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Buena Park, California
Cedar Fair Entertainment




Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Xcelerator - NOW CLOSED through TBD
Montezooma’s Revenge - NOW CLOSED through Feb. 23
La Revolucion - Feb. 26 through Mar. 9
Balloon Race - Mar. 5 through Mar. 9
Pony Express - Mar. 5 through Mar. 16

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icon_STOPPark News - (2/21/18) A new trip report from Knott's Berry Farm posted by CaliforniaCoasterKings includes the usual things you would expect, like construction updates, some cool new Hangtime photos, the reopening of the Timber Mountain Log Ride and Sol Spin. But they also reported that Xcelerator, while still closed, now has the second train that has been in pieces for months, now rebuilt and placed on the tracks once again. After months of nothing, it sounds like they are making some progress on trying to reopen Xcelerator once again, which is good news to those fans out there who have been waiting far too long to feel the rush of that launch.
    (1/21/18) Good news from Knott's guests this weekend, as I'm told that Sol Spin was seen reopen with guests on it once again, though it is still listed on the official website as of sunday afternoon as being closed. Stay tuned...
    (12/1/17) Knott's Berry Farm has been ordered by the state to add extra safety systems to the Timber Mountain Log Ride to ensure that the water levels in the splash-down area are correct at all times, following the injury to a 5-year-old boy who claims to have hit his face to the back of the seat in front of him (fracturing his eye socket) when the log braked a bit too hard because of low water levels. The report from the state also claims that riders are  not being given 'complete safety instructions' as required before riding.
    So Knott's has until Jan. 29th to enhance the safety instructions through adding signs, videos or audio recording, re-inspect the padding, floorboards and restraints on the logs, and install a new water level control and monitoring system in the splash-down area.
    (11/12/17) Knott's Berry Farm has announced that 'The Knott's Peanuts Celebration" festival will take place in the park from Jan. 27 through Feb. 25th, 2018 and feature special character themed events, photo ops, special shows and some new delicious treats.
    Following that will be the return of Knott's very popular Boysenberry Festival which will now run from Mar. 16 through Apr. 8th with an expanded collection of specialty food and beverage items created just for the event.
    The park has also confirmed that Ghost Town Alive will return in Summer 2018 with a new storyline with a Gold Rush theme after gold was discovered in the Calico Mine at the end of last year's storyline.
    (9/27/17) While Knott's hasn't made any kind of statement about just how long Xcelerator will be closed, a reader who talked with a park employee the other day was told that it could be closed until early 2018, depending on how long it takes for needed new part(s) to arrive.


icon_STOP2018 - Hangtime - (2/14/18) A couple of good news items for Knott's Berry Farm tonight. For starters, after being closed since late 2016 the park has finally opened the Sky Cabin observation tower. Meanwhile if you make the jump over to Westcoaster, you can see a fantastic photo update showing off the Hangtime construction site, where the new coaster just looks fabulous.
    (1/20/18) I’m told that Knott’s Hangtime crew finished installing the last piece of track on the coaster early Friday morning, leaving the transfer track and station area left to finish installing. Rumor has it that Hangtime is ahead of schedule and could be ready to begin testing by early to mid February. If all goes well there, Hangtime could be ready to open 4-6 weeks after that.
    (1/17/18) Another new construction update from Knott’s Berry Farm showing off the status of HangTime has been posted to ParkJourney this week. Check it out.
    (12/31/17) Hangtime at Knott's is looking to be one disorienting ride... take a look at a new Night POV Animation that was found on YouTube just to see what I mean.

    (12/30/17) Check out the latest Hangtime construction update posted to Westcoaster this week. The update also features some beautiful photos of Ghost Town all lit and decorated for Christmas as well as a note that Xcelerator is still closed and apparently still waiting on new mechanical parts to fix it... likely for the launch system.
    (12/12/17 - Edited) Some posts on Twitter (some now removed) featured some new pictures from the Hangtime construction site, noting how a few of the supports had little dings in them already. I’m kind of curious if these occurred during transport from the manufacturer, or if something happened on the construction site itself, but based on the photos the paint in those locations was still good and unchipped, so I’m guessing they may have actually came that way.
    Either way, nothing to worry about, as I’m guessing some new replacement sections may already be on order so they can be swapped out before the grand opening in 2018. I’m pretty sure they can just build the coaster with the existing parts and swap any troublesome parts out later without too much fuss. So nothing to worry about... nice to see the ride going up so quickly.
    (11/21/17) HangTime is still growing, with the latest construction photos posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings this week as the large lift hill structure rises into the sky.
    (11/10/17) At long last Knott's Berry Farm has posted an animated preview video of their new HangTime coaster and it is beautiful to see. Plus check out the trains that will ride the rails... 4 rows of 4-across seating, so double the capacity of  your typical 2-row Euro-Fighter style design to help combat the long lines. Looks like a blast!









