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Sentosa Island, Singapore
Genting International, Star Cruises, Universal Studios


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    (9/30/15) Halloween Horror Nights 5 Review (MORE...)
    (9/28/15) Universal Studios Singapore - Daytime Tour of Halloween Horror Nights Decor (MORE...)
    (8/31/15) Universal Studios Singapore - Halloween Horror Nights 5 Setup Photos (MORE...)
    (8/26/15) Halloween Horror Nights Update (MORE...)


General Resort News - (3/23/15 ) In addition to Universal Singapore putting on a larger than ever Easter special event in the park this past week, Dejiki was on hand for the park's 5th Anniversary celebration where they confirmed that Halloween Horror Nights 5 will grow to a much larger scale this year than ever before, as well as expanding to start in September. The cars for the Fast & Furious films will also be on display in the park and they also confirmed that the new Puss in Boots coaster as well as Battlestar Galactica coasters will be opening soon... sometime before May 2015.
    (3/9/15) A photo trip report from Universal Studios Singapore has been posted to Dejiki this week, where more refurbishment work continues around the entrance to the dueling Battlestar Galactica coasters. Unfortunately, they have yet to re-open them at this point in time, though I would think it would happen in the very near future. Meanwhile there are new Easter egg decorations all over the park as they get ready to put on a special Easter event soon.
    (1/12/15) Universal Studios Singapore is busy preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year and adding special decorations all over the park. Check out the latest park photo update posted at Dejiki.


icon_STOPHalloween Horror Nights 5 - (9/30/15) A fun teaser video showing off The Invaders show at Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios Singapore was posted by Dejiki. Check it out below and then read his complete review of preview night here.

    (9/28/15) Deijki has posted a new photo trip report from Universal Studios Singapore, as the park is now pretty much set up to begin their own Halloween Horror Nights 5 event.
    (8/31/15) A fun new update from Universal Studios Singpore showing off the progress on their Halloween Horror Nights 5 setup can be found at Dejiki.
    (8/26/15) Universal Studios Singapore has posted some interesting things on their Halloween Horror Nights page, including an "Interactive Experience" game where you try to escape from the Tunnel People who live underground, along with other unique experiences themed to the park's collection of haunts like the haunted train stories.
    (7/29/15) The theme for Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Singapore has been released and it is all about the evil terrors to be released during the “Blood Moon”. The event will feature four haunts and 3 scare zones, that appear to appear to more localized to legends and spirits of terror than what you would find at the US park Haunts. A fun breakdown and thoughts about the theme of this year’s haunts and how these will work in the park has been posted to Dejiki.
This year’s haunts are:
   True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT - inspired by ghost stories and legends themed around a train line.
   Tunnel People - An experience through a haunt in pitch black darkness.
   Siloso Gateway Block 50 - A virus turns people into flesh-eating zombies.
   Hell House - Gateway to the Underworld
The scare zones will be themed to Hungry Ghosts (taking over the Jurassic Park area), The Invaders (Aliens in New York) and ConTERMINATED (Virus outbreak nightmare).


2015 - Battlestar Galactica - Now Open - (5/28/15) Dejiki has posted a final update on the reopening of Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cyclon, including a review of the revamped ride experience as well as a look at what was added to the second level of the queue experience, as well as close up pictures of the new trains as well.
    (5/27/15) Good news for Universal Studios Singapore… the park will reopen the Battlestar Galactica coasters on Wednesday, May 27th. Meanwhile Dejiki has posted our first look inside the Cylon side of the queue that will take you inside one of the deadly Cylon Basestars, past Centurion storage facilities, a Cylon Raider with video briefing by Number Six.
   You can also check out a new video published by Resorts World below showing off the Human vs Cylon action on the rails.

    (5/23/15) Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON is preparing to open very soon and as part of the reopening, they have actually been enhancing the queue experience for the ride, where the HUMAN and CYLON rides will feature all new theming inspired from the hit TV series.
    Dejiki is back with a new update giving us our first look at the new HUMAN side queue area that will take you into the Battlestar Galactica itself, through the hanger bay and past Starbuck's Colonial Viper and feature briefing videos from Starbuck and Comander Adama. I can't wait for Part 2 so we can see what the CYLON side looks like.
    (2/2/15) Dejiki has posted some great new pictures of the Battlestar Galactica area where testing of the new trains is ongoing, and a huge array of safety nets to catch any loose objects has been hung all over the place. Looks like this one could reopen very soon now.
    (12/2/14) Dejiki is back from a visit to Universal Singapore where he checked in on Battlestar Galactica and the new Puss In Boots coaster. The update contains some great shots of the new Human and Cylon coaster trains. The Human side’s Viper themed trains now look like they have wings with the removal of the outer two seats. He even managed to post a video of  two trains making test runs side by side once again.

