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San Antonio, Texas
Six Flags Theme Parks

Review by: Taryn



(5/12/18) Last night Six Flags Fiesta Texas was kind enough to invite Screamscape out as part of a special preview night for their new Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso coaster, the first "Raptor" style coaster to be built from Rocky Mountain Construction, known for their previous ground-breaking work in transforming the park's own Iron Rattler a few years ago along with The New Texas Giant at their nearby sister park to the north. We sent Taryn out to take the park's latest creation for a test spin... or three or four and report back, so take it away Taryn.

Thoughts on Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster —

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas already has a beautiful landscape in their corner. It always reminds me of a Road Runner/Wild E. Coyote cartoon. The addition of Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster, especially neighboring up with Superman: Krypton Coaster, adds to the element of surprise of what else they can hide back in these canyons and mesas. The compactness of the ride was a bit shocking. Given the tightness of the park, I would have to say it’s a perfect fit.

    The entrance and ride queue are simple and polished. A large Wonder Woman statue welcomes you at both the












entrance and the extended queue area. Both marble, both very goddess-like. As it should be. Large billboards in the queue explain the history of Wonder Woman’s past, present, and future. The normal Six Flags TVs are sprinkled throughout as well. I read that there was also supposed to be the crashed plane of Steve Trevor. The water element is still there but the plane has yet to make it. My one and only complaint, which may be fixed in the future, is lack of shade. One small area with covering is about it. And if you have been in this park, you know you are nestled in between these canyons which basically points the sun right on top of you. A “ant under a microscope” vibe, as an example. It’s Texas. Hot is just what we do.

    Now, onto the ride.

    3 trains. 8 seats per train. Riders sit one behind the other. The unique load in/out process is really wonderful. I wish some other coasters could take this into consideration! The train never stops moving. As old riders are getting off, the new ones are getting on. As a restraint goes up, the next one is coming down. 50-53 seconds per load in, give or take. If you bump this to a three train operation all the time, it will eat up capacity. They were alternating between two and three trains this evening, with an obviously smaller crowd, but I did think it was great to see them all functioning.

    There have already been widespread opinions about the restraints. As a 5’2, normal sized gal, I had zero issues. My feet didn’t even touch the floor of the train once locked in. This makes me feel like they are giving longer and wider riders lots of room to be cozy. I saw all shapes and sizes tonight and heard zero complaints. I can see that maybe the shoulder harness could rub, especially with a Texas-style sunburn, but as quick as the ride is, I don’t see it becoming an issue.

    I don’t do the “jaw drop” look very often. Especially on coasters. But going up this lift hill, no one next to you, and looking to your right to see this 90-degree plummet on one tiny piece of coaster track, well, the jaw drop was there. Even your most experienced park-goer might look the same way. You’re so used to two tracks and a seat buddy! It’s just a totally new ride experience. Once that drop hits, you do not stop until your restraint is back up and your walking down the exit. This ride just keeps going. They were saying top speed was 52 mph but I can 100% say it feels at least 75+. I’m not sure if it’s the compactness or the Raptor Track, but all the air and space around you sure makes you feel like flying. And since that’s one of Wonder Woman’s main superpowers, maybe that’s exactly what they were going for.

    All and all, the coaster is smooth, surprising, beautiful, and will be a welcome addition to Fiesta Texas or any other park that has limited space but wants a home run, capacity machine. Outstanding job from both Six Flags and RMC.



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