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Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

2013 - Nothing known at this point in time.


Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)
Formerly: Walibi Wavre & Six Flags Belgium

Park News - (12/23/13) According to one of Screamscape’s European sources, following the first wave of layoffs at Walibi Belgium, many angry park employees have decided to not only strike, but I’ve heard that they decided to block the entrances to the park’s Aqualibi indoor waterpark with the boats from the Radja River rapids ride and the FlashBack log flume ride in an effort to keep the waterpark closed during the Christmas holiday. Negotiations between the employees and management have begun, but it is too early to say if they can come to any kind of terms in time to reopen for the holidays.
    Currently the park’s website only says, “Aqualibi is currently closed due to a social movement. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.”
    (12/15/13) Screamscape has been told that up to 15 off-season staff members from Walibi Belgium were let go from the company this month unexpectedly. Parent company, Compagnie des Alpes, is said to be disappointed with the performance of their entire theme park division and appears to be performing some internal restructuring to cut costs, while possibly looking into ways to add new capital investments into the parks to raise attendance.
    (7/5/13) Walibi Connect has launched… a unique link between the park guests and the park. According to the video the program is entirely free… you just link your Facebook account to Walibi Connect online, print out a barcode (or send it to your smartphone) and go to the park where you will turn it in for a free Walibi Connect bracelet. Check in at 8 of the park’s attractions while visiting with your bracelet and earn badges, rewards and more, or link up with friends through your Facebook social network. According to a reader who already used it in the park this week, they have a few camera stations at the park where you can swipe and pose for a picture, which is automatically uploaded to your Facebook account as well. Check out the video below.

    (6/13/13) Interesting news is coming in from Europe this week, as Walibi Belgium was hit by an unexpected wave of negative press about the launch of a upcharge fast pass style system called ‘Speedy Pass’ this year.  While this kind of thing has unfortunately become all too commonplace in America as well as many other parks in Europe, this is the first queue-cutting system to open in Belgium.
    Several news articles have come out calling it an unfair system, with guest’s comments about how it is sending the wrong message to their children. Instead of teaching children that whoever was in line first gets served first, the parents are angry that Speed Pass is instead sending the message that you can buy anything with money, in addition to creating a tiered park experience where ‘normal’ guests will have to wait longer than before as the wealthy skip to the front.
    Apparently the criticism has hit home, as I’m told other Belgian attractions have also commented that they have no plans to put such a system into place ever and would rather add more attractions to address capacity issues rather than Speedy Pass tickets. One news article goes so far to call the system discriminatory as well as antisocial.
    I’ve got to admit, I’m actually happy to see that somewhere in the world basic citizens can see these systems for what they really are. And while the Disney “FastPass” system is free for all guests at their parks, I’ve gone on record for saying that I think it was the single worst invention to hit the theme park industry back in 1999 that has since been corrupted into the current pay to play systems that have spread world-wide. I’m just reading the rough online translations, but it also sounds like the government has been asked to get involved, which could create an interesting result in Belgium.

2014 - Nothing known at this point in time.


The Netherlands
Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)
Formerly: Walibi Flevo, Six Flags Holland and Walibi World

Park News - (7/25/13) A 10 year old child who was injured at Walibi Holland on the El Rio Grande river rapids attraction is now reported as having lost her foot due to the injury. I’m a little fuzzy on just what happened, but the bottom of the news report says that another accident also took place earlier this year on the same ride.

icon_STOP2014 - Xpress: Platform 13 - (6/11/14) Walibi Holland has upgrading their Xpress coaster into Xpress: Platform 13 this season, adding all new themeing and effects to the roller coaster experience. A fun video showing off how the ride was changed and re-branded can be seen below. A large section of the queue is now indoors, as well as sections of the track has also been enclosed, along with a complete repainting of the ride’s outdoor portion.


Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

2014 - Boomerang Upgrade - (1/10/14) Walibi Rhone Alpes has announced that they will give their Vekoma Boomerang coaster (EqWalizer) a make-over for the new season. I can only assume that this will be a similar rehab to what was done to the Boomerang coaster at Walibi Holland (Speed of Sound) which added an on-board music soundtrack to go with a new style Vekoma train with much more comfortable restraints.



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