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News & Rumors

Erie, Pennsylvania







icon_STOP2017 - Battle of Lake Erie - Confirmed - (11/19/16) Waldameer has added details and artwork about their new splash fortress attraction coming in 2017 to be called "The Battle of Lake Erie". Follow the link to see the official page.
    (8/15/16) A reader reports that a billboard has been put up next to the land clearing promoting that the site will be used for a new splash fortress style attraction next season.  Sorry... no Bowl Slide yet it seems for Waldameer.




Photos sent in from Waldameer Park shows off what looks like ground clearing next to the park's wavepool, which would seem to indicate that something new may come to the waterpark for 2017. Perhaps this is the Bowl Slide that was mentioned years ago that has been in limbo so far.


2018?? - Waterpark Expansion 3 - Planned - (8/29/16) A reader visiting Waldameer Park came across some banners posted on the wall at the new construction area. Unfortunately the images are tiny, but we can see the newly announced splash fortress expansion on one of them, listed as "2nd Expansion" which was placed by the wave pool area, but another banner listed as "3rd Expansion" shows off the long awaited Bowl slide and was placed along the right side of the food service area. Nothing was said about a timeline, but I'm guessing the Bowl slide may now be in the pipeline for 2018.



Track Record

Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania

Newest Developments
2016 - Kiddie Waterpark Expansion

2015 - New Wave Pool

2013 - Music Express

2012 - Happy Swing

2011 - Flying Swings, SS Wally and Wendy’s Tea Party

2009 - Mega Disk’O

2008 - Ravine Flyer



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