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Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Mystery Lodge - NOW CLOSED Until Further Notice
Pony Express - NOW CLOSED - TBD


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icon_STOPPark News - (9/4/19) Knott's Scary Farm 2019 - All The Details
Knott's Berry Farm Is Turning 100 In 2020 (MORE...)
MidsummerScream2019    (8/6/19) The first details for Knott’s Scary Farm 2019 were released... click here for more info.
    (7/31/19) Knott’s Scary Farm haunt fans… just a heads up that the Knott’s Scary Farm will be hosting a panel at this  year’s Midsummer Scream convention on August 4th, 2019 at 5pm in the Grand Ballroom at the Long Beach Convention Center. The Scary Farm team will share an in-depth look behind some of their most popular mazes, as well as a sneak peek at a couple of new surprising coming to Knott’s Scary Farm 2019. For all the details on how to attend, head on over to the Midsummer Scream website learn more and get your passes.
    (7/24/19) Good news for Knott’s Berry Farm this week as I’ve been informed that the Calico Railroad has reopened this week, following the repair of a boiler on the locomotive.
    (7/14/19) A few readers have tried to do some digging on the fate of Mystery Lodge at Knott’s and reported back. From what they’ve been told something did break at the attraction, and as this really is a custom built, one-of-a-kind, attraction the are having some trouble finding someone able to custom manufacture the needed parts.
    Since this was not part of a planned maintenance closure, and that they have no idea how long it will take to obtain the needed parts to repair it, this is why there is no estimated timeline as to when it might reopen on the website. That said, they do plan to reopen it once the repairs can be completed, so for now the attraction is closed and locked up.
    (7/7/19) I really had not discussed this much, but a long pending rumor has come to light as Knott’s Berry Farm quietly closed the park’s unique Mystery Lodge attraction last month. They haven’t come out to officially say it is being retired, but simply just list it as being “Closed for Refurbishment” on their website. The difference is that the other attractions listed here that are closed for refurbishment always have dates posted as well for the estimated downtime, while Mystery Lodge has no timeline at all.
    Any of our insiders have any better insight as to what is going on here?
2019_mrsknottschickendinnerrestaurantlogo    (7/6/19) Guess what today is? Apparently July 6th is “National Fried Chicken Day” and if you are lucky enough to be in Southern California, then there may be no better place to celebrate this holiday than Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant located just outside the entrance to Knott’s Berry Farm. Long before the Log Ride, the Coasters or even Ghost Town were added to Knott’s Berry Farm, the location had already become famous because of the Berry Farm itself, as well as the best place to come eat Fried Chicken. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant first opened way back in 1934, where the chicken dinner meals cost just 65 cents!
    Today the restaurant still stands, often with a line just to get in. For National Fried Chicken Day the restaurant celebrates by offering a 10% discount for fried chicken meals, plus adding on some extra photo ops and even special T-Shirts for sale.
2019_TimberMountainLogRide50th    (7/4/19) Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous Timber Mountain Log Ride will celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary on July 11th, 2019. The ride’s unique themeing and ride path that travels around a fake mountain and ends with a plunge out the top made the legendary flume ride a first of its kind experience when it opened way back in 1969. While the Log Ride underwent a staggering restoration in 2013, complete with all new audio-animatronics added by Garner Holt Productions, the ride will be debuting two new animatronics for the anniversary.
    Look for exclusive new Timber Mountain Log Ride anniversary merchandise to be sold at the park, featuring limited edition t-shirts, pins and one-of-a-kind signed artwork pieces from July 10 through July 14th at special booth set up next to the ride. Guests entering the park on July 11th will also be given a commemorative button to celebrate the special anniversary, while supplies last.
    (6/21/19) Knott's Summer Nights

As the summer of 2019 is sure to go down as one of the most eventful for those visiting Disneyland, nearby Knott's Berry Farm attempts to differentiate itself from Galaxy's Edge just down the road. Hot on the heels of the re-opening of the Calico River Rapids ride, Knott's Summer Nights - a festival of musical acts, shows, and food - offers up a complement to the many summertime offerings on tap.

