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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California
Six Flags Theme Parks




Six Flags Magic Mountain - Fright Fest 2019
Review by: Rob Milo

Six Flags Magic Mountain has thrown itself headlong into Halloween with another great array of offerings for the 2019 season. We braved the ghouls and checked out opening night for you.
Sundown marks the beginning of Unleashed, namely the entrance of the entire population of scare actors from the DC Universe area of the park. Dozens of punk clowns, steampunk ne'er-do-well types, witches, and swamp things parade through the street, taunting and terrorizing all who have gathered to witness and be a part of the gauntlet. It's one of the highlights of any visit to Fright Fest, whether you enjoy being chased or just watching other victims.
Witches Lair scare zone is the perfect place to start the evening, especially if you are uncertain about the mazes. It's outdoors, with low walls and enough space to move around, but it's also patrolled by the local population of witches and swamp monsters. Great for families with younger ones.
Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy returns in all its blacklit splendor. Supernatural mushrooms, spiders, bunnymen, and other stiltwalkers populate this forested path underneath New Revolution, just waiting for their next victim. This is perhaps the most visually impressive area just due to the heavy lighting effects. The fantasy element sets it apart from zones at other parks too. Highly recommended.
Voodoo Nights' array of bands, DJs, and dancers is always a treat. Lots of covers of hit songs, plus the added bonus of ghoulishly creative dancers make the Full Throttle zone a priority.
Fright Fest is holding their own with the maze assortment as well. New this year, Vault 666 Unlocked introduces a store full of obsolete antiquities linked to the disappearance of the town's residents. Strange and frighting occurrences within the dilapidated hallways of this maze cause a stir within. The returning mazes carry on with their respective frights. Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising is notable for being almost entirely outdoors, adopting the storyline of an out of control viral outbreak. Visitors are shuttled from one apocalyptic scene to another at a hurried pace while dodging zombies in the making. Crashed burning vehicles and extensive set pieces set this experience apart from the rest.
Most of the more high profile rides are run with minimal lighting, completely transforming their respective experiences. Of note, Goliath's initial 255 foot plummet into the ground takes on an entirely new character in near darkness. For those with more sedate sensibilities, the classic New Revolution manages to instill some goosebumps in the darkness.
Those staying late shouldn't miss Sliders of the Night, taking place one hour before closing. This wildly entertaining show compiles a motley crew of resident sliders from City Under Siege and Terrortory Twisted into a rousing 15 minute performance of stunts and choreography full of sparking action. Not quite a competition, but more of a demonstration of the range of slider skill, Sliders manages to lure anyone within range into its spell. Right out of the box, this show is truly one of the sleeper hits of the season. It's clear that the players put a lot of work into this presentation, and the crowd really enjoyed the additional entertainment. Don't miss out!
Next year adds an entirely new scare zone underneath the (hopefully open) West Coast Racers coaster. But, until then, be sure to enjoy all that this year's Fright Fest has to offer.

























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