan of Japanese culture, folklore, and architecture.
    The Red Barn: Gus and Daniel collaborated to create this attraction inspired by the 1970’s grindhouse horror genre. Think Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    The Hollow: The Hollow scare zone moves in Camp Snoopy, left barren by the relocation of Black Ops. The Headless Horseman and additional characters will inhabit this zone, sure to be a favorite of traditional Halloween experiences.


2017 - Soak City Expansion - Announced - (8/18/16) As we saw leaked earlier this summer, Knott's has confirmed that Soak City will be expanded in 2017 with two new slide towers.
    Shore Break will stand over 7-stories tall and offer six different slide experiences, four of which will begin with a dramatic vertical trap-door drop from an AquaPod. The other two slides will be tube slides that end with some large drops to the pool below.
    The Wedge is the other new addition, which is taking the place of the soon to be removed Pacific Spin. The Wedge will use large family rafts, able to hold up to six riders, and will feature twists, turns and surprise drops.
    Other new additions will include new shade areas, new cabanas and a remodel to the Longboard's Grill.
    (6/30/16) An assortment of images were sent in to Screamscape showing off the planned expansion of Knott's Soak City waterpark in 2017. According to the layout you can see that a new slide tower featuring four drop pod slides and two tube slides will go into a space that is currently used for parking, while the park's Pacific Spin funnel slide will be removed and replaced with a WhiteWater Constrictor Python style family raft slide.





As predicted, the multi-slide towers is very similar in design to the one added to Carowinds and Kings Island this summer, modified to remove one of the tube slides in favor of adding a fourth drop pod slide instead to the mix.
    From what I'm told Pacific Spin will be entirely removed from the park and not moved to a new location. Best guess, as long as the 10-year old slide is still in good shape, I wouldn't be surprised to see if drop in to one of Cedar Fair's other waterparks. (Carolina Harbor at Carowinds would be a nice home and they've got room to expand.)
    (6/11/16) According to this article the expansion of Knott’s Soak City will involve building two new slide tower attractions, as well as the expansion of the park’s main restaurant (Long Board Grill) as well as the addition of more cabanas. If they follow along with what the other Cedar Fair parks have been doing they one of the new slide towers will likely be a copy of the one added to Carowinds and Kings Island this summer, which has 3 drop pod slides and 3 tube slides.
    (6/10/16) I’ve been told that Knott's announced during the reopening of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant that they would be expanding the Soak City waterpark for the 2017 season. No details were released however about what the expansion would entail. With this in mind, there is a good chance that we may have to wait until 2018 to see another major attraction added to the main park.


icon_STOP2018 - New Large Attraction or Coaster - Rumor - (10/19/16) With a Soak City expansion planned for 2017, it seems fairly clear that 2018 should be a big year for Knott's Berry Farm itself. Adding a bit more fuel to the fire, a reader sent me an official statement about the 2017 Coaster Run event that has been taking place at Knott's for the past several years, which involves the racers running through a course that weaves throughout the entire Knott's Berry Farm theme park.
    According to the statement, the 2017 Coaster Run event will be moved to Six Flags Magic Mountain because "Knott's Berry Farm told us that they had construction planned inside the park that would prevent the event from traveling through the property." With the event slated for April 2017, the timing is interesting as this could mean that Knott's has a very large project in store for 2018 if they will have construction under full swing by April 2017. Perhaps guests should keep an eagle eye out for survey markings and such to appear in the park over the next several months.




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