    (11/9/17) A new construction update from Knott's Berry Farm was posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings this week as HangTime's lift structure begins to rise very quickly into the sky.
    (11/6/17) Good news for Knott's fans... the first pieces of track and various supports for Hangtime have already been installed on site. Watch the Hangtime site on the official Knott's webcam to see for yourself as it looks like they are installing the bottom of the vertical lift hill at this moment.
    (10/30/17) A reader sent in some pictures of the stacked up track and supports for Hangtime that are now on site at Knott's in the lot across the street from the park. Enjoy!
    (10/24/17) A quick construction video showing off the Hangtime site at Knott's has been posted this week. Lots of work on prepping and pouring footers for the new coaster from the look of it. Check it out below.

    (8/21/17) While we heard the announcement from Knott's Berry Farm about their new Hangtime coaster coming in 2018, for whatever reason the park has no preview animation footage of the coaster to show off yet. As I'm on the East coast, the announcement came in at the last second before I retired for the night, so I was light on the details and stats at the time.
    That said, here is everything you need to know about Hangtime. As rumored, this will be an Gerstlauer Infinity coaster standing 150 feet tall. The 16 passenger trains will go over the top, slide down slightly and pause for 2 seconds before going over the edge and diving to the ground at a beyond-vertical 96 angle. For this, the park is referring to Hangtime as the only Dive style coaster on the West coast... an interesting thought to be sure. So does the extra height and pause at the top help qualify Hangtime in the same category as a B&M Dive Machine style coaster? It just might, but that's a discussion for another time.
    As for the rest of the stats, Hangtime will feature 2,198 feet of track and a total of five inversions, including being only the second coaster in the world to feature the unique "negative-g stall loop" inversion that is supposed to give riders the sensation of floating. What's really cool is that Hangtime will feature a new innovative lighting package from KCL Engineering that allows the track lights to change color and seem to track the train as it runs around the track at night. While this sounds similar to the impressive system installed for The Monster last summer, Ride Entertainment mentioned that the one coming to Knott's Hangtime could would be a "Next level" edition.
    Screamscape sent Robert down to be there first hand for the announcement of Hangtime and he's sent in his own comments from the announcement as well as a bunch of great pictures and graphics, so lets switch over to his impression:
    In a move possibly meant to completely erase the debacle that was the Windjammer Surf Racers from the public's memory, Knott's revealed plans for another surfing-themed roller coaster, to be built on the former site of both Boomerang and Corkscrew.
    The new ride, named Hangtime, will be a 2,198 foot long variation of the Guerstlauer Infinity class coaster, with a 150 foot height and a top speed of 57 mph. With capacity of 800 riders per hour, Hangtime will send 16 riders at a time through a tangled mess of track, including a 96 beyond vertical drop with a two-second hold at the top, and five inversions. A single train will run the course at a time, while a second and third train will load in the station.
    Knott's worked with Gerstlauer from the beginning, and went back and forth a few times before settling on the final design. An early design had only three inversions, which wasn't enough for Knott's. After creating a larger footprint, Gerstlauer was able to revise the initial designs and throw in two more inversions. A few structures had to be razed to create the space to accommodate the new ride.
    This will be the first dive coaster on the West Coast, a feature that will certainly thrust Knott's back into the spotlight for thrill seekers in the region. It's been quite a while since Knott's has built a major thrill ride, and park representatives acknowledge it's the right time to do something about that.
    Hangtime will look equally as impressive during the evening hours due to an extensive lighting package. An LED system will be affixed to the structure that allows for relatively simple adjustments for seasonal or event-specific lighting. The lights will also "chase" the coaster cars through the route, a fun feature that further enhances the Boardwalk area of the park.
    Hangtime opens Summer 2018.
Boardwalk BBQ
    Additionally, Knott's used the opportunity to give attendees a taste of the newly refreshed Boardwalk BBQ, located near the base of the Sky Cabin. The new building, sporting a combination of Googie and modernist visual themes, is a nice complement to the area near the Xcelerator. With an extensive menu of items such as pulled pork, roasted chicken, ribs, and salad, this eatery offers something for everyone. Of special note is the boysenberry BBQ sauce and the Ace berry cider on tap, a nice option from the typical apple or pear flavor. All items sampled were of a quality far better than that of most theme park fare. It's great to see parks paying more attention to their cuisine lately.
    (8/17/17) Knott’s Berry Farm has confirmed that Hangtime will be coming in 2018, a large Gerstlauer roller coaster with several inversions and a beyond vertical first drop. More details to follow!
    (8/5/17) Knott's has posted a brief teaser video clip ahead of the August 16th announcement on Instagram which you can see here. It's a pan of the rides on the Boardwalk area leading to someone picking up a drink cup an drink cup and under it is revealed to be a drink-coaster that says "2018" and features a silhouette of a surfer on his board in the position one would take when having just dropped into a nice wave from the top of a huge wave.
    This pretty much confirms the rumors that the new ride would feature a Surfing theme to it and will likely either be called Hangtime or The Ledge, as both names have been trademarked by Cedar Fair this summer.
    The latest rumor also suggests that this could be some kind of new compact coaster that will pack a lot of track and thrills into a very small space... with this source leaning towards it being a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster style design that would feature a vertical lift hill, beyond vertical first drop and a large number of inversions, twists and turns. I've added a great video showing off the fantastic looking "The Monster" that opened last summer at Adventureland that really shows off what Gerstlauer can create in a compact park space. Just take a look at the car dropping over the top of that lift hill... kind of the same looking idea as a surfer dropping down into a huge wave, don't you think?
    That isn't the only train option for this coaster type however, as the infamous "The Smiler" at Alton Towers is also part of the "Infinity Coaster" line and features a bigger train featuring 4-across seating and 4 rows of seats for 16 riders per train operation which would fit the needs of a big park like Knott's a little better.