But, does it hold up? We found out.

Let's begin with the entertainment. There are simply too many options to see see in one evening, and that's a good thing. Bands playing 80s and 90's hits will be taking over the Calico Mine Stage throughout the summer. For opening night, Haitus rocked the crowds enjoying the food offerings. The audience area has been packed with tables, benches fire pits, and hi-tops, affording most attendees a decent view of the bands. Artificial turf deployed throughout evokes a grassy park as families are encouraged to play an assortment of classic fairground games of skill dotting the area.

Over at the Calico Park Stage, in front of the saloon, Doug Legacy & the Zydeco Cajun Party Band effortlessly invoked a New Orleans vibe with their catchy zydeco style, especially timely with the recent passing of Dr. John. The band also led a mass line dancing lesson, much to the delight of young and old visitors. This stage will be hosting a diverse array of musical genres throughout the summer, including mariachi, reggae, and Dixieland jazz.

One of the highlights to any visit to Knott's is Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies in the Wagon Camp. Making Knott's their home since their unceremonious dismissal from Disneyland five years ago after a 20+ year run, Kirk and the boys have been thriving in their new digs, showcasing their quirky sense of humor alongside interpretations of classic country and bluegrass standards, with a few twists thrown in for flavor. A guaranteed great time for visitors of all ages.

While Fiesta Village offered up DJ Cruz, playing salsa, another DJ dished contemporary club hits in Charleston Circle later in the evening. This space is a bit cramped, as it's situated just outside the exit of the HangTime roller coaster. Crowds tend to congregate just below the DJ booth, causing a bottleneck that could probably be remedied by relocating to the open area next to Johnny Rockets.

Food and drink offerings are plentiful and of a general higher quality than that of many parks during the summer season. These particular items are only able to be purchased using food cards ($35, for eight tickets) from nine different vendor stands, and we attempted to sample most of the items. First off was chicken skewers, with squash, peppers, an onions. The tastefully seasoned chicken was robust and just juicy enough. Next up, fish tacos...well, shrimp actually; it seems the fish wasn't ready for prime time tonight. Again, nicely done, in a white corn tortilla with a lime slice on the side for some added zest. A small bowl of esquites (toasted corn) provided much needed sweetness. A boysenberry sausage on a bun tastes much better than it sounds. We topped ours with mustard.

The drink offerings are right on theme too. Our hands down favorite was the Ace Berry Cider, a sweet, fruity blend; and Knott's berry beer is available as well. There was a wine offering this evening, though we were served a very sweet juice that definitely was not wine. Evidently real wine wasn't ready for the big show tonight either. A nice feature is the option to purchase either a half or full size drink from stands. Much appreciated for those who want to remain within their limits, financial or otherwise.

As expected, the dessert offerings are plentiful. Kettle corn, fruit salad, churro loops, shortcake, and peach crumble all round out the county fair theme. Some very tasty ways to wrap up dinner time.

One aspect of Knott's Summer Nights that can't quite be communicated in a review, the atmosphere of a night at Knott's Berry Farm is friendly and fun, with a very local vibe. Entire families and groups converge upon the park to enjoy an evening of food, music, and fun. It doesn't feel touristy, more like a small town, or at least as small as a town can feel while situated in the sprawling landscape of the Los Angeles metro area. That's certainly something to be valued.

Knott's Summer Nights is running nightly from 6pm to close now through August 7th. Be sure to check the Knott's Berry Farm website for performance schedules.
    (6/20/19) I have to send congratulations to good old Monty at Knott’s Berry Farm. According to this report the park’s classic Montezooma’s Revenge coaster will be honored on Thursday morning with a ceremony presentation by ACE granting the coaster with ACE’s “Landmark” status. The award will recognize Montezooma’s Revenge as the last operating ride of its kind in the United States.


