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2017 - Nothing is known at this time...


???? - MegaCoaster - Rumor - (7/6/12) Freizeitpark-fotografie mentions in this weeks update that Toverland is going over proposals from Mack, Vekoma and B&M for their planned “megacoaster” project.
    (6/21/12) According to the rough translation from Freizeitpark-Fotografie, Toverland’s park director confirmed their intentions to spend 20 million Euros on a new roller coaster for 2015.
    (6/18/12) I’m not sure I’m buying this rumor yet, but there are a few websites out there claiming that Toverland may be planning a “Megacoaster” for 2015.  At this point there is still lots of time for plans to change, so stay tuned while we wait for more info.



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2013 - Magic Land

2012 - D’wervelwind


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