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The Next Big Thing... Indoor Waterparks
(Report Posted: 12/29/05)


The cold winter months are here and snow is quickly covering the ground. From the sounds of things, the time is right to find yourself a waterslide.  No, I’m not crazy… just endorsing the latest industry trend: The indoor waterpark resort.  Back in August I had the chance to stay at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia and I have to say that I was very impressed with the whole experience.


While the number of attractions is limited due to space constraints, you’ll find that the Great Wolf Lodges have a little bit of everything to keep you busy.  Even better is the fact that only resort guests can enjoy the waterpark, keeping the crowds down to a comfortable level even when the hotel’s occupancy rate is 100%.


The waterpark itself is also a great starting point for the younger members of the family. There was a huge kiddie play area where our 1 year old could splash around, and our 3.5 year old went completely berserk over the two body slides connected to the top of the water fortress that ended in a trough instead of a pool.


Add in the small details like towel service, armbands to pay for everything you might need from the snack bars, and just the overall feeling that you can let go and relax a bit without worrying about where you left your stuff or who has to carry the annoying locker key.


The featured attractions at every Great Wolf Lodge are a little different, so look up the details for the one closest to you for exact information. As for the fantastic one in Williamsburg, it featured a family raft slide, two tube slides, two body slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, water fortress, a kiddie pool/slide/play area, a couple of hot tubs, as well as a few other minor play activities and even an outdoor pool area. To top things off, I was told that the resort was such a big hit right off the bat that they were preparing to begin construction to expand the waterpark add a few more rooms immediately.


Speaking of the rooms… I was given a tour of the resort and taken into a few of the different room types available.  Yes, there are many different choices to fit your group’s needs. The rooms can range from a small comfy room for two all the way up to multi-bedroom suites that can accommodate the largest of family gatherings. There are also different themed rooms with sections designed just for the kids, complete with bunk beds, video games and their own TVs made to look like little wolf dens or log cabins.


Add in a fun arcade and game redemption area, a full service spa for the adults, meeting space, on site restaurants, gift shops and more and you might never have a reason to venture outside ever again... even in the Summer. So as the cold winter snow piles up on your doorstep and you find yourself longing for a fun day of wet water fun, look no further than the Great Wolf Lodge.



























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