KBF03_ScaryLogo1_wicon_STOPKnott’s Scary Farm 2019 - (9/4/19) Knott's Scary Farm heads into the season with some novel new changes and developments to its
time proven formula. Many of the same elements of years past remain with some minor modifications. Two new mazes, plus an improvisational Muppet show bring in new blood for the haunt season. Details below, if you dare!
New this year, Waxworks stems from the laboratory of a demented plastic surgeon and his gruesome "works of art". Taking a cue from the classic Vincent Price film "House of Wax", this maze will invite guests to become a part of the doctor's permanent collection.
Origins: The Curse of Calico
A wildly ambitious concept heralds the inception of Origins: The Curse of Calico. Knott's will combine  a maze, a scare zone, and The Hanging show into one big attraction for this one. Oh, and there's a witch too. Lots of effects of all types, including the infamous flying effect, will be incorporated into this maze, which promises to thrill and overwhelm.
Puppet Up! Uncensored
Puppet Up!, the long running (13 years!) improvisational show from Henson Studios, comes to Knott's for three shows nightly in the Charles Schultz Theatre. For the uninitiated, Puppet Up! has been an outlet for Henson puppeteers who enjoy working without a script by taking suggestions from the audience and generating dialogue onstage, on the fly. There are a wide variety of setups, and the result is typically nothing short of absolute hilarity. This is a rare opportunity to witness genuine Muppet madness with no restrictions. Knott's has really scored with this show, and it's sure to be the sleeper hit of the season.
Collectible Pins
Debuting this  year, new collectible pins will commemorate old haunt attractions. Special Ops and Shadowlands will be the first two issues.
Scare Zones
Ghost Town Streets returns as most guests' formal introduction to Scary Farm.
Carnevil, a fan favorite keeps the local scary clown population employed.
Forsaken Lake returns with some new set pieces and larger footprint. Good to see this zone getting some attention and fulfilling its potential.
The Hollow returns to to terrorize for yet another season.
Returning Mazes
The Depths returns, receiving a new freight elevator show scene.
Shadowlands enters its final year of operation as one of the more novel storylines.
Dark Entities gets enhanced lighting and more scares.
Dark Ride returns with new control room and gift shop scenes.
Pumpkin Eater is back in season, with extra spice.
Paranormal Inc is back for more scares.
Special Ops: Infected enters its final year. A new split path leads guests through a meat packing warehouse and convenience store.
Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny returns as a fan favorite, accompanied by a unique theme song by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies.
Awaken the Dead DJs return to Fiesta Village for an evening of festive dance tracks.
Conjurers brings a variety of entertaining magicians to the famous Bird Cage Theatre.
Into the Fog: A Scary Farm Tribute Art Show
The Into the Fog art show returns for its second year. Forty pieces of original art inspired by Scary Farm, and available for purchase, will adorn the walls of the Bizarre Bazaar shop. This is worth seeking out, as many fine artists get to exhibit their imaginative works.


    (8/7/19) A reader sent me a link to a video posted to YouTube by “Traveling Around”. They came across a building permit online from Knott’s Berry Farm that lists the nine names of the haunts for Knott’s Scary Farm. Follow the link to see the video if you want to spoil the surprise announcements for yourself.
    (8/6/19) Knott’s Scary Farm announced at Midsummer Scream that this year’s Halloween Haunt will run on select nights from Sept. 19 through to Nov. 2, 2019. There will also be a special event in the park on August 29th at 8pm for passholders where they will reveal all the secrets coming to this year’s Haunt. Reservations are required and will be on a first-come basis starting Friday, August 9th at about 5pm.
    The Haunt bosses did reveal two returning mazes already at Midsummer Scream however: Dark Ride will return along with Special Ops: Infected. They also confirmed that this will be the last year for the Special Ops themed zombie hunt adventure maze. New rooms and characters will be added to both mazes this year, including a new finale room for Dark Ride which is said to be simply called “Gift Shop”. How fitting…


2019 - Calico River Rapids - (6/1/19) Had a little technical snag and didn’t get this right away, but we’ve now added a new POV video showing off an opening day run (actually two, back-to-back) on the new Calico River Rapids ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, as Rob was accompanied along his journey with some local Calico natives to show off some of the new features. (Watch through to the second run to see the new Bigfoot!)

