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icon_STOP2020 - Volldampf & Hals-uber-Kopf - (6/23/20) Tripsdrill held a preview session on their new Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster, Hals-uber-Kopf. You can see the POV of it in action below. Hals-uber-Kopf, German for ‘Headlong” or “Head over Heels”, is interwoven with the park’s other new Vekoma coaster, a Sit-down family coaster named Volldampf, which translates as “Full Steam”. You can also check out the video of Volldampf below as well.

    (5/9/20) A video of Vekoma testing both of their new coasters at the same time (Suspended and Family Boomerang) at Tripsdrill can be seen below. Keep an eye out for the goat character hanging off the back of the Family Boomerang coaster train… it creates such a great visual gag as the train rolls backwards through the layout.

    (3/28/20) A news video shot on the construction site for the two new coasters coming to Tripsdrill can be found below, containing ground level and aerial footage of the coasters under construction. A park fan has also created animated versions of what both coasters may be like, interwoven with each other, which you can see below as well.

    (3/26/20) A post from the European Coaster Club shows the last piece of track being installaed on the “Hals-uber-Kopf” coaster at Tripsdrill, the new Vekoma suspended coaster.

    (1/10/20) According to this report Tripsdrill will open two new coasters in 2020, a Vekoma Family Boomerang to be named Volldampf (Full Steam Ahead) and a Suspended Thrill Coaster to be named Hals-uber-Kopf (Head Over Heels). The layouts of the two coasters are said to be interwoven with each other as well.




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