    (12/1/14) The new official word from Universal Studios Singapore is that the Battlestar Galactica coaster will now reopen in early 2015. The Resorts World blog post also gives us our first up close detailed pictures of the new 2-seat wide trains for both the Human and Cylon sides of the ride.
    (11/25/14) Luke and the Temple of Fun reports that signs has been placed at the two entrances (Human and Cylon)  to the Battlestar Galactica coaster announcing the pending “re-launch” of the coaster coming soon. This is great news, as it is actually the first official word from the park posted in the park regarding the coaster’s status, confirming their plan to reopen it.
    (11/11/14) A much better video clip of the Cylon side of Battlestar Galactica testing with new two-seat wide trains has been posted by Dejiki.

    (11/7/14) Universal Studios Singapore has begun testing the Battlestar Galactica coaster once again, ahead of the planned reopening for the ride later this year. You can catch a video of the Cylon side testing once again below and as the train passes over the camera, you can see that the train has been modified to only seat 2-across instead of the old 4-across seating configuration from before.

    (10/13/14) The local news reports that Resorts World has submitted new documents needed in order to reopen the long-closed Battlestar Galactica coaster at Universal Studios Singapore. The documents are being reviewed and the park hopes to have it reopen before the end of the year if all goes well.
    Meanwhile Dejiki has new pictures of the ride to share this week, where a new test vehicle was spotted sitting on the Human (red) side of the track. While no details can really be made out, the popular rumor is that the trains may be modified to only seat 3 riders across instead of four, which would certainly lighten the load and create a different feeling ride experience.
    (9/10/14) Dejiki reports this week that with some confirmed news that Battlestar Galactica will indeed reopen before the end of 2014, news which was confirmed by Genting Group apparently. Sections of the track is being repainted, some track sections almost look new, workers were spotted on the lift hill, working on the equipment to prepare it to reopen. This has been long overdue… so can’t wait to see it run again.
    They’ve also got some new pictures of the Puss In Boots coaster as scenic elements and support structure is being put into place around the coaster.
    (7/15/14) According to this photo update at Second Drop, the scaffolding and work walls have now been removed from the Battlestar Galactica coaster, though there don’t appear to be any visible changes to the attraction so far to the naked eye.
    (7/2/14) The latest update to Dejiki shows that crews have been actively doing “something” to the Battlestar Galactica coaster, focusing on a few specific areas of track on each side.
    (6/2/14) Luke and the Temple of Fun has returned to Universal Singapore this week to check in on the latest developments over at the Battlestar Galactica site. They report that the construction barriers and scaffolding has grown out… and upwards now as well.
    (5/30/14) Construction walls have gone up around the Human side entrance to the Battlestar Galactica coaster at Universal Studios Singpore this week. Pictures showing off the walls as workers prepare to actually start doing SOMETHING to this long-closed ride can be found at Luke and the Temple of Fun.
    (4/4/14) There have been a few headlines over the past 24 hours claiming that Universal Studios Singapore will REMOVE the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster from the park, but from what I’ve been able to read, they site no sources, nor any official confirmation from Universal Studios Singapore or Resorts World Singapore who will only say that the ride is closed “for an attraction review”, which has been the company line since August 2013, so nothing has changed there.
    While there have been issues with the dueling coasters attraction, it’s been my understanding that almost all issues have involved the trains for one particular side of the ride and not the other. I’m been assured by my own sources that the ride’s problems will be addressed and that it is very likely to reopen in due course… perhaps even with all new train designs, which certainly could be the reason for the lengthy delay as engineering an entirely new train design can take some time.
    For now, until I get an official confirmation myself from Universal Studios Singapore or Resorts World Sentosa on the matter, I don’t believe for a second that the ride is going anywhere. Perhaps the Battlestar Galactica name could be retired as something that has fallen out of the spotlight, and we may see them take the opportunity to rebrand the ride as something else entirely when they reopen it. Until then… stay tuned!
    (2/28/14) I realized the other day that it is nearly March 2014 now… and we still have yet to hear a peep about the future of the Battlestar Galactica coaster at Universal Studios Singapore which closed down suddenly in July 2013. While nothing firm is known for sure, Screamscape sources indicate that the park does plan on eventually reopening the ride after some extensive modifications are done. Just what that actually means for the ride, I still don’t know… but I hope we’ll find out more soon.
    (8/23/13) With Battlestar Galactica having now been closed for over a month with no official explanation from the park, things are not looking good for it to reopen anytime soon. No one is saying just what took place that caused it to suddenly close down last month, but whatever happened, I’ve heard it was quite serious and no one wants to even speculate as to when it may reopen. It will likely be closed for a long time…
    (8/13/13) As we reported last month, the Battlestar Galactica dueling coasters at Universal Studios Singapore are still closed. According to this article they have been closed since July 21st and the theme park has no set date to reopen them at this time. They only confirm that the coasters are closed “for an attraction review”.
    Note: ignore the picture used in the official news article… in typical clueless fashion they used a picture of Dueling Dragons from Florida instead of the Battlestar Galactica coasters.
    (7/29/13) I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I’ve been told that the dueling Battlestar Galactica coasters at Universal Studios Singapore have been closed once again. I don’t know exactly what took place, but from the sound of things whatever happened could have been a lot worse. Given the ‘near miss’, they are probably taking steps to review all processes and inspect every square inch of the ride again. If you visit the park and see it reopen, please do let me know.