    (5/19/19) Knott’s Berry Farm opened their new Calico River Rapids and we sent Rob out to check it out! You can read his report below.




















    The latest "splash" onto the scene at Knott's Berry Farm has arrived, in the form of a revamped Bigfoot Rapids, now renamed Calico River Rapids. Like a great rug, the new contributions really tie the whole south side of the park together.

    Though Bigfoot Rapids' arrival in 1988 was warmly, if a bit soggily, received, it always could have used a bit more in the theming and narrative department. As with both the recent mine train and log ride renovations, Knott's again wisely enlisted Garner Holt and crew to enhance the attraction with their trademark blend of realism and humor through their proven visual style. The result is a wide assortment of animated scenes that bring the experience up to pace with its bigger brethren, the Calico Mine Ride and the Timber Mountain Log Ride. The new bits set the scene for explorers of the frontier of the untamed west, a very logical thematic extension of the gold rush culture depicted in Ghost Town.

    All varieties of critters, from mischievous raccoons to a literal fox in a henhouse add humor and action to a ride that for many years had little going for it other than a forested nook of the park. Rattlesnakes, bears, chickens, and a howling wolf are only some of the wildlife to be encountered during the expedition. Perhaps the biggest triumph for this ride is the answer to the question, "What happened to Bigfoot?" Well, without spoiling things, the answer comes once riders venture into a dark cave near the end of the journey. A thrilling touch.

    Though the queue path was always a pleasurable jaunt into the forest on the way to the loading platform, a rustic cabin housing supplies for intrepid explorers now serves many of those in line before they board. The ride itself is far from the wettest rapids ride, but it is satisfyingly long and now rewards repeat visits.

    On the shore, visitors who want to steer clear of the water factor can set off TNT water "explosions" which drench riders as they round a bend about half way through. Additionally, many of the onride scenes can be seen from the shore, better integrating the ride into the existing area and adding some participatory fun for guests.

    With Calico River Rapids, Knott's Berry Farm has bolstered their Ghost Town area of the park and reasserted it as one of the most well-loved theme park environments.

    (5/13/19) A fun video about the changing of Bigfoot Rapids to the new Calico River Rapids ride can be seen below. You wont have to wait long to see more however, as Calico River Rapids will open to the public on May 17th, following a media preview the day before.