    (6/21/17) I’ve no word yet on if this latest rumor is any more true than some others presented thus far, but we did hear an interesting claim this week that the rumored new Knott’s coaster could actually be a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster project.
    (6/12/17) A guest reported in from Knott's Berry Farm that the construction walls around the former Boomerang coaster location has been extended to run down to where Riptide was, and then around the corner until it stops right where Calico Mine Train begins. Looks like they intend to use the entire site for whatever new attraction is being planned.
    (4/5/17) With Boomerang ready to go away forever very soon, the coaster fans out there have been wondering about what is next for Knott's. After all, you don't usually remove one of your park's major coasters without having something new to replace it at least in the design phase.  From what we are hearing, Knott's does have something in the works, though they still need to dot the I's and cross the T's on it, but whatever it is, I'm hearing is it BIG and likely looking to open sometime in 2018 if possible because Knott's want this thing up, open and to have a serious reputation already in the public knowledgebase in time for Star Wars Land to open at Disneyland in 2019, so they can borrow all those incoming Disney guests for a day at The Farm.
    (10/19/16) With a Soak City expansion planned for 2017, it seems fairly clear that 2018 should be a big year for Knott's Berry Farm itself. Adding a bit more fuel to the fire, a reader sent me an official statement about the 2017 Coaster Run event that has been taking place at Knott's for the past several years, which involves the racers running through a course that weaves throughout the entire Knott's Berry Farm theme park.
    According to the statement, the 2017 Coaster Run event will be moved to Six Flags Magic Mountain because "Knott's Berry Farm told us that they had construction planned inside the park that would prevent the event from traveling through the property." With the event slated for April 2017, the timing is interesting as this could mean that Knott's has a very large project in store for 2018 if they will have construction under full swing by April 2017. Perhaps guests should keep an eagle eye out for survey markings and such to appear in the park over the next several months.




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