2015 - Puss In Boots: Giant Journey - Now Open - (4/9/15) Universal Singapore opened Puss in Boots' Giant Journey this week and Dejiki has posted an extensive photo update as well as a POV video of the entire ride.

    (4/1/15) Deijiki is back with a trip report from Universal Studios Singapore where the park is busy promoting Fast & Furious 7with cars on display and a Vin Diesel wax figure. Meanwhile the new Puss In Boots coaster is now testing on a regular basis and you can now hear ride audio and sound effects coming from the attraction as well in the latest videos.
    (2/2/15) Luke and the Temple of Fun caught some great video of the Puss In Boots Giants Journey trains making test runs this week. Each of the ride's 7 cars are themed to a different animated character on the front as well. You can watch the video below and follow the link to see a few photos of the ride in action.
    Meanwhile Dejiki has also posted a new update on the ride cars with some very good close-up photos showing off new details we had not seen before, the characters on the front of each car and much more. They also list the names of the seven cars as: Cat Copter, Gosling Glider, Puss's Prop Plane, Humpty's Helicopter, Jack and Jill's Jalopy, Kitty's Kite Cruiser and the Magic Bean Airship.

    (1/28/15) A short video clip showing off one of the cars making a test run on Puss In Boots' Giant Journey can be found at Dejiki this week.
    (1/21/15) As someone pointed out to me... that Puss In Boots coaster car is even more odd than I had previously thought. Take a good look at the close up picture posted here one more time. There seems to be a lot of extra hardware along the top of the car and in the wheel area... more than you would think would be needed for a simple coaster. Also, if you look above each row of seats along the side of the car there is a green leaf patterned looking canvas rolled up... as if it may be unroll at some point in the ride to block your view out the side of the car. Plus those large off-shite cylinder looking items parked above the riders heads just look odd and out of place. I'm guessing there may be more going on here than meets the eye.
    (1/20/15) Luke and the Temple of Fun grabbed a new picture this week, showing off the first look at the new Susended coaster car on the tracks of the Puss In Boots coaster. It’s unique looking to say the least, featuring what looks like 3 rows of 2 seats, along with a solid body and floor under the riders, which should likely make it small child friendly.
    (1/5/15) The latest construction update from Universal Singapore on the new Puss in Boots coaster has been posted to Luke and the Temple of Fun. More themeing and new details are still appearing on the ride and castle structure over the last few weeks, including golden eggs, baby geese and more.
    (12/18/14) Luke and the Temple of Fun drops by Universal Studios Singapore again this week to check out their Sesame Street Saves Christmas show (Winner of a 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award) and check out the construction progress on their new Puss in Boots coaster.
    (11/26/14) New construction pictures of the Puss in Boots coaster have been posted to Luke and the Temple of Fun this week, along with the appearance of “Golden Eggs” on site… you know… from the giant goose who lives at the top of the beanstalk.
    (11/18/14) Luke and the Temple of Fun reported in to Screamscape this week to tell us that they spotted one of the coaster cars for the Puss In Boots coaster, but unfortunately could not take a picture. They describe it as having three rows of seats, seating two riders across. The exterior of the ride car appeared to be brown while the inside was a bright orange color. Meanwhile they have posted a construction update as well which you can see here.
    (11/11/14) The latest construction update from Universal Singapore, showing off the latest progress on the Puss In Boots coaster can be found at along with some more Battlestar Galactica photos.
    (11/3/14) Lake and the Temple of Fun have posted some new pictures of the castle themeing going up quickly around the new Puss In Boots coaster at Universal Singpore.
