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Park News - (7/7/14) I’m told that SteelHawk at Worlds of Fun is now open. There was also some kind of incident over the long holiday weekend at the park involving guests getting into a nasty fight it seems. According to our source, there were up to five arrests made over the incident which may have started when two women decided to get into a fist-fight with each other according to this article.
    (6/24/14) Worlds of Fun has confirmed that the All Wheel Sports show (ass seen on America’s Got Talent) has started performing in the park’s America Amphitheater on June 21st and will continue through August 17th.
    (2/13/14) Worlds of Fun Passholders will enjoy this new perk… according to the official website if you buy a Gold of Platinum Season Pass to the park, you will also get unlimited access into Dinosaurs Alive this season.


2014 - Steelhawk - Now Open -
    (5/29/14) The local news reports that Worlds of Fun has been forced to delay the grand opening of their new SteelHawk (aka: Windseeker) tower ride. While the tower itself went up quickly, bad weather has played a hand in keeping it grounded, as rain and high winds kept maintenance workers grounded longer than expected, ahead of getting final approval from the Missouri Department of Public Safety to open it.
    (5/2/14) SteelHawk isn’t open yet at Worlds of Fun, but according to the latest photo report from MidWestInfoGuide it looks like they are probably getting close to making test runs, meanwhile the immediate area around the ride (pathways, queue, etc) is still being finished up.
    (4/14/14) MidWestInfoGuide dropped by Worlds of Fun this weeked to check on the progress being made over at SteelHawk, which is shooting to open sometime in May.
    (3/17/14) One of our readers passed by Worlds of Fun over the weekend and send in pictures of the new Steelhawk tower that has been fully put up already.
    (9/6/13) SteelHawk may be coming to Worlds of Fun in 2014, but the media has launched an all out attack on the ride once it was confirmed that the actual ride coming was the Windseeker from Knott’s Berry Farm. Sure the ride had a troubled past and hit the mainstream media twice in o2014_WOF_STEELHAWKne month by stranding riders in mid-ride for a few hours, but it’s also important to remember that it was one of the first batch of identical prototypes Windseeker rides that Cedar Fair launched in 2011. More of them also suffered from a sudden E-stop or two when their safety systems would trip and bring the ride to a stop in mid cycle… just as they were designed to do.
    According to this follow-up article and interview with Cedar Fair, they had since worked with Mondial to address the issues as well as design the new evacuation platforms we saw introduced earlier this season. To be fair, the various Windseeker rides seemed to operate better in 2013 than they did when first introduced… the only stall out I can recall from Summer 2013 took place briefly on the Carowinds ride. I’m sure that the ride will get a complete makeover when it is moved to it’s new home next year and despite some growth pains at Knott’s shortly after it opened last fall, I have to agree with Cedar Fair that the ride itself is safe.
    (9/3/13) Knott’s Berry Farm officials have confirmed to the local news that Windseeker will be taken down and shipped off to be installed at Worlds of Fun as their new SteekHawk ride for 2014. The tower wont begin to come down however until January 2014.
    (8/30/13) Worlds of Fun has just confirmed that the park will add Windseeker... err... Steelhawk to dominate the park's skyline in 2014. It will be located in the Americana section of the park, across from Patriot. It’s just like the other Windseeker rides at other Cedar Fair parks... just with a new name. They did not confirm if this ride will come from Knott’s Bery Farm or if this is a new unit however, but we’ll be able to tell soon enough if Knott’s tower comes down.
    (8/12/13) The park’s new rumored attraction is a bit crazy and comes with a bigger story… but this rumor is spreading like wildfire and I’ve got a feeling it may be true.  Last week we mentioned that the Grand Prix Raceway may be removed this winter, and according to the rumor mill, it will be replaced by a Windseeker ride.
    Not just any Windseeker, but the barely used at all Windseeker tower from Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s Windseeker has sat closed for nearly 11 months now, ever since it hit the national news when riders became stranded at the top of the ride for nearly 4 hours on September 19. This was the second breakdown that month, where riders were stuck for a couple of hours less than two weeks prior on Sept. 7. The fallout from these two incidents saw all Windseeker rides at Cedar Fair parks across the nation shut down until the 2013 season… and all of them have since reopened… except the Knott’s ride.
    At first Knott’s excuse for not opening Windseeker was that they were busy with their big Boardwalk expansion, which featured three new rides, plus the complete refurbishment and updating of the park’s famous Timber Mountain Log Ride. It made sense that their hands were a bit full for the first half of the year, but with the busy Summer season coming to an end in a few weeks as the park gears up for their huge Halloween Haunt event, it seems odd Windseeker is still just sitting there, forgotten.
    According to the latest scuttlebutt, CAL/OSHA has re-inspected Windseeker and the new evacuation system and is rumored to have refused to sign off on it, despite the fact the system has been approved for use at the other Windseeker rides across the country. This has left Cedar Fair will really no other choice than to remove Windseeker from Knott’s Berry Farm.
    So what is Cedar Fair to do with a nearly brand-new Windseeker ride? Install it in one of their parks that has yet to get a Windseeker yet… and Worlds of Fun is said to be at the top of that list. 


icon_STOP2015 - Splash Island - Confirmed - (8/27/14) World’s of Fun has confirmed that they will add Splash Island to the Oceans of Fun waterpark for the 2015 season. Splash Island is a 4,200 square-foot sprayground / water play area aimed primarily at young kids.


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