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Park News - (1/2/17) Our friends at BlooLoop have posted some photos and a new video showing off the new Doomsday Destroyer ride at Warner Bros Movie World park in Australia in action. The ride itself is an Intamin creation best known at the Suspended Twin Hammer.
    (7/26/16) AusParks has posted the latest details about WB MovieWorld's Fright Nights plans for 2016. This includes details about the dates it will take place, which mazes are returning from last year, scare zones and more.


icon_STOPLate 2017 - DC RIVALS / Mack HyperCoaster - Under Construction - (6/6/17) Warner Bros MovieWorld has finally announced the details for their new Mack Hypercoaster opening later this year. It will be called DC Rivals, stand over 200 feet tall, 1.4 km in length, 115kph top speed, featuring a very large non-inverting loop, and making it extra unique, the last row on the coaster is actually turned around so you can ride it all backwards! All said and done, this will be the tallest, longest and fastest hypercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Check it out below!

    (5/30/17) The first clues about the new WB MovieWorld coaster under construction have finally been released by the park. According to a post by Parkz, images promoting it in an email have gone out saying that it will be “The Southern Hemisphere’s Greatest Attraction Ever!” along with two more images claiming it will be the “Longest” and “Tallest” when it opens this September.
    (5/8/17) The new Mack hypercoaster going up at WB Movieworld - Australia is looking quite fantastic in the latest construction photo update posted to Parkz, so check it out.
    (5/2/17) New pictures from Warner Bros. MovieWorld Australia posted to Facebook this week show off the rapid progress being made to the park's still unannounced new roller coaster from Mack Rides.
    (4/20/17) Parkz reports that the new Mack hypercoaster at WB MovieWorld has now begun vertical construction, with the first track sections going up only a few hours ago. Follow the link to see their collection of photos.
    In other news, I'm hearing that the "themeing and walls" from the dark ride first half of the park's Scooby Doo coaster have strangely been removed, creating a rather odd and empty start to the entire ride experience. Anyone know what is going on, or if they plan on replacing these with something new soon?
    (3/27/17) A great new animated video claiming to be of the new Mack Rides coaster coming to Warner Bros. MovieWorld has been making the rounds over the weekend... and it looks absolutely stunning for sure... but there is one problem. It's not real.
    As good as this new ride looks in animated form, this is unfortunately just a fan creation based on the site and placing of the initial footers and construction footprint. Everything else is just pure speculation, so we'll have to wait a little longer to find out just what kind of thrills WB MovieWorld and Mack have in store for the world.
    (3/16/17) Details about the new hypercoaster project under construction at WB MovieWorld have been posted to Parkz this week.
    (11/2/16) According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Warner Bros. MovieWorld Australia theme park is planning to open a 60 meter tall Hypercoaster project as the park's next big attraction. Sounds like we now know what all the early construction and crates from Mack Rides were for. Unfortunately for the park, in the fallout of the disaster at Dreamworld, the new ride project will be put under a government held microscope before final approval to proceed any further is given.
    The new coaster is part of a $35 million expansion plan for WB MovieWorld that also includes a new golf facility, a hotel and a new parking facility.
    (9/3/16) Warner Bros. MovieWorld Australia may be adding a new Mack coaster in 2017 it seems. I'm told that photos of a fenced off area containing large wooden crates with the Mack Rides logo have been spotted on site. A ton of photos can be found at the Parkz website.



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