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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment


icon_STOPPark News - (12/27/21) According to the Kings Island blog The Beast is getting some major refurbishments this winter. You may have seen some pictures posted online already elsewhere, but The Beast is replacing 2,000 feet of track this winter. The Gravity Group is doing the work and replacing track on The Beast’s first drop through the first tunnel, the turn towards the second drop and the 540-helix tunnel. The blog post also mentions that KI’s own crew is retracking another 1,090 feet of track in other locations on the layout.
    In addition to some great photos of the work taking place, the KI Blog also mentions that the first drop on The Beast will be made steeping, increasing from 45 to 53 as part of the reprofiling of the drop so the track comes in “lower in the tunnel to provide the proper parabolic arcs”. They expect the work on The Beast to be completed by March 31, 2022.
    (11/6/21) Kings Island has confirmed that when Wintefest will return on select nights from Nov. 26 through to Dec. 31st, 2021. New this year will be the “Wonderland Parade”, featuring over 150 performers and eight themed floats. I assume this parade will be similar to the one starting at Carowinds on Nov. 22nd.
    (11/4/21) Would you believe a woman is now suing Kings Island over a ride on the Adventure Express? According to the article, the claim is that the rough side she experienced on Adventure Express caused a “cervical dissection”, which in turn resulted in a stroke that caused “severe mental and physical suffering (and) permanent disability”.
    (10/8/21) A strange tweet from Kings Island yesterday got me thinking. You can see it below, where they show off some limited time t-shirts for The Racer on-sale, which were printed backwards. Call me crazy, but I’m thinking this could be a huge hint and maybe the park is considering turning one of the trains around to run backwards once again after all these years. Backwards rides on The Racer were a staple for years under the Paramount Parks brand, but the backwards rides all came to an end shortly after Cedar Fair bought the parks.
    Cross your fingers!



2022 - Celebrating 50 Years - (8/13/21) As part of a company wide release, details about what is planned in 2022 were released by Cedar Fair on Thursday. For Kings Island, it doesn’t sound as if any new rides are planned. Instead the park will celebrate “50 years of fun, memories and traditions. Guests will join the park in commemorating the landmark anniversary with limited time events, enhanced food offerings and all-new live entertainment – each telling the stories of Kings Island’s first 50 years and sure to delight all ages and create lasting memories. The park will announce more anniversary details in the coming months.”
    It was also confirmed that WinterFest will return to the park in 2022.



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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

Abbreviation: KI
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