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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment


Park News - (4/16/16) An interesting new piece of decoration was placed on the new construction wall at Kings Island, according to a picture posted to Twitter warning, "Caution: Watch for Falling Trees".  A hint of the theme to come?

    (4/13/16) According to a message sent in to Screamscape, a fence has been put up at Kings Island around the old area that served as the entrance and exit to the rapids ride, as well as the old Funnel Cake stand. This isn't surprising as the park announced on twiter that a new entrance to the rapids ride was coming this season, and looked to be placed near Diamondback's first drop, while a new Funnel Cake shop is also under construction in Rivertown. So the question is... what will be going into the old site? 
    Well, time to discuss another popular rumor quietly making the rounds about the park's old flume ride, placed right next to our new walled off area. A few people have sent in word that this may be the log ride's last season, and if you link up that space with the old rapids entrance/exit and queue area, this is quickly looking to become a rather sizable location for something new to be added next year.
    (2/2/16) Kings Island tweeted on Monday that they were building a new entrance for the park's White Water Canyon rapids ride this year, possibly close to the first drop of Diamondback. They are also building a new Funnel Cake shop in Rivertown next to the Antique Photo building, which appears to be in the same general area as where the new ride's entrance will go.
    Since the old entrance and old Funnel Cake building are both in the same area, on the other side of the train depot from here, it would seem that the park may be coming up with some kind of future use for this site, and maybe even some of the wooded area behind here. Just something to keep your eyes on this season.
    (12/9/15) Kings Island has posted a picture on Twitter showing off the construction progress on the park's new toll plaza entrance to the parking lot. Based on the look of the framework, it will likely end up looking very similar to the one added to Carowinds in late 2014.


2016 - Tropical Plunge - (8/20/15)


Kings Island has announced their expansion plans for 2016... a little something called Tropical Plunge that will add a new seven-story tall, six-slide attraction tower. This looks to be similar to what we've seen added to other Cedar Fair parks in the past couple of years, including Kings Dominion last year, and Carowinds is rumored to get the same in 2016 as well. Three of the slides will be new body-slides that will start off your ride inside a drop-pod, where you wait for a trap-door to open under your feet. The other three slides will be tube slides, including one that will feature several high-g spiraling drops. Kings Island will also open a new bigger parking lot entrance on the north side of the parking lot with 13 entrance lanes. This new entrance will replace the current North and South toll plazas.


icon_STOP2017 - New Coaster - Rumor - (6/22/16) I've heard from several readers out there who agree that the last image sent in by a reader has scaled the ride as being far too large for numerous reasons, including it being mentioned that the layout has the coaster running right over the turntable of the rapids ride as well which isn't going to happen. So with that in mind I've removed that image and have settled on my own images as being the most likely layout we will see until we hear otherwise.
    (6/17/16) A reader sent in another image showing off the placement of the 2017 coaster for Kings Island. According to their version of the layout, it looks like I was close with mine, but they've scaled out the coaster to be much bigger, extending off into the woods past Diamondback.




    (6/10/16) In The Loop has posted a new construction video from Kings Island where they try to find out more about what's going on with those "Falling Trees" teaser signs for 2017, which you can watch below.
    However I've got something even better, as a reader sent in an image of a coaster layout labeled as the "Kings Island 2017 Project" that was apparently submitted to the local Mason planning board, dated June 1st. While it is just the layout drawing, it does look more like a wooden coaster than a steel one.
    I tried to place the layout over an aerial image of the park and came up with a couple of possible placement concepts. The first one seems to match up well with the land that might be cleared across from the train station and makes sense why they would have to move the entrance to the rapids ride, and even fits in with what looks like a bridge structure over the small pond/lake area in the woods near the rapids. But it doesn't seem to affect the rumored removal of the flume ride. My second possible layout tried to see how the layout would look if placed over the flume ride area, but it would require the new coaster to go over or under Dimondback twice, which I don't think they would want to do in that location. In any case, just something for everyone to think about.
    Please keep in mind that these two images are entirely guess-work on my part, and the scale and size of the coaster could be way off, and there is no way to know exactly how to scale it or orient it at this point. I was just having some fun trying to visualize what it could look like with Photoshop.

    (5/4/16) Our friends at Mako Madness went on the road this week, stopping at Kings Island to check on the new 2017 construction site in their latest park video. Peeking through a crack in the fence, you can see that land clearing has begun on the other side of it, They also took a quick moment to take a look at the new waterslide tower (Tropical Plunge) under construction in the waterpark as well, which looks ready to go.

    (4/1/16) While a coaster is still said to be the plan, others tell us that the park has previously stated they were not interested in rebuilding their main gate area, so the next new coaster project may go elsewhere in the park.


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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

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