    (9/1/14) Luke and the Temple of Fun have posted a new look at the Puss In Boots coaster under construction.
    (8/5/14) The latest construction update from Universal Studios Singpore comes in from Dejiki this week, with a look at Puss In Boots construction as well as some new noticeable additions being made to sections of track on Battlestar Galactica.
    (7/30/14) It is official… the new coaster opening later this year at Universal Studios Singapore will be called Puss In Boots Giant Journey. The attraction area will include the new coaster as well as a new stage show called The Dance for the Magic Beans where you can see Puss and Kitty Soft Paws have a dance off, much like in the film.
    (7/25/14) Dejiki has posted a new construction update (scroll down) for the new coaster under construction at Universal Studios Singapore, and shows off an interesting item he received in the mail A small bag containing what might just be large green magic beans.
    Could these be the magic beans that grow the beanstalk in the Puss In Boots film?  It certainly would tie the look of the coaster into the theme… green track, magic beanstalk, with a Puss In Boots theme, fitting perfectly into the Shrek / Land of Far Far Away theme of the area.
    (7/17/14) Dejiki has a new update showing off the new coaster under construction, including our first peek at the green spiral lift hill that is now rising into the sky, plus a few more looks at the closed Battlestar Galactica.
    (7/15/14) I’m told that CoastersandMore had posted some details about the new coaster going into Universal Singapore some time ago… though it was all in German at the time I guess, and overlooked. Translating it into English the note at the bottom of the page credits Zamperla as the maker of the park’s new coaster. They also claim that the originally intended Kung Fu Panda theme was dropped to instead theme the ride to Puss in Boots. They also say that the coaster will have a spiral lift hill, which may be similar to those used on the Zamperla Volare coasters.
    (7/2/14) New construction pictures posted to Second Drop of the mystery new attraction being installed at Universal Studios Singapore seem to indicate that it is actually a small family suspended coaster of some kind, most likely a custom Vekoma model. Follow the link to see a few pictures of the supports now poking up to be seen over the construction walls, and then check out the last couple pictures over at Dejiki to see over the wall where a few sections of green suspended track can already be seen installed.
    (6/2/14) While it is still hard to tell what is going on, there seems to have been a lot of items delivered to the construction site of Universal Singapore’s new secret attraction. It also looks like things are being built up around the area where the trench was. Pictures can be found over at Luke and the Temple of Fun.
    (5/7/14) Luke and the Temple of Fun is back at Universal Singapore this week as they try to get a better look at just exactly what is under construction in Far Far Away, as well as a look at the unique themed Eggs that were put on display in the park. The construction site itself looks to be a decent size, but really doesn’t seem to have progressed very far yet, other than what appears to be a concrete trench poured at the back end.
    (8/15/13) Luke and the Temple of Fun is back in Singapore again and has discovered that a new family ride is under construction at Universal Studios Singapore. The new ride will be located between the lands of Far Far Away and the backside of the Water World show arena. A teaser sign has already gone up in Far Far Away where a carriage has signs on it annoucing that “Our Universe is expanding”, and by “Royal Decree, A New Family Attraction to be erected on this plot of land. Queue Forms Here”. Since the land of Far Far Away is themed entirely to the Shrek movie universe, I can only guess we may see a new flat ride of some kind. Any ideas?
    (12/11/12) Genting Group confirmed that in addition to the soon to open Sesame Street themed ride, another new attraction would open in the park in 2014. Time to fire up the rumor mill and see what we can dig up…





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