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& Oceans of Fun
Kansas City, MO
Cedar Fair L.P.


Park News - (4/1/17) Well it didn't take Worlds of Fun long to reveal what they were hiding under the tarp... it was a new giant balloon themed photo spot icon now placed at the front of the park. Very nice looking indeed.



icon_STOP2017 - 2 New Flat Rides / WinterFest / New Entrance - (4/26/17) I'm told that the new Mustang Running attraction at Worlds of Fun opened last weekend. However, the Falcon's Flight attraction is not yet open it seems.
    (11/9/16) Based on a photo posted to the Worlds of Fun Facebook page, it looks like they are starting construction on the park’s new main gate entry project.



New images of Mustang Runner and Falcon's Flight have been added.
    (8/18/16) Worlds of Fun will be building a new park entrance area that will be called International Plaza when the park opens for 2017. The park will also add new two flat rides:
    Mustang Runner - a Troika flat ride that will go where the junior bumper cars were.
    Falcon’s Flight - a Huss Condor ride to be located in Europa where the existing carousel is currently. That carousel will be retired as the park already has a grand carousel near the front of the park.
    Worlds of Fun will also add a WinterFest holiday event in late 2017 as well.
    (8/8/16) Worlds of Fun has announced that they will reveal the details about "new things" (yes, plural) coming to the park in 2017 on August 18th.
    (4/26/16) A picture on Twitter shows that Worlds of Fun has put up a fun banner in the park showing off a bit of their thrill ride history over the years, with the question of "What's NEW for 2017?" in the middle. Looks like the park is starting to tease something for 2017 already, which is normally a good sign that it may have something big in the works. The only problem is that we know from previous news articles that Cedar Fair is refurbishing a Huss Troika and Huss Condor rights, bought from Europe (see story below) for the 2017 season. But do they have something else in store as well?
    (2/9/16) Back in August I mentioned that Cedar Fair was sending a small team of ride experts from the company on a quest to search through parks and facilities across Europe for possible new flat ride acquisitions. The quest was fruitful, with the group buying a total of 7 flat rides for just $7 million so far, and they intend to go on another search through the Asian marketplace next.
   Of the seven new rides purchased and undergoing refurbishment, 2 of them will be going to Worlds of Fun: a Huss Troika and a Huss Condor.


2018 - New Coaster - Rumor - (12/21/15) Consider this a long-term rumor, and very subject to change, as I've heard nothing else about this just yet, but we did get an email over the weekend claiming that Worlds of Fun may be looking into adding some kind of Premier Rides launched coaster for the 2018 season. This could be another Sky Rocket II off-the-shelf design like Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, or it could be something unique or new. Plenty of time between now and 2018 to shake things up, so stay tuned.



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Worlds Of Fun
& Oceans of Fun
Kansas City, MO
Cedar Fair Entertainment Co.

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