    (4/18/19) The OC Register reports that the new Calico River Rapids attraction at Knott’s will not only serve as a dramatic overall to the former BigFood Rapids attraction, but also include a storyline that will tie it into the other Ghost Town attractions. They report that the revised attraction will feature nine different scenes and over 20 animatronic figures along the route, including the arrival of BigFoot himself somewhere along the way.
    One awesome idea is also mentioned… you know those stations  you see along the pathways near water rides where guests drop in coins to trigger water streams and geysers to soak the guests on the boat as they pass by? Well… Calico River Rapids is going to have those, but with a twist. Every so often these stations with backfire on those using them, and send a much unexpected soaking to those who wished to remain dry and on land. You’ve been warned!
    (2/3/19) Westcoaster heads over to Knott’s to check out the Peanuts Celebration event this week. Keep on scrolling down and you’ll also get a look at the construction progress taking place on the former Bigfoot Rapids ride as they prepare it to reopen in 2019 as Calico River Rapids. Below that… something a little weird… a Spike’s Silent Disco? You’ll just have to see this one for yourself.
    (11/14/18) Knott’s Berry Farm has just released the details about their 2019 attraction, where the former Bigfoot Rapids will now become Calico River Rapids when it reopens in Summer 2019. The attraction is undergoing a major renovation that will see new animatronics and special effects added (from Garner Holt Productions) to create new show scenes to create, “a new story overlay and plenty of dynamic water effects.”
    Guests will journey in search of a new land on the outskirts of Calico where they will encounter roaring rapids, indigenous wildlife and some “peculiar homesteaders” along the journey inside six passenger rafts.
    Knott’s also confirmed the return of the Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration on weekends from Jan. 26 to Mar. 10, 2019 as well as the popular Knott’s Boysenberry Festival from Mar. 29 through to April 28, 2019. “Ghost Town Alive!” will also return to the park daily with a brand new storyline from May 25 through to Aug. 18th, and then on weekends from Aug. 24 through to Labor Day weekend.
    (10/24/18) During the summer a few Cedar Fair parks released some odd posters that seemed hint about future attractions to come, and now Knott’s just tweeted out one of their own, claiming that a great discovery awaits in 2019. A call to adventure if you will to visit the “Unspoiled Wilderness” of the “Calico River Territory” known for “Mining! Timber! Homesteads!”
    So… exactly what does this mean? Calico is home to Ghost Town of course, along with the Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Train. But… and here comes some guesswork, but technically Bigfoot Rapids is within the Calico area and features the only real “river”.
    So could Bigfoot Rapids be going under the knife to be transformed into something new for 2019? It’s also worth mentioning that on the Knott’s official list of attraction rehabs, Bigfoot Rapids is now closed and has no official reopening date, just a generic “TBD”.


icon_STOP2020 - A Knott’s Family Reunion - (8/16/19) Knott’s Berry Farm released a 2020 announcement saying that the park will celeberate their 100th Anniversary with a summer-long event to pay tribute to the Knott’s family history. They’re calling it “A Knott’s Family Reunion”.
    Unfortunately in a park like Knott’s that is known for hosting various fantastic special events all year long, ranging from the Boysenberry Festival, Ghost Town Live, Scary Farma and even Merry Farm, I fear that something as grand and special as a 100th Anniversary event may get lost in the shuffle a bit without the addition of a landmark new attraction to help put the milestone on the park map permanently by changing the very landscape or skyline of the park.
    If we can’t have a giant pink birthday cake on top of the Timber Mountain Log Ride, maybe put a giant Boysenberry on top instead? Nevermind, I’m kidding… but looking back, to celebrate the arrival of the new Millennium, Cedar Point added Millennium Force. I’m just thinking that isn’t it about time that Knott’s joined the club? (Especially so in light of Orion going to Kings Island)


2020/2021 - New Attraction - (3/3/19) Screamscape sources tell us that some future plans to develop Knott’s Berry Farm into the future are being settled that may see the park expand a little bit more, taking over some of the backstage land. The site of  the later may involve an expansion of Ghost Town into the nearby backstage area that could be ready sometime between late 2020 and 2021. The early rumors suggest the new section would incorporate a new coaster of some kind as well as a new flat ride or two. The coaster side of things is said to still be very much in development with no one design (or designer) in the lead yet for the project, though we did hear an interesting concept for one of the flat rides could be to bring one of those Gerstlauer Sky Roller kind of attractions to the park, possibly even with some kind of loose “homage” to the park’s former XK-1 as part of the themeing.
    Again, this is all just talk at this point, so nothing is confirmed. That said… it may be worth keeping an eye open when traveling through Ghost Town over the year for any sign of construction surveying markers, stakes or paint.
    (6/6/18) While it is too early to tell what is going on at this point, I've been told that Knott's Berry Farm's next BIG project will come to life in 2020. From the sound of things, this could possibly be the park's next big coaster and if so, I'm hearing that it could go somewhere south of GhostTown, near GhostRider.




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