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News & Rumors


Buena Park, California
Cedar Fair Entertainment



Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
GhostRider - Sept. 8 through Summer 2016
Screamin Swing - Closes Forever Sept. 8


icon_STOPPark News - (8/26/15) Knott's has sent out details for a special Labor Day weekend celebration, from Sept 4 to 7. There will be a large fireworks show on Sunday night, but the other nights the park will feature Salsa Bands, performances by The Big Fat Steve Band - The Kings of Kool, Charlie Brown's Happy Campers in the Camp Snoopy Theater, the Calico Saloon CancanShow and the townsfolk of Ghost Town will come out and bring it back to life again.
    (5/25/15) What’s new for 2016? We have some ideas... click here.


icon_STOPKnott’s Scary Farm 2015 - (8/27/15) Knott's Scary Farm hosted a live event at the park to tell us more about this year's Haunt and our local man Steve was there to cover the fun and fallout for Screamscape.
    First item out of the gate is the return of the "Scary Farm Pass" that lets to come to every night of Knott's Scary Farm for $70 for season passholders, available through Sept 20. You can also pay to add parking, and if your season pass has parking, your parking is included.
    The Knott's Scary Farm shows for 2015 will be Elvira's Asylum and The Hanging: Straight Outta Calico.

    Scarezones: Fiesta de los Muertos, Carnevil (Boardwalk) and Ghost Town (bigger than ever, with no safe place to hide ANYWHERE...). Ghost Town's haunt will feature a special new character called the Dollmaker, who is related to a maze from the past called The Doll Factory. Track him down, it may be worth your while.

    Returning Mazes for 2015 will be:
    Pinnochio Unstrung with new Skeleton Key room.
    Black Magic, also with a new Skeleton Key room.
    Trick or Treat - Bigger and better, with new scenes like the Attic and Potion Room
    Forevermore - Now with a Skeleton Key room.   
    The Tooth Fairy will also return, more horrifying and gruesome than ever with a new interactive Skeleton Key room and all new ending.
    Special Ops Infected: Patient Zero, last years laser zombie battle experience will also return with even more missions than before and new laser guns. The guns will now have a realtime score display and the ability to enable you with kill-streak bonuses that you will need. The guns will also have a "heath meter" and if it drops, you'll have to get restored before you can rejoin the action.
    Gunslinger's Grave returns in an all new form this year called Gunslinger's Grave: A Blood Moon Rises.

New Mazes:
The Dead of Winter
- experience the horrors of a frozen land under the control of an angry snow queen with an army of undead Viking warriors. Skeleton Key room will feature an encounter with the Snow Queen.

The Calico Mine Ride will become My Bloody Clementine, where the tunnels are haunted by the ghosts of a murdered family. This will feature some all new effects, including projection mapping as well as the return of live talent.

Paranormal Inc. - Case 13: The Haunting of Hayden Hill - An interactive story with branching storylines.

The Green Witch returns again with a new surprise, The Deadly Seven

    (8/25/15) With Knott's Scary Farm set to announce all their mazes very soon, it seems they sent out a few interesting mystery packages to select people. While I didn't get one myself (but we'll should have someone at the life announcement) or friends at Behind The Thrills did get one of these cool packages. Make the jump to see just what clues were inside.
    (8/11/15) Knott’s Berry Farm has confirmed some new details for this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm, Halloween Haunt event which will run for 24 nights from Sept. 24 to Oct. 31st. This year’s haunt will feature 11 mazes (5 w/ Skeleton Key Rooms), 3 scare zones, 2 live shows and a thousand monsters lurking in the foggy darkness. Not all of the juicy details have been revealed yet, but here is what has been confirmed so far:
   A new maze called The Dead of Winter will be featured, featuring the realm of the chilling Snow Queen who has an army of resurrected Viking warriors under her command, as she seeks to avenge the murder of her family.
   As rumored, Elvira will return in a live show this year to be called Elvira’s Asylum that will feature music, dancing and comedy.
   Three popular mazes from last year will return in 2015 with some new twists and tweaks.
   Special Ops: Infected - Patient Zero is back, allowing you to gear up with a new style laser gun and go to war against against an even larger zombie hordes than last year and with twice as many missions to accomplish as last year.
   The Tooth Fairy maze will also return, with a new and very gruesome interactive Skeleton Key room and a brnad new “horrifying ending”.
   Gunslinger’s Grave will also return… but is now infested with Werewolves in Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises.
   More little announcements and leaks will take place throughout August, and end with a final big announcement on August 26th, so keep your eyes and ears open.
    Also new this year will be something called Knott’s Spooky Farm, a newly expanded and family friendly daytime Halloween event that will take place every weekend from October 3 - 31. The event will offer new live entertainment, hands-on activities, a costume contest and more.

