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Atlanta, Georgia
Six Flags Theme Parks


Review by: Steven Joey Potts


(5/24/18) Six Flags over Georgia was kind enough to invite Screamscape out to take a test run on their new Twisted Cyclone coaster, the RMC transformation of the park's old Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster into a new sleek hybrid creation. Always ready to take on the park's latest thrills, we sent out local man Steven out to take on the new creation and report back:

    Twisted Cyclone is exactly what Six Flags Over Georgia needed to add to their coaster collection: a mid-sized, family-friendly, but still plenty intense RMC hybrid!  This coaster packs a punch in an extremely small layout with a 100ft tall drop at 75 degrees, 3 inversions, a killer perpendicular banked turn, and 10 moments of pure airtime awesomeness.  If you've ridden this ride in its prior form, you will certainly appreciate what the park has done in this RMC conversion!

    The pacing of the ride is perfect, as are the transitions between elements.  And in true RMC fashion, the ride is smooth as glass.  If you want to watch my honest reaction, please check out the reverse POV because I am not exaggerating in my response to the airtime moments - they are ejector level at times.  The key element of this ride, for me, is the 90 degree banked perpendicular turn in which you can even get some airtime!

    As a local to the park, I am beyond thrilled to have a great coaster added to the lineup, and equally excited with the touch-ups that have been made to the buildings adjacent to Twisted Cyclone. 

    Twisted Cyclone opens to the public on Saturday, May 26th at Six Flags over Georgia.





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