    (6/27/15) According to a casting call sheet being sent out, it looks like Elvira is set to return to Knott's Scary Farm once again in 2015. The casting call is looking for male and female dancers to perform audition on July 25th for "ELVIRA's ASYLUM starring ELVIRA! The Mistress of the Dark".


2015 - Voyage to the Iron Reef -  (5/19/15) Some behind the scenes footage of Voyage to the Iron Reef, interviews with Triotech and Knott's staff as well as a look around the themed Nautilus gift shop stuffed full of themed items comes to us from our friends at In The Loop.

    (5/16/15) Voyage to the Iron Reef is now open at Knott's Berry Farm and you can find a great looking video showing off all the action posted below, shot by our friends at ThemeParkHD.

    (5/15/15) Opening Friday is Knotts Berry Farm's newest hit attraction Voyage to the Iron Reef. "Get ready to grab a freeze ray and join the battle to save Knott's from the mysterious creatures that are emerging from the waters beneath the Boardwalk!"









Voyage to the Iron Reef On-Ride 1


Voyage to the Iron Reef Still 1

Voyage to the Iron Reef Still 2

    Southern California has always been the premier location for family themed entertainment. Lately, we've had the addition of Despicable Me at Universal, Manta at SeaWorld and multiple additions at Disney. Knotts has totally stepped up their game with updates of classic attractions and additions of several boardwalk rides. Now Knotts is premiering a 4d attraction that provides interactive thrills with family fun.

    Guests are ushered on to their 4 person submarines for their adventure. "Equipped with your interactive freeze ray, aim for ballooning puffer fish, an iron clad octopus and hundreds of other menacing 3-D creatures to save Knott’s from a watery doom. You will be surrounded at every turn by enchanting underwater forests, disorienting ocean current tunnels, and mysterious mechanical wreckage that will be brought to life through high definition 3-D animation and other special effects."

    VttIR is a 4 1/2 minute adventure into the deeps below the Knotts Boardwalk. It is an attraction for the whole family both because of the game style ride and the ability for all ages to enjoy. Height restrictions only apply to adventurers riding without adults. It provides plenty of fun for all but it isn't an intense attraction. Sure it has the game interactivity and tons of creatures, but the attraction itself isn't so crazy in its movement to frighten the youngest travelers (although guests sensitive to loud noise/music or menacing sea creatures might be wary of this attraction).

    Ride operators told us capacity for his attraction is between 600-800 an hour. During our time riding it was a bit less. This will improve each day the ride is open. Visually this ride is stunning. We loved how clear the projections were and the interactivity of the ride was fun each time we rode. Look for iconic treasures from Knotts past hidden in the iron reef. Also, there are several hidden medallions hidden throughout the experience to boost your score.

    We are so happy the Knotts Berry Tales/Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building is back again with another stunning attraction! It is well worth a visit to this historic park!

    (11/13/14) BREAKING NEWS - Knott's Berry Farm has announced "Voyage to the Iron Reef" as the name for a new interactive media-based 4D attraction coming to the park in 2015 that will submerge guests under the Boardwalk for an adventure to save the theme park.
    According to the story, the construction of the Coast Rider and Surfside Gliders in the new Boardwalk Pier area awakened creatures resting far below the earth who have risen up to wreak havoc on Knott's Berry Farm. "The Queen of the Kraken and her aquatic army have surfaced to feed on the steel of any attraction within their grasps.  Their unquenchable appetite for coaster metal has turned these creatures into swimming mechanical monsters unlike anything ever seen on the ocean floor. Through enchanting underwater forests, disorienting ocean current tunnels, and mysterious mechanical wreckage, high definition 3-D animation will surround guests at every turn.  Along the way, the submarines navigate 600 feet of track and 11 scenes featuring hundreds of media-based creatures and other special effects. The attraction reacts to your actions making each interactive voyage a different experience. In addition to battling the Queen of the Kraken and her hundreds-strong aquatic army, compete head-to-head with the other sailors in your submarine to see who can blast the most creatures." Montreal-based Triotech, the multi-sensory attraction developer that animated the popular Wonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland, is the creator behind the groundbreaking gaming system and animation for Voyage to the Iron Reef.


icon_STOP2016 - Ghost Town 75th Anniversary - (8/20/15) Knott's Berry Farm posted to their Blog page that in 2016, Knott's will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Ghost Town. As part of the project, the park will close down the GhostRider wooden coaster on September 8th for "a comprehensive restoration" for 2016. While they don't go into more details than that, they do say a restoration and not a recreation or redesign, so those rumors about rebuilding the rides layout with RMC Topper Track are sounding pretty good right now. The posting also confirms that the park's Screamin' Swing ride will close permanently on September 8th as well. Hopefully they will re-purpose the site for a new attraction in 2016, but Knott's isn't going to announce their full 2016 plans until sometime in November, after the Halloween Haunt is over.
    (5/25/15) In thinking about the improvements coming to Knott's Ghost Town in 2016 and maybe 2017, I have been led to believe that GhostRider may indeed by in line to get a little love. Even better... apparently there is a strong chance that this could come in the form of a Rocky Mountain (RMC) Topper Track conversion.
    Even more better, if GhostRider gets completely re-tracked with Topper Track, technically it would be able to run with the same smoothness of RMC's other custom built wooden coasters like Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City and Goliath at Six Flags Great America. While this could also mean new trains for GhostRider, there is also the chance they could opt to keep the existing PTC cars as well, depending on the budget of the project I suppose.
    Keep in mind this is only a rumor right now, but its also the biggest lead I've got at the moment as well. But certainly, I do have to think that if Cedar Fair lets RMC take a crack at fixing GhostRider and they nail it...then this could also pave the way for RMC to be given the keys to Mean Streak at Cedar Point in the future as well. Just something to think about.
    (5/23/15) So what's in the works for Knott's Berry Farm in 2016?  Well, no one is doing much in the walk of talking yet, however the park's GM hinted in his speech at the opening of Voyage to the Iron Reef last week that they had big plans for Ghost Town in 2016 as they celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town, with plans to "bring new life to the old west."
    Previously I had heard not much would come in 2016, or at least as far as new ride hardware goes and by focusing on Ghost Town this could still be true. There are other ways to bring Ghost Town to life that doesn’t involve adding new rides at all, and of course there is the possibility of perhaps seeing some existing attractions “improved” as well. GhostRider, once loved as the best wooden coaster in West has developed into a rather rough ride experience in recent years, and could perhaps be due for some kind of makeover as well. Time will tell...
    (1/21/15) I've done a little digging into what Knott's may have planned for the future, and the answer is a bit of a mystery. For starters, I'm told that 2016 may be a bit of an off-year, with possibly nothing major to be added at all, or if something does come, it may only be a new flat ride... with the possibility of another one also being retired. The timing is interesting... as Knott's will certainly be ready for a slow year after three back-to-back dark ride projects as well as the renovation of Camp Snoopy. 2016 also will be the year that the Wizarding World arrives in Southern California up the road at Universal Hollywood, which could make quite a few of the local players too nervous to try to add anything.
    This all points to 2017 being the most likely year we will see something substantial added to The Farm. No one seems sure just what form it will take... though it has been quite a number of years since the park added a major new roller coaster. It just might be time. Will it be the long rumored Giga Coaster?  Maybe... but then again, maybe not. Knott’s is very hard up when it comes to available space and if they can't do it right... they may just opt to do something else entirely.


???? - Soak City Expansion - Rumor - (7/30/14) Screamscape sources tell us that Knott’s Berry Farm may be looking into a possible expansion to the Soak City waterpark in the next couple of years. The park may most likely expand to take up the parking lot next to the Pacific Spin, or possibly into an empty grass area near Independence Hall.




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Knott’s Berry Farm
Buena Park, California
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